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Chapter 2 Section 4 New England Colonies.

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1 Chapter 2 Section 4 New England Colonies

2 The Pilgrims Pilgrims left England because of religious conflict
They were Puritans, people who wanted to purify the church of Catholic rituals

3 All Pilgrims were Puritans, not all Puritans were Pilgrims
Pilgrims tried the Netherlands first, but ultimately settled on Virginia

4 Plymouth Colony The Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts
They created Mayflower Compact.

5 The Pilgrims faced difficult conditions and half of them died in the first three months
American Indians, such as Squanto, helped the colonists survive

6 Massachusetts Bay Colony
The founders of Mass. Bay did not want to cut all ties with England They came to provide other Christians with a model of how a society should be, “A city on a hill”

7 Religious Dissent A minister named Thomas Hooker founded a colony in the Connecticut Valley There his settlers adopted the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, the world’s first written constitution.

8 Anne Hutchinson Pilgrims fled England to practice their own religion
Puritans believed only men should preach She fled to Rhode Island with her family

9 Rhode Island Founded by Roger Williams
Williams was banished from Massachusetts for believing Native Americans should be paid for their land

10 Pequot War The Puritans viewed the NA’s as lazy savages
War broke out between Colonists and the Pequot tribe The Colonists destroyed a village of 700 women and children

11 Praying Towns Puritans offered protection to NA’s who agreed to move into a town and accept English life

12 King Phillip’s War A NA named Metacom, called King Phillip by the colonists, was accused of leading a rebellion Starvation and lack of ammunition defeated the NA’s, who lost most of their land as a result

13 Chapter 2 Section 5 The Middle Colonies

14 NY and Dirty Jersey NYC was originally called New Amsterdam
People from all over settled in NY, so there was little allegiance to the Dutch

15 New Joisey The English took the colony without a shot being fired
James, the Duke of York, was named proprietor of the colony.

16 Pennsylvania William Penn acquired a land grant from King Charles II as payment for a debt owed his father Penn wanted to make his colony a haven for peace loving Quakers

17 Delaware The following year the Duke of York gave him Delaware

18 Diversity The Middle Colonies developed an ethnic and religious diversity unmatched in the colonies. They proved that political order could be maintained without uniformity.

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