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Ryan Connolly Vice Principal.

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1 Ryan Connolly Vice Principal

2 GCSE Results

3 Highest Achievers Evan Clancy - 10A* 2A 1B Aideen McHugh - 9A* 6A 1B
Rohith Unnikrishnan - 7A* 5A 1B Ciaran Miles - 5A* 7A Diane McHugh - 4A* 9A 1B Marcelina Trabszo - 4A* 8A 3B Liam King - 4A* 7A 1B Karishma Roberts - 4A* 7A 1B Thomas Moses - 3A* 7A 3B

4 Pass Rate 58% (2013) % (2014)

5 Pass Rate English% C+ 75%

6 Pass Rate Maths% C+ 70%


8 You get out of life what you put in to it
Standards Equipment Attendance Punctuality Revision Sessions After School Saturdays – After October Half Term Half Term Revision Programme Parents’ Evening – 15th January 5:00 till 7:00pm Mentoring 1-1 Sessions – date before Christmas Mock Examinations 1st – 12th December and 9th – 20th March Contact details Reports – every 6 weeks You get out of life what you put in to it

9 Revision Sessions Sessions from 2:30pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday BTECH Sports Dance Science Maths Humanities English Catering MFL Resistant Materials ICT

10 Olivia Lo Director of Learning - Science

11 GCSE Science - Key Information

12 GCSE Science - Key Information
Exam Information We follow a three year curriculum at Key Stage 4 and we study the following Edexcel 2012 exam board qualifications: GCSE Science 2012 B1 – Influences on life C1 – Chemistry in our world P1 – Universal physics GCSE Additional Science B2 – The components of life C2 – Discovering chemistry P2 – Physics for your future GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics (Triple Science) B3 – Using Biology C3 – Chemistry in Action P3 – Applications of Physics

13 GCSE Science - Key Information
Edexcel 2012 GCSE Science Qualification GCSE Biology GCSE Chemistry GCSE Physics Controlled Assessments Further Additional Science B3 C3 P3 CA Additional Science B2 C2 P2 Science B1 C1 P1

14 GCSE Science - Key Information
Qualification structure Each GCSE is made up of three units of study. Each is worth 25% of the final mark. There will be: Multiple choice questions Short answer questions 6 mark questions with a spelling and grammar focus.

15 GCSE Science - Key Information
Qualification structure The fourth unit is a controlled assessment (CA). This is an experimental write up of an Edexcel designed task. This section is worth 25%. These tasks have three sections. Planning Observation Evaluation

16 GCSE Science - Key Information
Year 11 – Sets 11.4, 11.5 and 11.6 GCSE Science Year 9-11 B1 C1 P1 CA

17 GCSE Science - Key Information
Year 11 - Sets 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3 Year GCSE Science and GCSE Additional Science 10-11 B2 C2 P2 CA 9-10 B1 C1 P1

18 GCSE Science - Key Information
At Harefield, students follow one of three pathways: Year 11 – Triple Science: Year GCSE Biology GCSE Chemistry GCSE Physics 11 B3 C3 P3 10 B2 C2 P2 9 B1 C1 P1 Coursework CA

19 GCSE Science - Key Information
Attendance If students should miss any Science lessons they must catch up on any missed work. Staff are available for revision and catch up sessions after school by arrangement. Students must take responsibility for their own learning.

20 GCSE Science - Key Information
Exam dates Qualification Unit Day Exam dates Triple Science Science B1 Tuesday 12/05/15 C1 Thursday 14/05/15 P1 Wednesday 20/05/15 Additional Science B2 Friday 05/06/15 C2 09/06/15 P2 12/06/15 B3 Monday 15/06/15 C3 17/06/15 P3 19/06/15 Exams are now ALL terminal.

