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The Results of WWII. Creation of the United Nations The United Nations was formed in 1945 to maintain peace, bring an end to war, improve the standard.

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1 The Results of WWII

2 Creation of the United Nations The United Nations was formed in 1945 to maintain peace, bring an end to war, improve the standard of living for all nations, and to promote human rights. It was led by the security council (Britain, France, U.S., U.S.S.R., & China) and included all major powers of the world.

3 Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin at Yalta in Feb. 1945. Attlee, Truman, and Stalin at Potsdam. July- Aug. 1945. During the conference (Potsdam), Truman mentioned to Stalin about an unspecified "powerful new weapon"; Stalin, who knew of its existence long before Truman ever knew through placing spies inside US borders, encouraged the usage of any weapon that would hasten the end of the war.

4 Discovery of the Holocaust Near the end of the war allied troops discovered the concentration camps set up by the Nazis. At these camps Jews worked for the German war effort. In some cases they were used in German medical experiments as guinea pigs. At Auschwitz over 6,000 Jews were gassed per day. By the end of the war Hitler had killed over 1/3 of the Jews in Europe, approx. 6 million people.

5 Holocaust Map of Concentration Camps





10 Manhattan Project & Atomic Age The United States, led by physicist Robert Oppenheimer, developed an atomic bomb under the secretive Manhattan Project. By mid-1945 there was a belief by the Americans that the Japanese were too proud to surrender. This led American President Harry S. Truman to order the dropping of the atomic bomb. On August 6, 1945 the U.S. bombed Hiroshima. More than 70,000 people were killed and 61,000 were injured instantly. Many people were vaporized, and radiation burns scorched others. The Japanese refused surrender and on Aug. 9 the U.S. dropped a second bomb on Nagasaki. Aug. 10, 1945 Japan surrenders ending WWII. This signaled the beginning of the nuclear arms race and the Cold War.

11 Atomic bomb test explosion Los Alamos was so secret that officially it did not exist. Babies born there received birth certificates indicating they were born at box 1663. Watch towers and prison-like security surrounded the U.S. top security, top secret Los Alamos atomic bomb development facility during WWII

12 The patterns of clothing were permanently burned into the skin because of the intense flash of light.

13 Hair loss due to radiation exposure

14 Atomic Blast Shadows The shadow of the parapets are imprinted on the surface of the bridge, 2,890 feet (880 meters) south-south-west of the hypocenter. These shadows give a clue as to the exact location of the hypocenter

15 Little Boy Fat Man


17 Birth of the Cold War The Cold War resulted from disputes between democratic and communist nations during WWII. The US and the USSR could not agree on how to deal with Germany at the end of WWII. The US did not want reparations to be paid while the USSR did. This led to the division of Germany into separate zones (both communist and democratic). A power struggle emerged between the superpowers leading to an arms race and the formation of alliances based upon communist or democratic lines throughout the world.

18 The countries behind the iron curtain are shaded in red. Yugosalvia (in grey) was independent of the Eastern Bloc, yet it was still communist run.

19 Germany divided into separate zones after WWII ends. The creation of West Germany (democratic) and East Germany (communist) was a result of the cold war.

20 Berlin was located in East Germany (communist) but the city itself was divided into both democratic and communist zones. From 1949-1961, almost three million East Germans escaped to the West. In July 1961 alone, 30,000 fled, precipitating another Berlin Crisis on August 13, 1961 when East German authorities built a 28-mile-long wall (euphemistically called the "antifascist protective barrier") along the border to prevent East Germans from escaping to the West.


22 Baby Boom Generation With the return of peace many Canadians began to marry and start families. As a result the population soared in Canada after the war. Between 1945 and 1965 the baby boom occurred. The average family had 3-4 children. As these children aged society had to change to accommodate the large numbers. This led to a boom in infrastructure, employment and housing.

23 How did the birthrate rise and fall during the baby boom years in the US? 19402,559,000 births per year 19463,311,000 births per year 19554,097,000 births per year 19574,300,000 births per year 19644,027,000 births per year 19743,160,000 births per year

24 Symbols of the Baby Boom in Suburbia19501960 Hot Dog Production (millions of lbs)7501050 Potato Chip Production (millions of lbs)320532 Sales of lawn and porch furniture (millions of dollars)53.6145.2 Sales of power mowers (millions of dollars)1.03.8 Sales of floor polishers (millions of dollars)0.241.0 Sales of Encyclopaedia (millions of dollars)72300 Number of Children age 5-1424.335.5 Number of baseball Little Leagues7765,700

25 Music the Baby Boomers Have Taken to Heart Rock Around the Clockby Bill Haley and His Comets Heartbreak Hotelby Elvis Presley Smoke Gets in Your Eyesby The Platters Save the Last Dance for Meby The Drifters Duke of Earlby Gene Chandler I Want to Hold Your Handby The Beatles You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'by The Righteous Brothers The Sounds of Silenceby Simon and Garfunkel Aquariusby The Fifth Dimension American Pieby Don McLean

26 Fads of the Baby Boomers Hula Hoops Frozen Foods Poodle Skirts and Saddle Shoes Panty Raids Barbie and GI Joe Dolls Bikinis Frisbees Yo-yos Ouija Boards Dune Buggies

27 Before: picture of the land that would become the American suburb of Levittown, in Long Island, NY.

28 After: An aerial view of the suburban development of Levittown as a result of the baby boom.

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