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P2-Limitations and Constraints of marketing

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1 P2-Limitations and Constraints of marketing

2 Limitations and Constraints of Marketing
All businesses have to follow the laws associated with marketing, the EU has strengthened these laws and it is essential that businesses keep up to date with these laws. There are also voluntary codes that they follow in addition to the laws.

3 P2-Limitations and Constraints of Marketing
You must work in groups and produce a PowerPoint saying what each of the legal and voluntary constraints are and how they affect the marketing of one of the companies you have written about in P1/M1.

4 Legal Sale of Goods Act 1979 Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulation 2008 Consumer Credit Act 1974, 2006 Consumer Protection Regulation 2000 Data Protection Act 1998

5 Voluntary Voluntary Codes- e.g. code of advertising practise and advertising standards authority Pressure Groups- these are groups of people who work to influence the way businesses behave, they raise the profile of their cause to ensure the public are aware of such issues. Consumerism-this is a social movement that gives consumers some power over business, it allows them to be safe, choose, be informed and be heard Acceptable Language – the ASA has identified areas where people find language unacceptable.

6 P2 Task Explain both the legal and voluntary restrictions that affect a specific business and its actions

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