21 Triple Science Teachers
Faculty Staff Members Triple Science Teachers Physics Chemistry Biology Mr P Patel Mrs K Gillett Mr G Lottering

22 Additional Science Teachers
Faculty Staff Members Additional Science Teachers 11.1 Ms Lo 11.2 Mrs Suraj 11.3 Mr Patel

23 Faculty Staff Members Science Teachers
11.4 Mr Hague 11.5 Miss Brammer 11.6 Mrs Monaghan

24 GCSE progress and revision
We expect students to work consistently both in class and at home. End of each topic tests will allow us to monitor progress. Students should aim to achieve their minimum target grades. Revising for tests will help students to build their knowledge gradually. Please take these seriously. Students must ensure that any difficulties are addressed!

25 GCSE progress and revision
Study and homework resources: CGP KS4 Science workbooks and revision guides After school catch up

26 GCSE progress and revision
Useful Websites

27 Director of Learning - Maths
Shelia Hirani Director of Learning - Maths

28 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information

29 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
Exam Information Exam Board – OCR Linear Examination – Both papers taken in the Summer of 2015 Paper 1 – Non Calculator Paper 2 – Calculator

30 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
Key Dates Exam paper Exam Date Walk and Talk Mock Paper 1 Non Calculator Thursday 21st May AM TBC Paper 2 Calculator Thursday 4th June AM Mock Exams December 2014 March 2015 During both mocks pupils will do both paper 1 and 2

31 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
How should you revise maths? Practise

32 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
What resources are available? Past paper Maths Watch Revision sessions BBC bite size

33 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
Past Papers A series of past papers will be issued throughout the year. Each of these papers will be teacher marked and students will receive Personalised Learning Feedback.

34 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
Personalised Learning Feedback Sheets

35 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
Personalised Learning Feedback Sheets These sheets are designed to inform the students, classroom teacher, after school teacher and parents which topics the students have a good understanding of and most importantly which topics the student requires further support. The most effective way to use the Personalised Learning Feedback Sheets is for the student to ‘RAG’ rate the topics. (Full marks GREEN, more than half mark AMBER, less than half RED). Then watch the Maths Watch Clip (MWC) referenced against each question and attempt the question again. Classroom teacher, after school teacher and parents together can easily see areas the students is finding difficult and help accordingly. There is room at the bottom for teachers, students and parents to communicate effectively regarding the paper and student progress.

36 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
Maths Watch Clips Students can access the clips from FROG

37 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
Revision Sessions Every Tuesday 2.30pm – 3.30pm 3.30pm – 4.30pm Rooms 102, 104, 105

38 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
Walk and Talk Mock (WTM) WTM is a mock exam that takes place ideally the day before the actual exam. Here the students are given a practice paper, which they attempt question by question. After each question the students are shown how to attempt that question (model answer).

39 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
Equipment It is essential that for each lesson and exam students bring the following equipment:- Pen (Blue/Black) Pencil/rubber/sharpener Ruler Compass Protractor Scientific CALCULATOR

40 Mathematics GCSE Exam - Key Information
Mathematics Staff Contacts:- Sheila Hirani: Director of Learning - Maths Ryan Connolly: Vice Principal/Teacher of Maths Robin Hall: Vice Principal/Teacher of Maths Famida Rawoot: Assistant Principal Raising Achievement/ Teacher of Maths Ray Hague: Assistant Principal/Teacher of Maths and Science

41 Director of Learning - English
Daniel Elsworth Director of Learning - English

42 English GCSE – Key Information

43 English GCSE – Key Information
Course Information The course consists of TWO separate GCSEs: - English Language (IGCSE syllabus) - English Literature (AQA Syllabus)

44 English GCSE – Key Information
IGCSE IGCSE is the Language component of GCSE English. It comprises of 3 pieces of Coursework, a Speaking and Listening assignment and a terminal examination.

