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The Renaissance.

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1 The Renaissance

2 The Renaissance Took place between 1300 – 1600
Marked the beginning of modern civilization Began in Italy and spread to northern Europe Italian renaissance emerged new trains of thought: classicism, individualism, humanism, & secularism

3 Classicism Rebirth of Roman and Greek civilization values by scholars
Why: Medieval civilization was disintegrating Italy once centre of a great empire so maybe once again Scholars fled to Italy from Constantinople in 1453 when Turks gained power

4 Individualism Leaders of Italian city-states merchant class
This group rejected medieval thought that only three important groups in society: clergy, nobles, peasants Merchants also rejected belief of life was preparation for happier life after death Many used wealth to support writers and artists who believed in individualism Individualism spread because of this

5 Humanism Developed from the study of classic literature
Greeks and Romans believed that an individual should develop many talents This would lead to a full and happy life This belief was revived in 1400s

6 Secularism In the Middle Ages, scholars depended on religious faith and reason to understand the world Renaissance scholars stressed secularism This meant dependence on mind and senses Secularism emphasized the world not life after death

7 Effects of the Renaissance
Great advances in art and literature None in science until late 1500s Only scholars, artists, and some nobles benefited Peasants (80% of pop) changed little Greatest effects felt in centuries to follow Renaissance made merchants and artisans more important New social order brought to Europe because of the Renaissance

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