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The Thirteen Original Colonies

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1 The Thirteen Original Colonies
Who? What? When? Where? And Why? Ms. Dalzell’s Fourth Grade Class

2 Objectives Learn about each individual state.
Learn the year of when each state was established. Label each state on a map and the year it was established. Use the internet yourselves, to find your own interesting fact about the state.

3 Who? What? When? Where? Why? Thirteen Original Colonies were founded by England with influence by Spain, France, Sweden and Holland. Founded the colonies of: Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia. These colonies were established because the settlers were rebelling British rule and wanted religious freedom. Began arriving in the beginning of the 17th century.

4 Virginia Established in 1607 First settlement called Jamestown
Founded during the rule of England’s king James I. 105 original settlers First colony established, one of the most famous as well. Traded tobacco with England. John Smith helped the colony by becoming friends with the Native American Tribe the Algonquin.

5 Massachusetts Founded in 1620. Most famous colony is Plymouth Colony.
Puritans who fled England for Religious Freedom. Settlers arrived on the Famous Mayflower. Puritan is a form of religion practiced in the colonies. It is a form of the religious group the Protestants. Another word for this is separatists.

6 New Hampshire Established in 1623.
Captain John Mason established this colony Originally Established as a fishing colony. Colony was Named Hampshire Colony. Originally was part of massachusetts.

7 Maryland Founded in 1632. A place for religious freedom for Roman Catholics. Established by Lord Baltimore. People here came for freedom from Prosecution.

8 Connecticut Established 1635
Massachusetts Colonists looking for financial and religious freedom. Pequot War of War between the settlers and the Pequot Native Americans. By the end of the war there were no Pequot Native Americans.

9 Rhode Island 1636 Anne Hutchinson-Banned from Massachusetts colony for speaking out against the Colony. Fled to area soon to be known as Rhode Island. Roger Williams- banished from Colonies because wanted Religious freedom and Separation of Church and State. Roger Williams was banished to England but he fled to the Narragansett Indians for safety. Banned together along with two other settlements under England’s permission to found Providence Plantations. Later to Be called Rhode Island.

10 Delaware Founded in 1638 Technically ruled by Pennsylvania until 1703.
Established by Peter Minuit of the New Sweden Company. Mainly Dutch Settlers. Peter Minuit Bought the area for only 24$.

11 More alike than we thought!!
The Carolinas North South Same history as North Carolina. Established during the same charter set forth by King Charles II. One of the wealthiest colonies. Founded in 1653 by some Virginia Settlers. 1663 King Charles II asked to settle area below Virginia, this included what was settled in 1653. North- In 1729 was taken over by the British and became what we know today as North Carolina. South-The most Revolutionary Battles were fought on this soil. More alike than we thought!!

12 New Jersey Did you Know? There was once an East and A West Jersey?
Originally founded by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret in 1664. Promised many benefits for incoming settlers. The crown overtook in 1702 and combined the two. Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret were good friends with James the Duke of York who gave them the land to colonize in the first place. West East One Whole New Jersey

13 New York Founded 1664 By James the Duke of York.
Originally called New Netherlands…the name did not stick Officially Named New York after the Duke Himself Remember Minuit from Delaware? Well, he also founded Manhattan Island as part of the new state of New York

14 Pennsylvania Founded by William Penn in 1682.
Established for Religious Freedom Goal was to create a colony that was to protect himself and other Quakers By 1700 was the richest and third biggest colony of all the thirteen

15 Georgia Established in The final of the Thirteen Original Colonies. Georgia was Established by James Oglethorpe by order from King George II. Established as a barrier between the Florida and South Carolina to stop the Spanish of Florida from overtaking the Colonies. Also established as a place where debtors or people who owed massive amounts of debt could start fresh. This way they could start again as a new fresh life.

16 Summary You should know some facts about each individual state and when it was established. You now have a foundation to go and find your own facts about the states. Here are some websites you may use for your in-class work: You now have an image of each state so that you can label it on a map.

17 Acknowledgement

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