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‪ A. Manifest Destiny ‪

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2 A. Manifest Destiny ‪

3 1. Manifest Destiny a. The term was created by John O’Sullivan b. It meant – that is was America’s God given right to settle the land all the way to the Pacific ‪

4 2. The Election of 1844 ‪ Henry Clay Whig James K. Polk Democrat ‪ ‪

5 a. Clay opposed the annexation of Texas b. Polk promised to annex Texas and Oregon c. Polk won

6 ‪

7 1. American shared it with Great Britain 2. They disagreed on where to draw the border – Americans wanted 54°40’ 3. They settled on the 49 th parallel ‪

8 b. Texas 1. In 1845 Congress annexed Texas 2. Mexico was angry – they considered it a stolen province ‪

9 ‪

10 1. Conflict Breaks Out a. Mexico and Texas disagreed on the border b. Polk sent General Taylor into the disputed region and a diplomat to Mexico City c. The Mexicans ordered Taylor to leave, when he refused – they attacked THE WAR BEGINS! ‪ Mexico Texas

11 2. The Bear Flag Revolt a. A group of Americans in California seized the town of Sonoma in June 1846 b. In July the US Navy invaded California and claimed it for the US. ‪

12 3. War’s End a. Fearing Taylor’s popularity Polk fired him and replaced him with Winfield Scott b. September 1847 Scott captured Mexico City c. Santa Anna Fled the country ‪ Winfield Scott

13 ‪

14 1. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo a. Officially ended the war b. Mexico had to give up land, known as the Mexican Cession totaling 500,000 square miles 1. Included present day CA, NV, UT and parts of AZ, NM, CO, WY 2. It increased the size of the US by 25% ‪

15  The United States agreed to pay Mexico $15 million  The US also agreed to pay $3 million in claims held by US citizens against Mexico  The treaty provided protection for Mexicans living within the Mexican Cession

16 2. The Gadsden Purchase a. The US paid Mexico $10 million b. In exchange the US got the Southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico ‪

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