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The Life and Times of Idi Amin of Uganda (Ruled 1971-1979)

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1 The Life and Times of Idi Amin of Uganda (Ruled 1971-1979)

2 Rise to Power Served as a General for the British before Uganda’s Independence Served as a favored General for post- independence President Obote, who eliminated democracy and became a dictator in 1966 Used his control of the military to seize power from Obote in 1971 when he was demoted and threatened to have his corruption exposed.

3 A Favorite of the West… at first Great Britain rumored to have helped with the coup bringing Amin to power; Israel almost certainly did Great Britain and Israel sold weapons to Amin shortly after he took power Amin immediately halted Obote’s plans to “nationalize” over 50 large British-owned businesses and put them under Ugandan control. Amin even suggested to Queen Elizabeth II that he marry Princess Anne to improve British/Ugandan relations

4 …And then he went off the deep end… In 1972 he suddenly turned on his Western allies and declared them enemies, He kicked out Uganda’s 50,000 Asians (many of them small business owners), destroying his country’s middle class, Civil War soon broke out against Obote loyalists based in neighboring Tanzania Most Europeans living in Uganda fled

5 …and it got even worse… Amin’s army killed tens of thousands of presumed political opponents—especially members of tribes loyal to Obote, Soldiers went on the rampage without fear of punishment for looting, The economy collapsed due to civil war, mismanagement, corruption, and the expulsion of non-Africans

6 …And then it just got silly… Amin is rumored to have eaten prominent political opponents (as well as one of his wives) and served them to foreign visitors For some reason he began liking Scottish culture and believed he was the true King of Scotland He spent tremendous amounts of money on weapons and foreign troops, as he no longer trusted his fellow Ugandans

7 The End In 1979 Amin fled the country when faced with opposition within his own country and from Tanzania. Amin died in exile in Saudi Arabia in 2003.

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