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Refugees. These eyes witnessed a terrible story…

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1 Refugees

2 These eyes witnessed a terrible story…

3 These children were born in a refugee camp … they have never seen their home country.

4 The pain...

5 “My life is a hopeless hope which moves on like water without a destination, accepting everything that comes along the stream of life.” Prahlad

6 Hungry and tired from being on the run...

7 Waiting….. When can I return home?

8 "I fled from my village when I saw people attacking the neighbouring village. I heard the machine guns and bombs, and I could see the light from the burning houses in the dark night. All my five children survived, but two of my brothers where killed during the attack, and my husband is not with me anymore." Please credit: Bjarne Ussing

9 “We ran away to Kenya. We come for safety, and also for food. I came from South Sudan by foot. We were two days on foot. We were very tired. I was frightened. Then the UN pick us up. I felt good when we get here. We get beans and maize here. I am in Class One at school. My favourite subject is writing. I like collecting water, and I like playing. I want to be a teacher. I do not want to go home because there is still a lot of fighting. ” Akech, aged 6, Kakuma Refugee Camp, 2014

10 This baby had not had any water to drink all day. When the water tankers arrived, before she could give the baby anything to drink, she first had to wet the baby’s head. Otherwise, the cool, clean water might have sent the baby into shock. Please credit: Caroline Waterman

11 “Raiders came and took the cattle. In the process they kill people. They come and shoot. If you escape, you escape. If you don’t, you die... At Kakuma we are hoping we will be safe, and there will be no insecurity. I want my children to study. I want to stay here, not go back home. Here is safe. Mary, aged 45, 2014

12 I remember being so afraid. I was only 13 then… The roads were empty except for wild animals and army vehicles. Every time an army truck came along the road, we all ran to hide in the bushes. Rupa Rai

13 “I came because there is a lot of crisis. People are killing. They are putting people inside the hut and killing them. Tribes fighting tribes. My father has died. He was killed in the conflict. My mother is too old to come. We had nothing there, so I have to bring the children. I came with six. We had no food. The children were frightened. Now I have six children to take care of. It is very hard. My hope is you can help the children get education and life.” Isaac, 25 years old, 2014

14 “I used to own 30 cows. Now only three are left. The cows all look like me - we are all starving." Please credit: Caroline Waterman

15 We have seen so much suffering...…

16 At the Lutheran World Federation feeding center, the scale confirms what is already all too visible: Jonas is seriously underweight. “He started to go weak and limp two weeks ago. But what could we do? We are hungry all the time. We haven’t had anything to plant, or any employment,” says his mother. Please credit: Martti Lintunen

17 “When you see people who have fled, you feel the person is broken from their country, and separated from their family. You see people who have lost everything. One of the values I admire is compassion. I see how people arrive at Kakuma, and I see the need here. I will stay here as long as I am needed.” Alphonse – LWF Worker, Kenya, 2014

18 The Lutheran World Federation drilled a well in this refugee camp. At this well, a long line of jerry cans waits to be filled. Please credit: Jenny Williams, LWF-ACT

19 A boy farming in a refugee camp…. Please credit: Jenny Williams, LWF-ACT

20 Waiting for water … In June, the drilling rig could find only 20 tons of water for the refugees, but they needed 120-140 tons of water per day. The rest of the water is supplied by trucks, one hour's drive away, on a horrible road of sand. The refugees have set their water jerry cans on a row, waiting for the truck. Please credit: Bjarne Ussing

21 "Even the clothes I had on burned when people attacked my village. I tried to find all my children during the attack, but I didn't succeed. I lost three of them, and I don't know if they are dead or alive." Please credit: Bjarne Ussing, DanChurchAid/ACT International

22 Bags of grain are piled up for a monthly distribution. Please credit: John Robinson

23 Abdullah is one of the refugees who is helping put up tents in the refugee camps. "People who have escaped from the violence have an incredible sense of survival. They don't give up." Please credit: Hege Opseth, NCA/ACT International

24 Many people were starving when they first arrived in the city, having existed on wild fruit and herbs. Many people also died along the way. Please credit: Hege Opseth NCA/ACT International

25 Billy Samuel, one of thousands of children born and raised in the camp, dreams of one day achieving great things. "When I'm older I want to study engineering and design airplanes that can transport people to strange places." Please credit: Hege Opseth NCA/ACT International

26 It pains me very much to be a member of society living my life on international charity… It pains me very much to be a refugee. Prahlad

27 Amma Luise and her family explain how they saw many dead people and how they needed to escape in order to survive. Amma's brother and sister were killed during the fighting and she says, “In the camp it's more peaceful, and we don't fear for our lives anymore". Please credit: Hege Opseth

28 I wish our problem will be solved soon. I wish to lead my life as a normal person. I wish to live a dignified life. Rupa Rai

29 “We are in the business of giving hope. If we don’t give hope, people crumble. If parents lose hope, the children are in trouble.” Martin, LWF Child Protection Unit, Kakuma Refugee Camp, 2014

30 The poor and the homeless won’t always be forgotten and without hope. Psalm 9:18

31 Are you willing to offer hope to refugees?


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