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P2 in the Enterprise David DoddDavid Dodd, Emac ShenEmac Shen.

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1 p2 in the Enterprise David DoddDavid Dodd, Emac ShenEmac Shen

2 Agenda 2 Old Days p2 to the Rescue p2 in Action What’s Next?

3 Overview 3 Using eclipse since 2004 2000+ Developers world wide (US, China, India, Israel, …) Multiple IDE Solutions –Java, C++, and many more Frequent Releases Complicated installations –JVM, Maven, Server –Configuration (eclipse.ini, environment configs, setttings.xml)


5 Eclipse installation 5 old days Install / Update –Java based installer –Links + Ext (200+ additional plugins) –CLI Installer –Customized Equinox Launcher Upgrading plugins Release –Clearcase + PDE/Build + Maven Repo

6 Pain Points 6 old days Slow Startup (2+ minutes) p2 Hostile –Unresolved Plugins (missing dependencies) –Required using “–clean” on upgrades Un-reusable Installer Tangled Release Process Slow Installations in Remote Development Sites


8 Overview p2 to the rescue 8 Unzip Install Launch Tycho Build Publish to QA repo Sync to Release repo eBay p2 Installer eBay p2 Portal eBay p2 Publisher Ourselves Developers Git

9 Benefits Consistent Development Environment Configurable Through Profiles Lightening Startup –p2 Friendly. Fail Fast Intuitive Update Awesome New Installer! –Profile Based –GUI, CLI –Reusable Lean Release Process p2 to the rescue 9


11 eBay p2 Installer Fork existing p2 Installer Profile Based –Support for multiple profiles in UI –Support for local and remote profiles –Define set of repositories –Define installable units Support for non-eclipse based artifacts –New Touchpoint & Provisioning Actions Data Driven UI Enhanced Validation Tracking Support –Customized UDC with additional information 11 p2 in action

12 eBay p2 Installer p2 in action 12

13 eBay p2 Installer 13 p2 in action Profile.xml (Remote) Profile.xml (Local) Repository.xml Profile Actions Validation Tracking Adaptive UI InstallAdvisor Headless InstallAdvisor Headless InstallAdvisor InstallDialog IInstallOperation P2 Installer

14 Demo p2 in action 14

15 eBay p2 Publisher Publish Anything as IU New Publish Actions Scanning Publisher 15 p2 in action

16 eBay p2 Publisher 16 p2 in action p2 Repo Blobs p2.inf …… JDK Geronimo Maven p2.inf IU eBay p2 Publisher

17 Demo p2 in action 17

18 eBay p2 Portal High-level Site Operations Uses provided p2 applications –3 Actions: Publish, Mirror, Composite Authentication & Authorization Roll-back Capability Extended Repository Operations 18 p2 in action

19 eBay p2 Portal 19 p2 in action Mirror Publish Composite Create Delete Synchronize Recover Authentication Authorization History REST API Roll-back Create Repository Operations Site Operations

20 Demo p2 in action 20


22 Lessons Learned p2 API and documentation needs work –Great docs for high level, concepts are clear –Low level is difficult to understand relationships of objects Automate everything from checkin to publish! Use Tycho to Build Use Replication for your p2 Repositories Mirror external p2 repository internally Monitor your dependencies Give friendly error messages when dependencies are not available future 22

23 What’s Next? Open Source –p2 Installer –p2 Portal Online Profile Management eBay Marketplace future 23

24 Q & A 24

25 Give Feedback on the Sessions 1 Sign In: 2 Select Session Evaluate 3 Vote

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