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2 Dr.CHARLES KING 7 Key Components

3 iGEN was founded on Nov Today, iGEN is among the fastest growing divisions of the Youngevity Family of Companies.

4 ABOUT US i-GEN is a Filipino-owned company composed of Group of Successful Young Entrepreneurs with more than 50 yrs of combined experience in the field of Network Marketing MISSION i-GEN is committed To help build a network of successful distributors through continuous quality training, customer service excellence, and attractive income package. VISION The company envisions to provide World-Class Quality Beauty and Wellness products that are Safe, Effective, and Affordable.


6 High Impact Products


8 BUSINESS PACKAGES  P3, BRONZE  P7,500  4 DIRECT 3 3 Quick Start  P2,500  2 DIRECT 1 1  P1, SILVER  P7,  P17,500  8 DIRECT  P15, GOLD  P37,500  16 DIRECT ELITE  P31,  P77, DIRECT 31


10 User name: Password: Back Office: Website: Account


12 1

13 UU AABB CCEE FF DDGGII HH JJ PAIRING BONUS P 100 P1,000 Account Entry 100 GIFT CERTIFICATE 100 Left Group Right Group 500 matches per day P50,000 Per day / P1,500,000 Monthly Every 5 th Pair Gift Certificate These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profit. Success with i-GEN results only from sales efforts and hard work. 2

14 3UU AABB CCEE FF DDGGII HH JJ UUCCBBFFJJHH YOU *note: this is company spill-over

15 4 AABB CCEE FF DDGGII HH JJ COCO  Participate in the monthly Global sharing of the company through the growth of the company based on entry

16 5 Every 5 th PAIR, you are entitled to E-points, which will be used in exchange for travel, gadgets, and appliances credits. Travel and Lifestyle Program NOTE: E-points are not convertible to cash

17 Formulation/Pioneering Critical Mass Momentum Stabilization A.C.T. 80% of distributor will be force to joins


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