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“Going to the Cross” Trevor Holloway and Curtis Sparks THE 1 ST - 3 RD CRUSADES.

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1 “Going to the Cross” Trevor Holloway and Curtis Sparks THE 1 ST - 3 RD CRUSADES

2 THE PURPOSE OF THE CRUSADES Capture the Holy Land from the Muslims – Specifically Jerusalem – Wanted it for the Catholic Church Site of Christ’s Crucifixion, Burial, and Resurrection Where the Temple had been – It was a holy place for Jews, Muslims, and Christians

3 POPE URBAN II Responded to Alexius I’s call for help against the Turks – Used this as an opportunity and challenged Christians to fight for the Holy Land Saw the Muslims as a curse Sent out Crusades – Told them all who died would be cleansed from all their sins

4 THE FIRST CRUSADE (1096-1099) “The People’s Crusade” Popular preachers aroused the people to fight Told the people, “God Wills It!” Men, Women, Children, Nobles, and Peasants all went Lead by Peter the Hermit Very Unorganized Many died of hunger, thirst, and exposure

5 PETER THE HERMIT Also known as Peter of Amiens – where he was born Poor, old man who lived in poverty Lied and told people he had told the pope to create the Crusade Became a leader of the Crusaders Raised 15,000 followers for his army Left for the Holy Land before the Knights arrived Lieutenant was Walter the Penniless

6 WALTER’S PROBLEMS Hard to control his army Semlin 16 of Walter’s men broke the law Lost everything and sent away Crusaders got hostile Attacked townsfolk over a pair of shoes Killed hundreds of Hungarians Crossed the Sava River and fled Pillaged for food

7 PETER’S PROBLEMS Had 20,000 Men upon reaching Hungary Stole lumber from townspeople to build rafts and cross Sava People fled to the mountains Looted for supplies as well Men burned mill over a quarrel with townspeople Taken hostage Peter went to negotiate a ransom Other men went and attacked the town out of fear Many were killed, others were taken slaves for life Took 500 men and fled into mountains Believed they were the only survivors Other ¾ of men found them and escorted them to Constantinople

8 OTHER ARMIES OF THE 1 ST CRUSADE 700,000 men, 100,000 of which were Knights Sieged Antioch, a Muslim city Took a year Lost about ¾ of the men Finally reached Jerusalem Extremely excited upon arrival Massacred for 7 days

9 Leaders of the first crusade Bohemond  Fought in Byzantine wars  Joined crusade for personal gain Tancred  Bohemond's nephew Baldwin  Supposed to work in church, gave up  Sold his possessions to join the crusade

10 Leaders cont. Hugh  Count  Failure at fighting  Godfrey  Hugh's brother  Knight  Had experience in battle  Robert II  Count  Stephen II  Count  Went home during the seige of Antioch

11 SECOND CRUSADE Led by French and German king Started when the Muslims attacked Crusader state Edessa Major failure of a crusade Decided to attack Damascus Less skilled Walked into many traps where they were slaughtered Wiped out One army was wiped out before they arrived at Damascus One success Many countries joined forces and took Lisbon

12 THE THIRD CRUSADE (1187-1192) Meant to reclaim lands gained by the First Crusade Led by Frederick I Barbarossa of Germany, Phillip II Augustus of France, and Richard I of England Frederick Marched across Germany Best organized leader Drowned German force fell apart Only 1,000 of 30,000 made it to lay siege on a town called Acre

13 THE THIRD CRUSADE (CONT.) Phillip Travelled by sea strait to Acre Took control 4 days after arrival, ending the 2 year siege Went and attacked the farmlands of Richard Broke the code saying Crusader’s didn’t attack each other’s land Returned home to France

14 THE THIRD CRUSADE (CONT.) Richard Stopped to conquer Cyprus while the siege of Acre was going on Took control of the Crusade after Phillip went home 50,000 men Very organized army Marched down the coast, denying Muslims any chance of attacking them Marched on Jerusalem in 1192 Muslims cut off supplies, so the siege was ended Richard made a treaty allowing the Christians special rights in Jerusalem Richard came out as a great general and a heroic knight

15 SALADIN Muslim leader during the 3 rd Crusade Sultan of Egypt Military Genius Captured almost all the land taken by the First 2 Crusades Protected Jerusalem against the 3 rd Crusade Signed treaty with Richard

16 BIBLIOGRAPHY AkK1OUvBSM_JKUu8h0U&hl=en&ei=05XKTvOrEsm0sQLFgf03&sa=X&oi=bo ok hermit.html hermit.html

17 Bibliography (cont),_Prince_of_Galilee,_Count_of_Vermandois,_Count_of_Blois,_Count_of_Flanders

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