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New operational fields of robots seminar multimedia Simone Stropp Wintersemester 03/04.

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1 New operational fields of robots seminar multimedia Simone Stropp Wintersemester 03/04

2 Motivation development of robots was a revolution of working world robot employment  faster, high-quality production wide range of new tasks what‘s already possible? what‘s the tendancy?

3 Content what is a robot? excursion: humanoide robots robots as guards robots in the household care robots result and outlook

4 Introduction: definition of robot various definitions: simple definition definition according to VDI-Guidelines definition from robot-experts

5 Definition: VDI-guidelines „A Robot is a free and re-progrrammable, multifinctional manipulator with at least three independent axes, for moving materials, parts, tools or special devices on programmed, variable courses, to fulfil the most diverse tasks.”

6 Excursion: humanoide robots Four different kinds of humanoide robots: movement on two legs Research robots Entertainment robots Robot Heads

7 Humanoide robots: movement on two legs WABOT I, Honda 1973: first time upright walk cable control grabbing of articles conversation on japanese  eyes, ears, mouth

8 Humanoide robots: movement on two legs further developments of Honda chronologically: WABOT II P1 P2 P3 Asimo

9 Humanoide Robots: movement on two legs Wabot II : while playing piano

10 Humanoide robots: movement on two legs P1 P2 – P3 P3 P2: first Robot with self control P3: selfcontrol against falling down and radio telecontrol for several activities since P3: waklking is not only possible on levels  stairs

11 Humanoide robots: movement on two legs Asimo: weight: 52 kg Joints: 26 1,6 km/h clim stairs, move sidewards, slow motion brings itself into balance face recognition simple sentences

12 Humanoide robots: movement on two legs Johnny, TU munich H6, TU munich

13 Humanoide robots: movement on two legs Robot SHADOW, England: walks with air  pneumatic drive

14 Humanoide robots: movement on two legs latest development from Sony – QURIO: first robot that is able to run and jump problem: brief loss of ground contact so far only prototype

15 Humanoide robots: robot heads why heads?  mimic why mimic?  communication without words: - international - better acceptance - mimic as roboter-human-interface - understandably for deaf persons

16 Humanoide robots: robot heads Kismet and Leonardo social Communication: -simulates feelings by moving lips, eyes and ears -Is able to recognize the feelings of a person due to the voice -shoulder-twitching and gesturing

17 Robots as guards: MOSRO Robowatch Technologies GmbH, Munich MObiles Sicherheits-ROboter-System pre-defined waypoints data communication to the center request for identification

18 Robots as guards: MOSRO ultrasonic sensors: close range and navigation radar: recognition of a moving target CCD-camera optical-accustic signal warning system 800 MHz crusoe-Processor, Red Hat Linux 7.0

19 Robots as guards: MOSRO sketch file can be loaded on robot speed: 4 km/h  18 hours working time Independent loading Price: 15.000 Euro

20 Robots as guards: MOSRO advantages : saving cost of electricity (lighting in buildings) lower hourly wages robot has no bags but: no complete replacement of human guards

21 Robots as guards : MOSRO-Mini guard for at home : camera movement alarm unit heat sensor (radius 12m) alarm siren acoustic output expandable: gas and smoke detector

22 Robots as guards : MOSRO-Mini on danger: Informs owners, emergency call center or neighbour Sends SMS oder pictures to: Handy PDA Basisstation (connected with PC) Connection with mit DECT-Modem:  Remote regard of the environment price: 1.200 Euro

23 Robots as guards : OFRO outdoor monitoring tracked vehicle, weatherproof employment in ports, military plants etc. speed: 2 m/s large ones need there high losses by thefts expandable: Identification of chemicals, damage to gas lines

24 Robots as guards : Banryu „Banryu“ – company Tsmuk, Japan function as a watchdog scanns environment with: - infrared sensor - ultrasonic sensors - temperature sensors - smell sensor price: 17.000 Euro

25 Household robots vacuum cleaner “Trilobite”: fully automatic navigation system seizes sketch of the area  computation of the cleaning duration independent loading notes terminator point and begins there again three different modes price: 1.599 euro

26 Household robots also Asimo will be a household robot in the future the company Matsushita plans a robot for shopping and sewing

27 Care robots In Japan mixture of toys and care robots: cat Tama: Medicine income dachshund: missing resonance  informs physician dog Rosie (GB): blood pressure, pulse, temperature Maron-1 measures: mixture of guard and care robot Maron-1

28 Care robots : Care-O-Bot developed at the Fraunhofer Institut orientation in the dwelling by camera and laser makes it possible that old and ill humans can live longer in their own home. understands simple instructions carries articles does vacuum-cleaning

29 Care robots : Care-O-Bot supervises bodily functions serves as a going assistance worries about light, heating, alarm installation administers dates gets physician over face-to-face phone to the bed serves meal price: 10.000 euro  Series production still too expensive

30 Care robots Japan: employment in hospitals robots should help persons to eat first tests at material hares

31 Result and Outlook Still far away from daily life with robots often unrealistic time prognoses Operational areas within wide ranges One thing is sure: We will live more and more with robots in the future

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