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Dinamika Opini Publik dalam Komunikasi Pemasaran dan PR

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1 Dinamika Opini Publik dalam Komunikasi Pemasaran dan PR
Strategi Pencitraan

2 Confessions of a Spin Doctor
I owe you an apology. I've lied, cheated and swindled. Yeah, I know. You've done that, too, but I did it professionally. I spent this past year working in a public relations agency. Let me boil it down for you. The job had one goal: make you care about the things my clients cared about, even if they were inconsequential to your life. Unfortunately, I often succeeded. I didn't work for Hitler or anything, just huge corporations with one common purpose: make money for their shareholders. We write stories that our clients want us to write, send them to newspapers, magazines or TV stations and journalists write their stories using our information. Often they'll get another perspective on the topic by contacting another source and call that "balanced reporting.“ Don't believe it when you read a story about heart disease and the statistics they use come from a pharmaceutical company--even if they quote a doctor (they're on the payroll too). Well, I've burned that bridge. I've joined the ranks of the great unemployed masses. One thing I'll say for public relations--it paid well. I guess that's how they get people to do it. (Published in PR Watch, Second Quarter 2000, Volume 7, No. 2)

3 Pengertian Komunikasi Pemasaran
Marketing Communications bridges the gap between an organisation and its many stakeholders Marketing Communications Communications with target audiences on all matters that affect marketing and business performance. Involves the management of the marketing communications mix Integrated Communications Mix The process of integrating all elements of the marketing communications mix across all customer contact points to achieve greater brand coherence

4 Integrated Marketing Communications Mix
Public Relations Advertising Sales Promotions Personal Selling

5 Key Strategic Task for IMC
Customer Contact Management Image and Brand Management: PR and Advertising

6 Image Image is reality. It is the result of our actions If the image is false and our performance is good, it’s our fault for being bad communicators if the image is true and reflects our bad performance, it’s our fault for being bad managers - Bernstein, 1984

7 Corporate Image The impression of an organisation, created by the corporate identity, as perceived by the target audiences In reality, an organisation will have many images, not just one, because each target audience is affected by its own interest and contactss

8 PR Activities and Public Opinion
Publicity Program PR untuk menjangkau opini publik yang dapat men- support produk dan layanan serta membentuk perceived quality dalam benak konsumen. Berkaitan dengan usaha perusahaan dan menumbuhkan dan menciptakan citra perusahaan (corporate image) maupun brand atau citra produk (brand image)

9 PR Activities and Public Opinion
Corporate Advertising Tidak mempromosikan produk dan layanan secara lebih spesifik. Sering digunakan PR untuk membangun dan memelihara citra perusahaan Kebanyakan perusahaan menggunakan ini untuk menaikkan citra mereka yang turun, untuk meraih dukungan konsumen agar konsumen tidak lari dari kebiasaan membeli produk mereka

10 How Industry Manipulates Public Opinion
Why you believe what you believe PR (public relations) was created to manipulate public opinion. More and more of what we hear, see and read as "news" is actually PR content. On any given day much of what the media broadcasts or prints as news is provided by the PR industry. There are two kinds of "experts" we're dealing with -- the PR Spin Doctors behind the scenes and the "Independent" Experts paraded before the public, scientists who have been hand-picked, cultivated, and paid handsomely to promote the views of corporations which are involved in controversial actions. "Third parties" set PR apart from advertising. Stauber and Rampton describe how the tobacco industry first hired movie stars to promote cigarettes and then spent millions of dollars to counter findings that cigarettes cause cancer, a strategy based on testimonials and the so-called third-party technique.

11 The Best PR is PR that Goes Unnoticed.
The news media regularly fails to investigate so-called "independent experts" associated with industry front-groups. These front-groups all have important-sounding names like "Consumer Alert" and "The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition," but they fail to reveal their corporate funding and their propaganda agenda. The industries's front-groups promote their agenda in part by an endless stream of "press releases" announcing "breakthrough research" to every newspaper, radio and TV station in the country. Many of these press releases read like news, and indeed are purposely molded in the news format.

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