45 English GCSE – Key Information
IGCSE Coursework Assignment 1: informative, analytical and/or argumentative. Assignment 2: imaginative, descriptive and/or narrative. Assignment 3: a response to a text or texts chosen by the Centre. The text(s) should contain facts, opinions and arguments. Candidates respond to the text(s) by selecting, analysing and evaluating points from the material (reading objectives R1–R3). They may write in any appropriate form they wish. Speaking and Listening: prepare and deliver a 4 minute presentation on a topic of their choice, to be delivered with minimal assisting materials. After the presentation, candidates will be expected to respond to questions from their assessor for a minimum of 6 minutes – this will be recorded and sent to the examination board. The coursework and speaking elements of the course account for 60% of the total marks for students’ Language GCSE.

46 IGCSE Examinations Students will sit a terminal examination in the 2015 June exam series. The examination is 2 hours in length and will form the final 40% of the GCSE Language grade. During the exam, candidates will answer 3 questions based on 2 passages from texts. Passage A will consist of words, Passage B will consist of words.

47 English GCSE – Key Information
GCSE Literature The second of the GCSEs for which candidates will study is English Literature, where we follow the AQA specification. This will be assessed through 1 piece of controlled assessment and 2 separate examinations. The Controlled Assessment (done over 4 hours under controlled conditions) should have been completed by all students, however they do have the option to re-sit this in the autumn term should they wish to do so. The examinations will assess the students’ understanding and knowledge of the ‘Sunlight on the Grass’ collection, Of Mice and Men, Conflict poetry and an unseen poem. These exams are scheduled as follows: Literature Paper 1 – Monday 18th May 2015 Literature Paper 2 – Friday 22nd May 2015

48 English GCSE – Key Information
Past Papers Throughout the year, students will sit a series of past examination papers – particularly for IGCSE. These will be marked by class teachers and used to set personalised learning targets.

49 English GCSE – Key Information
Useful Resources Past Papers Key Websites Revision/Booster Sessions

50 English GCSE – Key Information
Parents – Investment and Engagement Open and clear communication with school Know deadlines and examination dates Discuss homework and coursework with your children Help The Academy deliver a consistent message

51 English Department Staff
Mr Daniel Elsworth – Director of Learning/Year 11 Teacher – Ms Amanda Gordon – Assistant Principal (Communications) – Miss Fiona O’Sullivan – Vice Principal/Year 11 Teacher – Mrs Carmel Brady – Head of Sixth Form/Year 11 Teacher – Miss Sarah Hughes – KS3 Coordinator/Year 11 Teacher –

52 Carmel Brady Head of Sixth Form

53 A Level Results 2014 – Our Best Results ever!
6th Form Assembly 6th Form Assembly A Level Results 2014 – Our Best Results ever! Pass Rate 92% (2013) % (2014) A*-B 21.7% (2013) % (2014) A*-C 36.3% (2013) % (2014)

54 Highest Achievers – Both GCE & Vocational
6th Form Assembly 6th Form Assembly 6th Form Assembly Highest Achievers – Both GCE & Vocational Bobby Moore A* A B B going to Queen Mary to read Modern and Contemporary History. Shubham Kapoor A A B going to Birmingham to read Chemical Engineering with International and Industrial Study. Deborah Fashakin A* A B also going to Birmingham to read Law. Amelia Wellington A B B going to Exeter to read Philosophy and Sociology. Ayrton Jacobson double Distinction* A* A going to the CASS Business School. Stephen Robinson Distinctions going to Loughborough University to study Sport Management.

55 The Harefield Academy A Sixth Form that’s right for YOU! Stimulating
Strong systems for tracking students in achieving their potential A Sixth Form that’s right for YOU! Stimulating Diverse Inspiring Active Creative Unique Friendly Passionate Supportive Boarding House Into the Sixth Form Evening Thursday 13th November 2014 State-of-the-art facilities Bespoke Curriculum Leadership Opportunities A selection of academic and vocational courses Sporting Excellence Specialism A dedicated Post 16 team with a reputation for strong pastoral care Best results ever in summer 2014!

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