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牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块六 · 高二上学期 ). Changing the world——my commitment Unit 4 Project.

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1 牛津高中英语牛津高中英语 ( 模块六 · 高二上学期 )

2 Changing the world——my commitment Unit 4 Project

3 Changing the World —my commitment

4 Doctors without Borders is an international medical humanitarian( 人道主义的 ) organization that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger. Most of its members are doctors and health workers.MSF currently works in more than 80 countries for victims of armed conflicts, epidemics( 疾病 的传播 ), and natural and man-made disasters.

5 Task : Listen to and read the article, looking for the information required in the chart.

6 Purpose Present situation What they have done What they plan to do to provide free medical service around the world Everything in chaos;Land flooded; hospital damaged and unusable; people having fled to mountains; difficult for cuts and wounds to heal;Lack medicine,shelter,food and clean water; fields and harvest destroyed; Set up feeding center and checked babies’ health in Sudan; gave children shots; clean the health center; Set up a temporary clinic; organize a burial ground; Author’s wish Name Doctors without Borders Changing the world—help others and do something worthwhile; make a difference to people’s lives.

7 My Action Plan Title: Group members: Venue / Place: Purpose: Steps:

8 My Action Plan Title: Group members: Changing the world Nurses of the MSF Situation: An island is flooded. Many people are lack of hospitals, medicine,shelters,food and clean water. Besides, there are dead bodies around. Steps: Set up feeding center ; Checked babies’ health; Clean the health center; Purpose: Help them out of the trouble and comfort them. Venue / Place: On an island

9 My Action Plan Bury dead bodies … Set up a temporary clinic; Transport medicine; Significance: ( 意义 ) Make a difference to people’s lives.

10 Make your action plan about how to help the children in rural countries who can’t afford to go to school.

11 Group Discussion: My Action Plan Title: Group members: Venue / Place: Purpose: Steps:

12 commitment She made a commitment to keeping focused and dedicated, but she didn’t carry it out. This career calls for one hundred percent ~. 1. 承诺,保证 (~ to sth.) 她承诺会保持专注和投入,但她没有履行。 2. 奉献,投入 这项事业要求百分之百的投入。

13 commit v. 1. ~ oneself to sth./ doing … sb. be ~ed to sth. 承诺做 …… 我已经承诺接受她的邀请,不能反悔了。 I have ~ed myself to accepting her invitation and cannot draw back. 2. 犯罪 ~ murder / a crime / suicide 3. 忠于 …… ,全身心投入 ( 事业、活动等 ) He ~ed himself to the cause of charity. 他投身于慈善事业。

14 Arrived here to find everything was in chaos. = I arrived here only to find that everything was in chaos. in chaos (un.) 处于混乱中 = in a mess economic/political chaos 经济 / 政治混乱

15 Many of the people have fled to the mountains to escape the floods. flee fled fled vi./vt. 迅速离开;(尤指害怕有危 险而)逃避,逃跑 1) During the war many people in the village fled to neighboring countries. 2) Last night many tourists fled the burning hotel.

16 escape: ~ from … 1. to get away from a place where you are kept as a prisoner or not allowed to leave e.g. ~ from the prison/ cage 2. ~ from … to get away from an unpleasant or dangerous situation 从不愉快或险境中逃脱,逃避 从监禁或管制中逃脱 3. to avoid sth. unpleasant or dangerous ~ sth. 避免,避开 e.g. ~ death e.g. ~ from the burning house

17 die of 死于 …( 强调内因 ) die out 灭绝 die off 相继死掉 die away 逐渐减弱 / 消失 die for sth./to do sth. 迫切要做某事 die down 逐渐变弱 / 平息 1. I am _____________a cup of tea. 2. The fire is _________. Please put more coal. 3. After her three sons _________, she committed suicide at last. 4. We are making every effort to prevent the northeast tigers from __________. dying for dying down died off dying out

18 assist 帮助,协助 assistant assistance assist sb. with sth. in doing sth. to do sth. technical/financial assistance with the assistance of … Despite his cries, no one came to his assistance.

19 vacant & empty 1. empty: 空的,里面没有东西,更没人住 Since the hotel is quite near the beach, there are very few rooms _________ all the time. vacant vacant: 里面有东西,但没人 ( 住 ……) 无人占据 2. empty words/ promises vacant look : 呆滞 / 茫然的目光 3. Is this post vacant? 职位空缺

20 get hold of 1. 得到,找到,联系到 ( 某人 / 所需的东西 ) Do you know where I can get hold of a second-hand bicycle? 你知道我在哪里可以弄到旧的自行车吗? 我找了她好几天, 她始终不在家. I've been trying to get hold of her for days but she's never at home. 2. 抓住,握住,拿住 抓紧绳子, 否则你会跌下来的 。 Get hold of the rope, or you will fall.

21 access (to) [U] n. 入径, 通道 ;( 使用或见到 ) 的机会 1. 到学校去的唯一的路是那条泥泞小路。 The only access to the school is a muddy path. 2. 市民可以免费进图书馆。 Citizens may have free access to the library. accessible adj. 可到达的, 可接近的 e.g. Medicine should not be kept where it is accessible to children.

22 … I can help here and there, and make a difference to people ’ s lives … make a difference (to) 对 …… 有影响

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