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The Cold War Part 2. How did the actions of the democratic & communist countries impact the Cold War? Essential Question.

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1 The Cold War Part 2


3 How did the actions of the democratic & communist countries impact the Cold War? Essential Question

4 The Chinese Civil War* *You don’t need to write anything on this page, by the way. I should install a guardrail like this at my summer cabin... Oh, how your affection toward molded steel amuses me so, Mao!

5 The Chinese Civil War Chiang Kai Shek Leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party Represented Middle/Upper Class Businessmen Supported by U.S.

6 Chinese Civil War Mao Zedong Leader of the Chinese Communist Party Represented Farmers and Laborers from rural villages Supported by USSR

7 Outcome of the Civil War Mao & his Communist Party win. He declares a unified China on Oct 1, 1949 Chiang & his Nationalists fled to the island of Taiwan after losing the mainland to the communists. The U.N. recognized Nationalist China (Taiwan) as the legitimate representative of China (until 1971).

8 Taiwan NO COMMIES ALLOWED Nationalist

9 The Korean War

10 After WWII, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel: 1) N Korea = Soviet occupation zone 2) S Korea = US occupation zone Post-WWII Korea

11 After mainland China became communist, US feared communism would spread in Asia. June 25, 1950: N. Korea invaded S Korea Containment in Asia - Korea

12 Seoul Tunnel dug by North Koreans US Marines flushing out North Koreans

13 United Nations response: 1.UN “police action” against aggressors to contain communism 2.21 countries sent troops & support to SK (US = 88% of troops) 3. Gen MacArthur given command of UN troops Containment in Asia - Korea

14 Outcome of Korean War Communist Chinese troops support N Korea War lasted 3 yrs with many casualties Cease-fire, NOT peace treaty signed in 1953

15 Joseph McCarthy & The Red Scare

16 Joseph McCarthy & the Red Scare Senator from Wisconsin 1947-1957 Caused panic & terror among the public known as the “Red Scare” “Red Scare” = Idea that communists were planted inside the gov’t & were spies among us.

17 Joseph McCarthy & the Red Scare McCarthy wrongfully accused Americans of being communists. “Blacklist” = names of suspected communists who were then shunned by employers. After numerous hearings, the Senate officially condemned McCarthy.

18 How to Spot a Communist! ;)

19 The Downfall of McCarthy

20 Central Intelligence Agency The CIA ● Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 creating the CIA. ● The President now had direct control of overseas operations. ● Most operations were covert and against non-democratic governments.

21 What was the Bay of Pigs? Covert (top secret) operation begun by Pres. Eisenhower Inherited by Kennedy when elected Pres. ●The plan: Cuban exiles trained under the CIA to overthrow Castro’s communist government. Kennedy with Cuban exiles

22 Where is the Bay of Pigs, in Cuba?Bay of Pigs

23 Outcome of the Bay of PigsBay of Pigs ●Complete failure! ●Agents were caught ●Great embarrassment to Pres. Kennedy ●Criticism of U.S. foreign policy


25 Cuban Missile Crisis Extension of the Arms Race ●EX: How the Cold War almost became “hot”

26 Discovery of Soviet short-range missiles pointed towards US targets

27 You do not need to write this in your notes. Map Analysis The circle = target range of Soviet missiles stationed in Cuba. What US cities could be targets? 1 2 3

28 Cuban Missile Crisis Fidel Castro, Cuban Dictator Nikita Kruschev, Soviet Premier John F Kennedy, US President 13 day October Crisis: Showdown between JFK & Kruschev

29 Cuban Missile Crisis Solution: 1.Publicly agreed: USSR removal of missiles in Cuba in exchange for US removal of naval blockade around Cuba 2. Secretly agreed: US removal of short-range missiles in Turkey

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