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Saturday English Enhancement Programme 2008-2009.

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2 Saturday English Enhancement Programme 2008-2009

3 Name: __________________( ) Class: ___ P1 – P2 Quiz 1.How do you spell _____________? a)crokodile b)crocodile c)krokodile 2. Yes or No: Boys can girls can fly. a)Yes b)No 3. What is she doing? a)jumping b)reading c)eating Circle the answers. Name: __________________( ) Class: ___ P3 – P4 Quiz Circle the answers. 1.How do you spell ___________________? a)helicopter b)halidopter c)helikoptor 2. What do you call a baby dog? a)a doggy b)a puppy c)a mummy 3. What day is 25 th December? a)Christmas b)Miss Qually’s birthday c)Easter 4. Yes or No: People in America speak English. a)Yes b)No

4 Name: __________________( ) Class: ___ P5 – P6 Quiz 1. Which is bigger: Hong Kong or Macau? 2. What colour are the taxis in Tai Po? 3. 2009 is the Year of the Rat. 2009 is the year of which animal? 4. What is this? 5. On which floor is the English corner? Answer the questions.

5 Your Task 1.Go the English Corner at recess! 2.Fill out the worksheet. 3.Give the worksheet to an EAT. 4.Get 3 stamps! 5.Put it in the English Corner Box. I speak English!


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