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Chapter 19 Review Game.

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1 Chapter 19 Review Game

2 In France, the Second Estate was
Left to family members after death The Catholic Clergy The nobles who lived in luxury The bourgeoisie C. The nobles who lived in luxury

3 What happened on July 14, 1789? People in Paris stormed the Bastille
The telegraph was invented Napoleon invaded Russia Marie Antoinette was beheaded A. People in Paris stormed the Bastille

4 What two countries remained undefeated by Napoleon?
Germany & Italy Britain & Russia Italy & Spain France & the Netherlands B. Britain & Russia

5 In what country di the industrial Revolution begin?
France Britain Italy Egypt B. Britain

6 A business entity that raises money by selling shares to investors is called a ____?
Partnership Corporation Factory Cottage industry B. corporation

7 Why did cities grow quickly during the Industrial Revolution?
People loved city night life Fewer workers were needed on farms People fled rural pollution People grew rich in cities B. Fewer workers were needed on farms

8 Socialists believed that factories, land, capital, and raw materials should be…
Abolished Controlled by capitalists Owned by society Controlled by Marx C. Owned by society

9 Why did revolutions sweep across Europe in 1848?
Socialists fermented dissent The United States set an example People wanted democratic reform Benjamin Disraeli came to power C. People wanted democratic reform

10 Catholic German states united with Protestant German states because they…
Feared the military of France Wanted to convert to Protestantism Were strong nationalists Had no strong leader A. Feared the military of France

11 What did the Monroe Doctrine promise?
Protection for Latin America Democracy for all Latin Americans Support for caudillos Tax breaks for Great Britain A. Protection for Latin America

12 In France, the bourgeoisie…
Included merchants and teachers Was made up of peasants Did not pay taxes Lived at the king’s court A. Included merchants & teachers

13 Maximilien Robespierre was the head of …
The Committee of Public Safety The National Convention Napoleon’s army The Bastille A. The Committee of Public Safety

14 Who took control of France in a coup d’etat in 1799
Marie Antoinette Maximilien Robespierre Thomas Eidson Napoleon Bonaparte D. Napoleon Bonaparte

15 During the enclosure movement in Britain, laws allowed landowners to
Enslave peasants Lock their homes Not pay taxes Fence off their lands D. Fence off their lands

16 Long distance communication was made possible by the invention of
Steel Steam power The telegraph urbanization

17 In the 1800s, some women began to demand the right to vote ecause they
Had achieved greater independence Wanted to abolish factory work Wanted to outlaw slavery Wanted to keep their paychecks A. Had achieved greater independence

18 Who believed that women should have equal rights to men?
All women All men Utilitarians Marxists C. Utilitarians

19 Louis Pasteur’s discoveries were important because they
Were a step in preventing disease Led to the science called genetics Allowed safe surgery Led to the end of World War II A. Were a step in preventing disease

20 In what country did democracy come peacefully?
United States Russia France Great Britain D. Great Britain

21 Social Darwinists believed that ideally, in economic competition
Social services would help the poor The government would tax the rich Companies would be regulated Weak individuals would fail D. Weak individuals would fail

22 The End…are you prepared?
Be sure to study your notes (Ch 19 PowerPoint) know all vocabulary answer all questions (reading checks) within the guide be able to transfer main ideas into essays by explaining a general topic & giving examples Vocabulary terms & people help provide excellent details NOTE: THERE ARE NO EXCUSES: If you have lost your PowerPoint notes or wish to review this game, please see my blog at (each is found on its own tab); if this is not possible, please see me.


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