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Welcome and Meeting Objectives Mark Beran Chief Commercial Officer.

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1 Welcome and Meeting Objectives Mark Beran Chief Commercial Officer


3 Meeting Objectives Shared Understanding of eyewear sales approach and standard work on process Introduction and education on EyeSplash Zero™ program Understanding tools and resources TIDI has to facilitate your success Development of key account plans with emphasis on coordination of sales efforts Getting to know your TIDI team and our commitment to your success

4 October 2015- TIDI Acute Care Sales Meeting

5 TIDI is a Leading Infection Prevention Platform… Market leader in infection prevention products – #1 market share in core offering for both alternate site and dental – Used during nearly every physician and dental office visit in the U.S. – Established position in growing, specialized segments for acute care – High barriers to entry 1,600+ individual SKUs – Disposable products – High replacement frequency  significant recurring revenue – Branded and private label Low-cost, non-union manufacturing – 524,000 sq. ft. Neenah, Wisconsin manufacturing facility – Utilizes lean manufacturing principles and focused on continuous improvement – Low direct labor content: less than 3% of revenue

6 Company History 200520062007200820092010 Recent Events and Accomplishments Divested from Banta Corp. Acquired Global One - removed a competitor Entered acute care PPE market with acquisition of P2 line from Sage Timely Medical Innovations added disposable eyewear and face shields Implemented lean manufacturing processes Acquired by J.H. Whitney Launched enterprise-wide continuous improvement initiative Acquired securement division of Zefon International  1969: Founded as Ling Products  1973: Acquired by Banta Corporation  1997: Rebranded as Banta Healthcare Group  1997: Acquired major competitor, TIDI Products 2011201220132014 Added resources supporting new product development efforts

7 Extensive Product Offering 1,600+ individual SKUs – Well diversified: no single SKU > 1.6% of revenue High velocity, disposable products = frequent replacement and recurring purchases Protects both patients and providers from infection caused by the transfer of pathogens – Allows access to specific areas of the body for exam / procedures – Aids in patient comfort, modesty, and peace of mind Alternate Site (64% (1) ) Patient Protection Dental (24% (1) ) Acute Care (12% (1) ) Provider Protection (1) Percent of revenue YTD June actuals (excludes pro forma for securement). Includes only medical related product sales.

8 Extensive Product Offering – Alternate Site Barrier Products: Exam table, towels, pillow case covers Patient Apparel and Draping: Gowns, capes, shorts, vests, drape sheets Equipment Covers and Sheaths  Custom barriers for equipment frequently used in the healthcare setting

9 Extensive Product Offering – Dental Bibs and Towels Tray Covers and Headrest Covers Custom Barrier Products  Proprietary intra-oral camera sheaths and x-ray sheaths made for specific OEM devices

10 Extensive Product Offering – Acute Care Eyewear and Face Shields  TIDI Tower® point of use Disposable Eye Shields  FlipEase® pre-assembled, fully disposable eye wear Isolation Gloves and Facemasks  P2® facemasks protect from infectious diseases and hazardous chemicals  P2® specialty gloves for chemotherapy or sterile processing Cabinets  House PPE products at the point of use  Allows for rapid access to essential protection products  Visual reminder to alert employees of an isolation area

11 A Strong Culture of Continuous Improvement Relentless focus on driving value for customers Proactive approach to understanding and addressing customer and end market users’ needs Agile management team continually refining strategy to remain on the forefront of a dynamic industry Continuous improvement culture with highly engaged, non-union workforce

12 Lean Principles Drive Continuous Improvement Culture 2006 – 2010: Focus on improving productivity in manufacturing operations – Effort culminated in a radical reconfiguration of the flow of the manufacturing facility – Improved material flow resulting in reduction of 14,000 miles of material “travel distance” within the facility 2011: Focus on continuous improvement enterprise-wide as a business strategy to drive revenue growth and enhance margins – Enterprise-wide Value Stream Map – Regularly scheduled week-long Rapid Improvement Events throughout the year 2012 – 2014: Discipline & Structured process – Lean governance and prioritization by Lean Steering Committee and Lean Coordinator – Use of Strategy Deployment in ensuring performance to plan and accountability  2014 and Beyond  True North “Create Value for the Customer”  Proliferation of visual/daily management methods and A3 problem solving  Cultural transformation using the Shingo Model of Operational Excellence  Extensively documented processes contributing to a highly scalable platform Company-Wide Focus on Creating Culture of Continuous Improvement

13 Longstanding Relationships with Blue-Chip Customers 20 Year Average Tenure with Top Ten Customers Value-added partner to premier national healthcare distributors – Works in collaboration with customers to develop new products – Category leadership helps influence and advise on SKU assortment and consolidation plans – Intense focus on improving and driving efficiencies in customers’ supply chain and logistics – Significant and important supplier Validated by numerous customer awards – Category Captain at McKesson – McKesson 2014 Private Label Supplier of the Year Primary Care – Henry Schein Top 25 Priority Supplier – Henry Schein 2013 Medical Surgical Partner of the Year Differentiated commitment to customer service – High levels of product quality – Consistent, reliable service Select Customers

14 TIDI Strategic Initiatives Drive the opportunity in Eye/Face protection – Focus on Assembled Eyewear Dispensers TIDIShield Grab ‘n Go in the TIDI Tower TIDIShield Flip ‘n Go – Develop and introduce new one-piece face shield product – Test an aggressive program in the dental channel Strengthen Hand-Held Barrier business – Rebranded line under the TIDIShield name – Recently launched Dental Curing Light Sleeves – Continue supplying P&G Europe (Braun) Optimize the core – Recently completed a deal to expand the core physician office paper business with McKesson Integrate and grow the new securement business – Grip-Lok brand acquired 2Q14

15 Strategic Rationale for Securement Operation 1 2 3 4 5 Expands High Margin Product Offering Diversifies Product Mix, Geographic Mix, and Channel Access Expands TIDI’s Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities with a “Controlled Environment” Expands TIDI’s Expertise by adding Higher Acuity Medical Devices On Trend with Infection Prevention and Patient Safety

16 Securement Update

17 Products Universal PICC / CVC Foley  Designed for fragile skin  Universal design for virtually any line or tube  Unique model to the market  Used to secure PICC or CVC catheter at “hub”  Universal design and brand specific models  Fastest growing securement category  Secures Foley catheters at “Y” section  Universal design – not brand specific  Reduces hospital acquired infections Other  Numerous niche applications  Several products under development  Patent protection Neonatal  Works with virtually any line or tube  Customers require fewer product models and less compatibility issues  Largest user base  Lower cost than competitive options  Well-known brand

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