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By: Eric Thomas and Kyle Burgess

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1 By: Eric Thomas and Kyle Burgess
Heroes of History Hero - A person who is admired for courage or noble qualities. By: Eric Thomas and Kyle Burgess

2 Rwanda April 6th 1994 to July 17th 1994

3 Romeo Dallaire: Situation
Dallaire was the leader of UNAMIR Dallaire’s mission: to supervise the Hutu and Tutsi while the Arusha Accord was put in place Had a team of peacekeepers from Belgium, Canada, Ghana, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Senegal and Pakistan Had to ask permission from the UN Security Council before doing anything

4 Romeo Dallaire: What did he do?
Defied the order to withdraw from Rwanda Asked for more troops from the UN and other countries but was denied by everyone Had over 20,000 Rwandans under his protection Constantly made new plans to protect people

5 Romeo Dallaire: What is he doing now?
Testified against Col. Bagosora in his trial A Senator in Canadian Parliament Wrote two books Currently fighting the use of child soldiers Trying to bring a general understanding of PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to the general public

6 Romeo Dallaire: Video

7 Mbaye Diagne: Situation
Senegalese Captain of the UN Stationed at Hôtel des Mille Collines Mbaye was described as “the bravest of the brave” and “the kind of guy you meet once in a lifetime” UN’s presence was often enough to keep the killers away from the hotel when the genocide started

8 Mbaye Diagne: What did he do?
Saved the PM’s children by taking them to Hôtel des Mille Collines Made numerous rescue missions Hid Tutsi’s in the back of his truck and had a charm with the guards at the checkpoints to get passed Saved 25 hidden Tutsis once by making several trips through 23 checkpoints from their hiding place to the hotel

9 Mbaye Diagne: What is he doing now?
Mbaye died on May 31st 1994 Driving back to UN headquarters with a message for Dallaire A mortar shell landed behind his Jeep Shrapnel came through the back window and into the back of his head He was killed instantly

10 Mbaye Diagne: Video

11 Paul Rusesabagina: Situation
He was Hutu Last name means ‘warrior that disperses the enemies’ He was Assistant General Manager of Hôtel des Milles Collines All the managers left when the genocide started and he was promoted to General Manager He was married to a Tutsi

12 Paul Rusesabagina: What did he do?
Sheltered around 1200 refugees at his hotel Would bribe militia captains with money, alcohol and cigars so they would leave Had tight contacts with city heads Saved his family and 32 neighbours Constantly called and sent faxes to important heads such as Bill Clinton and the King of Belgium

13 Paul Rusesabagina: What is he doing now?
Hotel Rwanda was made about his story Escaped to Tanzania (behind RPF lines) Moved to Belgium Started his own cab company Bought a trucking company in Zambia and uses it to deliver goods to rural areas in Zambia Gives lectures and does public speaking

14 Paul Rusesabagina: Video

15 Carl Wilkens: Situation
Head of ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency International) Lived in Rwanda with his wife and 3 kids Only American left in Rwanda after the genocide started Stayed in his home with his friends (mainly Tutsi’s)

16 Carl Wilkens: What did he do?
He is responsible for saving 400 people at the Gisimba orphanage With 50 killers ready to kill, Wilkens went to the prime minister and was able to save the orphanage He later transferred the 400 people to a safe Cathedral From a different orphanage he transferred 100 people to the Cathedral Brought 12 people from Nyamirambo to Mille Collines Jean-Francois Gisimba and Carl Wilkens

17 Carl Wilkens: What is he doing now?
Went back to Rwanda to help rebuild Became a pastor Visits Rwanda to see friends and co-workers Public Speaking Runs a website about his experiences Involved in helping the victims of the genocide in Darfur Wrote a book called “I’m not leaving” Director of World Outside my Shoes

18 Carl Wilkens: Video allery/portrait/wilkens

19 The Holocaust

20 Oskar Schindler: Situation
Owner of an enamelware and ammunitions factory in Kraków, Poland His workers were 1,000 Jews from the Kraków Ghetto Amon Göth was the commandant of Płaszów concentration camp and liquidated the Kraków Ghetto

21 Oskar Schindler: What did he do?
Treated all the Jews in his factory civilly He paid off Göth and other leading Nazis to get his workers shipped to his factory from Płaszów everyday to work He persuaded the SS to let him take his Jewish workers with him to Czechoslovakia to his new factory as his enamelware factory was shut down If he hadn’t saved them, the Jews would have gone to Auschwitz Liam Neeson in Schindler’s List

22 Oskar Schindler: What is he doing now?
Schindler fled to Austria and then emigrated to Argentina He tried to start up several factories but they all failed He died on October 8, 1974 He died penniless He was buried in Israel “where his children are”

23 Oskar Schindler: Video

24 Raoul Wallenberg: Situation
Was a businessman in Sweden Was recruited by a program called the War Refugee Board (WRB) Franklin D. Roosevelt sent Iver Olsen to Sweden to recruit Swedish Jews to carry out rescue missions Their job was to rescue Hungarian Jews Franklin D. Roosevelt

25 Raoul Wallenberg: What did he do?
Gave out fake papers and protective passports to Hungarian Jews so they wouldn’t be deported to Auschwitz The protective passports said that the person was waiting to go to Sweden and they couldn’t be taken to Auschwitz Passports weren’t legal but looked official He climbed on top of a train headed for Auschwitz and started handing passports out through the doors

26 Raoul Wallenberg: What is he doing now?
Russians took control of Budapest Wallenberg was arrested and disappeared It was reported in 1947 that Wallenberg and his driver were killed by the Gestapo In 2000 it was reported that Wallenberg was executed while in prison London Israel

27 Raoul Wallenberg: Video

28 Tuvia Bielski: Situation
WWI soldier on Germany’s side Served in the Polish Army in 1927 He fled back to Stankiewicze when the Nazi’s invaded His parents, two brothers and other family members were murdered by the Nazis His brothers Zus and Asael fled with him into the Naliboków forest Tuvia Asael Zus

29 Tuvia Bielski: What did he do?
Tuvia and his brothers met other Jews who had fled into the forest and made a Partisan group He rescued Jews from ghettos They waged many successful attacks against the Nazis Saved over 100 Jews from the Iwie ghetto just before the Germans liquidated it Built a functioning village in the forest Daniel Craig in Defiance

30 Tuvia Bielski: What is he doing now?
Went to Israel after the war Came to America in for medical treatment Ended up staying in Brooklyn and running a trucking company with Zus He died in 1987 In 1988 he was re-buried in Jerusalem He was give full Israeli military honour guard

31 Tuvia Bielski: Video =relmfu

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