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STARTER: WATCH THE VIDEO CLIP https://www. youtube. com/watch

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1 STARTER: WATCH THE VIDEO CLIP https://www. youtube. com/watch
Video Questions: What has this got to do with today's lesson? What had batman designed in his basement to aim to save Gotham city? What was the truck carrying around in the video clip? What did the baddie (Baine) try and turn the nuclear fusion reactor into?

2 TITLE: Nuclear Fission vs Fusion
Objectives (We are learning that): Nuclear fission is used in nuclear power stations Nuclear fusion takes place in the Sun KEY WORDS: Fission Fusion Reactor Chain Sun Temperature Neutron absorb Outcomes: You should be able to... Using the slides create a revision A3 poster to summarise nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Cut images and sentences from the PowerPoint to create it. Research images using the internet and watch video clips

3 P2 – Physics – Nuclear Fission
Nuclear fission is the splitting of atomic nuclei and is used in nuclear reactors as a source of heat energy which can be transformed into electrical energy There are two fissionable substances in common use in nuclear reactors: Uranium 235 Plutonium 239

4 P2 – Physics - Nuclear fission
More neutrons Neutron Uranium or plutonium nucleus Unstable nucleus New nuclei (e.g. barium and krypton)

5 P2 – Physics - Nuclear Fission - Chain reactions
Each fission reaction releases neutrons that are used in further reactions.

6 P2 – Physics – Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear fusion is the joining of two atomic nuclei to form a larger one Nuclear fusion is the process by which energy is released in stars Find an image to show nuclear fusion

7 P2 – Physics - Nuclear Fusion in stars
Proton Neutron

8 P2 – Physics – Nuclear Fusion
Using the animation and bbc bitesize link below write a sentence to explain nuclear fusion Website: ize/science/add_aqa_pre_2011/radiatio n/nuclearfissionrev2.shtml

9 Inside a Nuclear Reactor

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