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2 Sub- imperialism Buganda Kingdom lies in the southern part of Uganda, the people are Abaganda - Bantus During partition of Africa, British took over Uganda due to the Christian Revolution that had taken place in Buganda where the Muslim rulers were swept away The battle of Mengo had also taken palace between the Catholics and the Protestants Protestants won the war and held key political positions There was dramatic change as the young people(Christians) gained power instead of the traditional rulers

3 In 1894, the British saw Buganda as an area to apply indirect rule due to the good administrative structures on the ground e.g. Kabaka- King Katikiro -Prime Minister Omulamuzi- Chief justice Omuwanika- treasurer Lukiko- Parliament Bataka- Provinces Saza Counties under Miruka However, the ruling kabaka saw that he was losing power called his people to expel the British, the rebellion failed because the chiefs refused to support him. He fled and joined Bunyoro in resisting

4 The British then employed the use of Buganda troops led by Semei Kakunguru to fight Bunyoro that was defeated in 1894 Kakunguru was a gifted soldier Buganda was rewarded by Bunyoro lands- “the lost counties” British appointed Buganda chiefs to administer Bunyoro on behalf of the British Hostility between Buganda and Bunyoro intensified Buganda took Nyoro lands They taxed the Nyoro, Buganda chiefs enriched themselves at the expense of Nyoro Cultural imposition-Introduced their language in Nyoro

5 Bunyoro did not like the Ganda sub-imperialsm
So they rebelled – the Nyangire rebellion –meaning “ I have refused the Ganda” Chiefs from Nyoro came together and led their people to fight and remove the alien chiefs They refused to pay taxes Refused to obey orders Burnt all the houses of the Ganda chiefs who fled the area British punished the Nyoro and jailed the chiefs but replaced the Ganda chiefs with local Nyoro chiefs

6 Other parts of Uganda was also conquered using the Ganda soldiers led by Kakunguru they invaded Busoga and Bukedi, Kakuguru collaborated because he wanted wealth and power So he used Ganda soldiers to conquer other parts of Uganda for the British In 1899, Kakunguru moved to northern part of Uganda to conquer the Teso and the Langi- these were Nilotes and spoke a different language He was successful in the attack, divided the area into counties and imposed Buganda's administrative system

7 Kakunguru later handed the area to the British and many Ganda’s were sent there by the British as Chiefs He later defeated the Gishu, divided the area into counties under Ganda chiefs In 1903 he gave them to the British 1906, Kakunguru was put in control of Busoga and the president of the Lukiko ( his reward?) 1912 he was pushed over and the British took over, He became upset the British had ditched him 1914, he joined the Bamalaki to rebel against the British

8 Buganda Agreement of 1900 Many Buganda collaborated with the British
Due to the support in conquest an agreement was arrived at that: 1. Formalized Buganda as a separate entity from Uganda- right to rule themselves/ governed its own territory –reward? In return- tax all people in Uganda 2.Continued existence of the Lukiko( to this day) 3.Chiefs became owners of land in Buganda, before land was controlled by Kabaka/community 4.Bunyoro lost counties transferred to Buganda kingdom The agreement gave the chiefs great economic power


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