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Pill Bug Lab By: Olyvia Salter.

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1 Pill Bug Lab By: Olyvia Salter

2 Introduction Prt A Pill bugs also known as “Rollie poillies” are known for their unique way of protecting themselves. The pill bug has many unique things about themselves. For instances pill bugs are not insects, they are isopods. This animal lives in warm moist habitats and if you are searching for these little critters, you can find them under cut molded wood, organic garbage, and maybe even moist moss. The pill bug feast its self on molded vegetables because it has the most moisture. These animals also are no threat to humans, they do not contaminate food or spread illnesses.

3 Hypothesis Prt a If I place 3 pill bugs into a choice chamber with a moist and dry side then 3 out of 3 pill bugs will decide to place themselves in the moist direction of the choice chamber. I believe this to be true because from prior knowledge I know pill bugs enjoy a damp climate more than dehydrated weather.

4 Variables/ Controled group Prt A
Independent variable: Type of environment the three pill bugs chose from. Dependent Variable: Amount of pill bugs go into each side of the choice chamber. Controlled group: Choice chamber pill bug

5 Procedure Prt A Gather materials Two choice chambers 3 pill bugs
4 paper towels ½ Cup of Dry dirt 15ml of water Blue washable marker Red washable marker 1 pipette 1 dry stick Grab the 4 paper towels and fold until they are able to fit into the choice chamber Next wet paper towels and rinse until there is no longer dripping water Then place wet paper towel into the choice chamber on the left side To finish off part a place the choice chambers top on top of the left side First place the ½ cup of dry dirt on to the right side Next put the twig into the right side of the choice chamber on top of the dirt Then place the top onto the choice chambers right side Finally repeat steps 2-8 for the second choice chamber Label the choice chambers 1 and 2 then label the left and right side moist and dry. Concluding take the top off both sides of the choice chamber and place 3 pill bugs into each choice chamber in the middle . Finally yet importantly record how many pill bugs go to each side out of the 3 in choice chamber 1 and 2.

6 Data prt B I will be measuring amount of pill bugs retreat the sounds. Table:

7 Graph

8 Conclusion .Conclusion: My hypothesis was supported by the data I collected in my experiment. My hypothesis stated that the pill bugs would flee from the music. The pill bugs fled because the noise vibrations were not a noise that the bugs were familiar with. In my data, it proves on average three out of three of our pill bugs decided to flee from the vocal and musical noise. What I observed is these pill bugs steadily became frightened throughout my experiment as the noise played repeatedly. Another thing I observed is no mater the volume of the music when the pill bugs would interact in a fight they would mostly stay in place. During the evaluation of the procedure, I found multiple errors in my procedure. For instance, I found that the background noise could have affected our results and average. Another error I found was the pill bugs I received. I had two days to proceed with our experiment, each day we received 3 different pill bugs each day. I think this will effect data because just like humans pill bugs are different. Data would have been more accurate if we used same pill bugs each day. All and all my data proved my hypothesis true; pill bugs truly don’t like loud musical vibrations(Pest control).

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