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New Faculty: Self- Assessment Tools Positioning Yourself as a Scholar.

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1 New Faculty: Self- Assessment Tools Positioning Yourself as a Scholar

2 A Course to Chart for Success  Very unlikely that a new faculty member will wake up one day and write a successful proposal or publishable article  Persistence, thick skin and a willingness to take advantage of reviewer comments are the most likely course to success  Planning for where and how you will map your way to becoming a successful scholar is an important first step

3 First Look at the Globe  What are the publications that your respect as a scholar?  Are these journals ones with a strong position in your field?  Do these journals publish authors who move on to prestigious careers?  Have you submitted to these journals?  Are journals the medium for success in your field?

4 Now Look Where You Are and Where You Want to Be  Consider the body of knowledge to which you intend to contribute. Where do you fit into the spectrum of that knowledge? You have to start somewhere so if you are at the beginning, what are you waiting for?  How many articles have you submitted?  How many have been published?  Are the publications to which you are submitting well positioned to strengthen your standing in your field of choice?

5 Keep Following the Compass  Do you have a list of journals to which you would like to be published?  Is a book the required medium for your field?  Have you had a book published?  If yes, is the publisher a strong agent in your field?

6 How Can You Steer Your Way  Are you reviewing for journals or sponsors in your field?  Are you connected with a mentor/s who can provide advice and guidance? A formal mentor is not necessary…a peer or group of new faculty together can get the answers they need  Have you reviewed comments from peers who have read your literature, integrated suggestions and resubmitted?  What can YOU do to improve your standing in the literature?

7 What are the Expectations of Your Field  Are you contributing to your professional community nationally or internationally?  How often do you present at conferences? Significant Conferences? International Conferences?  Are there meetings or conferences at which you would like to present? How can you make that happen?  How often have you participated by volunteering for your professional society?  Have you served as a reviewer of conference papers?

8 Your Professional Society Helps Determine Who Rises to the Top of Your Field  Have you served as a session chair, conference convener, or member of a conference program committee?  Have you served in a leadership capacity in your professional society?  Bear in mind, your name becomes known for a variety of reasons, each of which may get your foot in a door.

9 Curious?  Do you have a long –term research agenda?  Have you networked and created relationships with mentors, co-PI’s, populations, fled sites, collections?  Do you know how to use the necessary instrumentation to facilitate your research?  Have you applied for and received an internal award…demonstrated your ability to manage an award, complete the research, and present findings

10 Still Curious?  Have you been named on others research?  Do you know who your competition is likely to be?  Have you assembled preliminary data to help sell your idea?  Do you know what resources your institution has available to assist you in your journey?

11 The Bounty  Even if you are at the beginning, there are things in your control to advance your scholarly standing  Connections, getting your name out there, successfully teaching students to be researchers, being strategic about what publications you choose to submit to  Ultimately, your career as a scholar is all connected. Your research guides your publications which may speak to your teaching. Your Professional Society is a resource and launching pad.



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