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Acceleration Velocity-time graph Questions. Acceleration.

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1 Acceleration Velocity-time graph Questions

2 Acceleration

3 Means:

4 Acceleration When an object speeds up it is accelerating When an object slows down it is decelerating When an object has a constant velocity it is not accelerating

5 Velocity-time graph Time(s) Velocity(m/s) This graph shows us that the car accelerated for 0-40m/s in 10 seconds It also shows us that the car then stayed at velocity of 40m/s for 20 seconds before slowing from 40-0m/s in 20 seconds

6 Velocity-time graph Time(s) Velocity(m/s) We can calculate the acceleration using the gradient of the graph. The acceleration between point A and B is: A B C D

7 Velocity-time graph Velocity(m/s) A B C D

8 Question time 1)What is the formula for acceleration? 2) How far did the object move between point B and C? 3) What was the deceleration between point C and D? Velocity(m/s) A B C D Time(s)

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