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U KRAINE R USSIA C ONFLICT. By Tom B And Theo M Welcome to the war Zone of Ukraine.

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1 U KRAINE R USSIA C ONFLICT. By Tom B And Theo M Welcome to the war Zone of Ukraine.

2 M AP

3 5 W’ S What When former President Victor Yanukovcyh of Ukraine betrayed his promise about joining the E.U (European Union) and decided to form an alliance with Russia,the East of the Ukraine were fine about this but it angered the West of the Ukraine as Russia was backing the east. Who The main players involved are Victor Yanukovcyh, the former president of Ukraine Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia The West (NATO) Russian soldiers Why It happened because the West of Ukraine doesn’t want to be part of Russia and the East do. Russia is supporting the East Ukraine separatists. When This conflict has its origins many years ago but the most recent development started in February 2014 and is ongoing. Where In the country of Ukraine. It started in the capital city of Kiev and now the Eastern part of the country is also involved.


5 C LASSIFYING C HART EducationFamily life+ housing Health/medic al care Food/water 117 schools are completely destroyed. Lots of houses have been destroyed. Over 70% of health workers have fled the cities. Super markets are closed with boarded up windows. Many teachers have fled from Donetsk City. People are now coming back to Donetsk because of a ceasefire. UN world health organization have developed a $14 million dollar plan which aims to restore health care. Ukraine has cut off 85% of Crimea’s water supply. Banks and ATM’s are closed.


7 T IMELINE 1991 Ukraine declares independence from Russia 2004 Orange Revolution begins as a result of vote rigging in the presidential election in November which declared the pro-Russian candidate as the winner – Viktor Yanukovch. The elections are re-run with Nationalist candidate winning - Viktor Yushchenko. 2010 Viktor Yanukovch wins the Presidential election. His main rival Yulia Tymoshenko the prime minster is arrested for abuse of powers. 2013 President Yanukovch cabinet abandons an agreement on closer trade ties with the European Union (EU) instead looking to seek closer ties with Russia. Small protests begin and then increase in size with an 800 000 people demonstration in Kiev. Kiev’s City Hall and Independence Square are occupied by protesters 2014 January Ukrainian parliament passes an anti protest law. The first deaths of the conflict occur with three people dying as a result of the clashes 2014 February Protestors leave the occupied buildings, new violence occurs with the worst being 88 people killed in two days. President Yanukovcyh signs a compromise deal with opposition leaders (Nationalists) which becomes invalid as protesters take control of presidential administration buildings. The President escapes to Russia. Pro-Russian gunmen take control of key buildings in the East of the Ukraine (Crimea)

8 T IMELINE CONTINUED 2014 March Russia approves using force in the Ukraine to protect its interests. The Crimea shows its support for Russia by holding rallies and voting in a referendum to rejoin Russia. Russia signs a bill to absorb the Crimea back into the Russian Federation. 2014 April Pro-Russian protesters and occupations continue in the Crimea. Russia, Ukraine, the US and EU agree to talks in Geneva 2014 May Presidential elections are held but most polling stations in the East remain closed. Petro Poroshenko is the winner. Deaths continue to occur in both the Nationalist and Pro- Russian camps 2014 June A week long truce is agreed but the ceasefire falls apart. An agreement is signed by President Poroshenko agreeing to closer ties with the EU. 2014 July Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 from Amsterdam is shot down in rebel held territory close to the border of Russia. 298 people are killed. Western nations said the plane was hit by Russian supplied missiles to the Pro Russian rebels. 2014 August The situation continues to escalate with heavy fighting. Trade sanctions are put in place against Russia by Western nations. A large convoy of more than 100 Russian trucks enter the Ukraine without permission – Russia says it’s humanitarian aid, the West says it is troops. 2014 September After five months of fighting Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels in the east sign a ceasefire.

9 C HOICES C HART They could form a treaty that gives Russia the east and the west stay independent. Pros: Russia gets some of the land.Cons: Russia might want more land and world war3 breaks out. The rest of the Russian government might convince Vladimir Putin to not create ww3. Pros: There will be People Places and things destroyed. Cons: This might anger him kill the rest of the government and advance on the rest of the E.U. The Ukraine government could persuade Vladimir Putin that they are a weak country and Russia could do nothing with them. Pros: Vladimir Putin might believe this and leave them alone. Cons: He will still try and occupy them and make them stronger.

10 O THER F ACTS Amazingly already 5000 people have died! Ukraine is one of Europe’s poorest countries. Explanatory video: The reason that Russia are attacking Crimea is because they want Crimea to become part of Russia.

11 B IBLIOGRAPHY Flagbit5.gif The New York Times - Lured Back by a Cease-Fire in Ukraine, but Not Feeling at Home Yet ( Sep 10 2014 ). UN News Centre. Blogs.cuit.Columbia.EDU.

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