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Words for Production 1. circumstance [ `s3k1m&st8ns ] n. [C] (usu. pl.) the conditions of one ’ s life, especially the amount of money that one has; the.

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2 Words for Production 1. circumstance [ `s3k1m&st8ns ] n. [C] (usu. pl.) the conditions of one ’ s life, especially the amount of money that one has; the conditions which affect what happens 生活狀況,經濟情況;狀況,局勢

3 Words for Production 2. circumstance Peter was in very bad circumstances — he was almost penniless. We cannot tell whether what he did is right or wrong until we know all the circumstances.

4 Words for Production 2. tastefully [ `testf1lI ] adv. with ability to enjoy and judge beauty, art, or music 有品味地,有鑑賞力地 Since she has developed a good taste for art, she expects to have a tastefully furnished house.

5 Words for Production 3. furnish [ `f3nIS ] vt. to put furniture in (a place) ( 用家具 ) 佈置房間 What a lavish room! You must have spent a lot of money furnishing it. * must + have + p.p. 過去一定 …( 假設語氣句型 )

6 Words for Production 4. lovingly [ `l^vI9lI ] adv. with love 疼愛地 The mother sat on the sofa, looking at her baby lovingly.

7 Words for Production 5. adore [ 1`dor ] vt. to love deeply and respect highly 愛 慕,敬慕 After reading the story of Newton, Brian adored him a lot and wished to be a scientist in the future. 詞類變化

8 adorable [ 1`dOr1bL ] adj. 討人喜歡的 The baby is adorable and everyone around him likes him a lot.

9 Words for Production 6. exceptional [ Ik`sEpS1nL ] adj. very unusual; outstanding 非凡的,卓 越的 At the concert the entire audience was impressed with the singer’s exceptional musical talent. 詞類變化

10 exception [ Ik`sEpS1n ] n. [U][C] 例外 ( 之物 ) It has been raining a lot these days, but today is an exception. * these days 近日

11 except [ Ik`sEpt ] prep. 除 … 之外 He answered all the questions except the last one.

12 Words for Production 7. means [ minz ] n. [C] (pl.~) a method or way (of doing something) 手段,方法 I’ve tried all possible means to get there in time, but in vain. * means ( 單複數同型 ) = method = way 方法 * in time 及時 * in vain 徒勞無功

13 Words for Production 8. financial [ f1`n8nS1l ] adj. connected with money 財政的,金融 的 Their business got into financial difficulty and was in need of support. 詞類變化 * in need of 需要

14 finance [ f1`n8ns ] n. [U] 財政,金融 I’m afraid it will take an expert in finance to get your company out of trouble.

15 Words for Production 9. progressively [ pr1`GrEsIvlI ] adv. increasingly; by degrees 逐漸地 Because he has been reading without enough light, his eyesight is becoming progressively worse. 詞類變化 * progressively = increasingly = by degrees = little by little

16 progressive [ pr1`GrEsIv ] adj. 逐漸的 There is often a progressive loss of sight in old age.

17 progress [ pr1`GrEs ] vi. 進步,發展 Because she is studying harder, Linda is progressing in English.

18 progress [ `prAGrEs ] n. [U] 進步,發展 The medical community continues to make progress in the fight against cancer. * make progress 求進步

19 Words for Production 10. crack [ kr8k ] vi. (of the voice) to change in depth or loudness suddenly and uncontrollably ( 聲音 ) 變小,變調 Her voice cracked as she tried to describe the terrible accident she had seen.

20 Words for Production 11. whisper [ `hwIsp2 ] n. [C] a very quiet voice 低語 The couple talked in a whisper for fear of waking the sleeping baby. 詞類變化 * for fear of 唯恐

21 whisper [ `hwIsp2 ] vi.. 低語 Mike whispered in my ear so that no one else could hear.

22 Words for Production 12. rent [ rEnt ] vt. to pay for the use of (a room or piece of land) 租用 If you cannot buy a house now, you’ll have to rent one for a while. 詞類變化 * one : 代替前面出現過的單數非特定名詞. * for a while 一陣子

23 rent [ rEnt ] n. [C] 租金 The rent for this house is NT$8,000 a month.

24 Words for Production 13. rough [ r^f ] adj. not gentle, tender, or polite 粗魯的 The politician has a very rough manner. 詞類變化

25 roughly [ `r^flI ] adv. 粗魯地;粗略地,大體上 Roughly speaking, there were 10,000 people in the audience watching the performance. * Adv speaking … 地說 roughly speaking 大體上來說 frankly speaking 坦白地說 generally speaking 一般而言

26 Words for Production 14. ridicule [ `rIdI&kjul ] vt. to laugh unkindly at someone or something 嘲笑,嘲弄 My friends all ridiculed my new hairstyle. 詞類變化 * ridicule = laugh at

27 ridicule [ `rIdI&kjul ] n. [U] 嘲笑,嘲弄 As a heavy child, she became an object of ridicule by her classmates. * an object of ridicule a target of ridicule 笑柄

28 ridiculous [ rI`dIkj1l1s ] adj. 荒謬的,可笑的 The old woman looks ridiculous in that fashionable dress.

29 Words for Production 15. performer [ p2`fOrm2 ] n. [C] a person who gives a public show 表 演者,演出者 All the performers gathered on stage after the show to thank the audience. 詞類變化

30 perform [ p2`fOrm ] vt. 表演,演出 They did a nice job. I’ve never seen this play performed so wonderfully. * did a good / nice job 表現地很好

31 performance [ p2`fOrm1ns ] n. [C] 表演,演出 The band will give one more performance before leaving for Taiwan. * leave for 前往

32 Words for Production 16. terror [ `tEr2 ] n. [U] (a cause of) great fear 恐怖,驚嚇 When the heavy earthquake struck, people ran out of their buildings in terror. 詞類變化

33 terrorist [ `tEr1&rIst ] n. [C] 恐怖份子 Terrorists were blamed for the plane crash.

34 terrify [ `tEr1&faI ] vt. 使恐怖,使驚嚇 People are terrified to think that terrorists are going to strike the country again.

35 1. comedian [ k1`midI1n ] n. [C] a person whose job is to entertain people and make them laugh 喜劇演 員 Words for Recognition

36 2. housemaid [ `ha5s&med ] n. [C] a female servant who does cleaning or other work in someone’s house 女傭 Words for Recognition * do (the) cleaning 做清潔工作

37 3. variety [ v1`raI1tI ] n. [U] a theater or television show including singing, dancing, acts of skill, etc. ( 歌 舞、雜耍等的 ) 綜藝表演 Words for Recognition

38 4. laryngitis [ &l8rIn`dZaItIs ] n. [U] painful swollen condition of the larynx, which makes speech difficult 喉炎 Words for Recognition

39 1. tuck up to make (someone) comfortable in bed by pulling the bed clothes tight 將被子 塞到 ( 某人的 ) 身體下,使其安睡 The mother always tucks her child up and gives him a kiss on the forehead when he goes to bed. Idioms and Phrases

40 2. in the care of in one ’ s charge 受 ( 某人 ) 照料 Before they set off, they left their dog in the care of their neighbors. Idioms and Phrases * set off = set out 出發

41 3. in preference to instead of someone or something that one likes less 寧願 … 而不 … I would choose to stay at home in preference to going out in such bad weather. Idioms and Phrases

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