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TRANSGENDER MIGRATION Cecilia Chung, United States.

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1 TRANSGENDER MIGRATION Cecilia Chung, United States

2 Inter-National Migration – Why?  Better life  Escape poverty  Political climate  Persecution  Social pressure  Family Pressure  Discriminatory Laws  Access to communities  Work

3 Intra-National Migration – Why?  Better life  Escape Abuse  Family Pressure  Family Rejection  Access to communities  Work  School  Displacement

4 Consequence(s)  Income  Autonomy  Social support  Communities  Belonging  Identities  Social status  More opportunities  Finding love  Homelessness  Discrimination  Physical Abuse  Sexual Abuse  Poverty  Poor housing  Low wages  Poor health  Addiction  Deportation  HIV  HCV  Violence

5 Barriers Face by Undocumented Inter-National Migrants  Discriminatory Laws  Lack of Resources  Asylum  Detention

6 Esmeralda Soto  A transgender woman, Esmeralda fled to the US in 2002 after being raped many times in Mexico. She was detained at a California immigration facility. During her first days there, while she was waiting to see a lawyer, an officer twice forced her to perform oral sex on him.

7 Victoria Arellano  Victoria Arellano was a transgender migrant from Mexico to the United States who died from complications of AIDS while in the custody of the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

8 (Some) Good News  Prison Rape Elimination Act  Nation Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards  Department of Homeland Security Will Implement PREA Rules  LGBT Sensitivity Training in All Eight Asylum Hearing Offices: Anaheim, Arlington, Chicago, DC, Miami, San Francisco, New York, Texas

9 Cecilia Chung

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