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Tool support for Distributed Object Technology

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1 Tool support for Distributed Object Technology
Magnus Herner, S&P Media T H E L A N G U A G E O F I N V E N T I O N A Telelogic Company S&P Media - A Telelogic Company Lilienthalstr. 7, D München Tel :

2 SDL in a distributed application
Most telecom applications have many different requirements. SDL System C++ Java Solution: Use different techniques / languages for different kind of problems. Use SDL for the real-time, event oriented parts!

3 Specification and Description Language
Why SDL? SDL Specification and Description Language International standard by ITU-T Formal technique Graphical representation Object-oriented language Message based language

4 All SDL components are object-oriented
Process Proc1 C1 [ ] System Example Bl1 C2 [ ] C3 R1 BlockBl1 Proc1 R1 [ ] R3 (1,1) Proc2 (0,5) Pr1 State1 R4 Procedure Pr1 Bl2 Sig1 x:=init Architecture - Blocks Behavior - Processes Communication - Signals and Channels Data and Functions - Abstract Data Types

5 Tool support in Telelogic Tau
UML MSC Text ASN,1 Design SDL MSC Test TTCN Executable application or CORBA system Executable Tests C/C++ IDL Requirement Capture and Analysis Tool support for: Requirement analysis Specification Design Verification Validation Compilation Test

6 SDL and CORBA CORBA is a suitable way to enable SDL components to be used in a distributed environment. SDL P1 P2 P3 Client Server ORB

7 SDL part as CORBA Server
If an IDL description is given, and should be implemented using SDL, it is possible to generate an SDL system stub from it, to which behavior is then added. Add behavior IDL SDL P1 P2 Generate

8 SDL part as CORBA Client
If services should be request from an external CORBA server the IDL description is automatically converted to one or more SDL packages, which are used by the SDL system. IDL Server SDL package Convert SDL P1 P2 use

9 Methodology Support Object Model System analysis Paste as IDL
SDL System analysis Object design Paste as IDL System design Generate

10 From Analysis to Design
By copying an object in one model, and then pasting it as a new object in another model a link is also created between the objects. DoorControl Analysis model Design model interface DoorControl { }; paste as paste as Design model DoorControl

11 In Conclusion Use SDL for the design and implementation
of real-time, event oriented parts SDL technology is mature and well tested for telecom systems Tool support of SDL / CORBA integration available

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