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The End of the War.

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1 The End of the War

2 Effects of Gettysburg 23,000 Union troops lost
28,000 Confederate troops lost Corpses everywhere, stench unbearable Lee resigned, although resignation not accepted by Jefferson Davis Lee never gets that far North again

3 Battle of Vicksburg – One of 2 Confederate holdouts on Mississippi River If lost, Union has control of Miss River Also location that because of its height, controlled waterway Began May 1863 After 2 failed frontal assaults, Grant set up siege on Vicksburg Artillery barrage for several days Starved out Confederates July 3, Confederates surrendered and city fell July 4 Last Confederate fort fell July 9 at Port Hudson, LA Confederacy cut in two No control of Mississippi for transportation

4 Gettysburg Address Nov ceremony to dedicate cemetery in Gettysburg. Lincoln gave 2 minute speech “Remade America” “United States is” instead of “our” – made US realize a collective whole instead of individual states

5 Wearing Down of Confederacy
Vicksburg and Gettysburg cost Confederate manpower Shortage of Food Desertions, Fighting for Union Squabbles within Confederate Governments Movements for Peace in various states

6 Total War General Grant appointed William Tecumseh Sherman as commander in Mississippi Total War – fight military, government and CIVILIANS to destroy all ability for enemy to fight Attack and attack again Huge losses for Union, but they could afford it, South could not Burned towns, killed animals As they got close to the end, in NC stopped burning towns and handed out food and supplies

7 Election of 1864 Democrats upset over length and high casualties of war nominated George McClellan Radical Republicans nominated John C. Fremont as a 3rd party candidate – wanted harsher proposal for post-Civil War Lincoln chose a pro-Union democrat as VP, but felt he would be badly beaten unless some great change Change came – August 5 – major Southern Port closed at Mobile September 2 – Atlanta was taken End of Sept – Fremont withdrew October 18 – Confederates out of Northern VA Absentee ballads from soldiers helped Lincoln win by 55%

8 Appomattox Clear Confederacy was over by March 1865
Grant and Sherman approached Richmond, Confederate Gov. fled and set fire to the city April 9, 1865 – Lee and Grant met in Appomattox village to arrange Confederate surrender Very generous terms Within 1 month all resistance ended

9 Lincoln’s Assassination

10 Lincoln’s Assassination
April 14, Lincoln was assassinated, 5 days after Lee surrendered Ford Leaders watching a play John Wilkes Booth shot him in the back of the head and then escaped by jumping over the balcony, broke his leg Lincoln died 7:22 the following morning

11 Lincoln’s Assassination
12 days later, Union military trapped Booth in a barn in VA, set building on fire and shot him when he refused to surrender Lincoln had about 1/3 of the Union turn out to publically mourn his death Train took him from DC to hometown of Springfield, IL

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