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Prof. Alessandro Sinatra Dr. Stefano Croci a.a. 2011/2012

2 What does “Life quality” means?
Have a nice and comfortable house is the first factor for a good quality of life for international consumers Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo Source: Centro Studi Cosmit/FederlegnoArredo

3 The furniture in Italy Italy ranked first in Europe for the number of companies in the furniture sector. A European company out of five speaks Italian, and also for the number of patents the “Bel Paese” has few competitors. Companies: , eight thousand more than in France which has companies, they represent the 19% of the european companies. Patents: Lombardy region produces the 6.6% of the European patents. The second place is for the German region of Detmold (8.6%), while Veneto produces the 3.1% of the total. The furniture industry is a sector of the italian economy that produces 32 billion per year and offers job to employees.

4 Italy: the first European exporter of furniture
Italy with 9.6 billion € of export is the leader in Europe. Germany follows with 8.5 billion. Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo Source: Centro Studi Cosmit/FederlegnoArredo

5 Lombardia first in export, Veneto first in employees
25% of total exports of LegnoArredo comes from Lombardia Veneto and Lombardia represent about 40% of total system LegnoArredo Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo Source: Centro Studi Cosmit/FederlegnoArredo

6 FEDERLEGNO The Italian system of “LegnoArredamento” is characterized by a complex of productions that are very open towards the export, an high intensity of innovation and design; these productions are largely located in the industrial districts. The system is characterized by a strong link with the world's forest resources, with the world of the projects, architecture and design and with the huge universe of constructions. The development model of the Italian system of “LegnoArredamento” relies on the ability to create products that are global icons of quality, style and uniqueness. A development model that is able to put in the foreground of the international consumers perception the cultural and the aesthetic content of indoor and outdoor furnished spaces, such as essential sources of quality of life. Population and furnished spaces that become more and more laboratories for experimentation and innovation throughout the production system of Italian Life Style. Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo

7 FEDERLEGNO: numbers 2007 2008 Var % 08/07 Turnover in manufacturing (a) 39.798 37.533 - 5,6% exports (b) 13.714 13.438 - 2,0% Imports (c) 7.475 6.833 - 8.6% balance (b-c) 6.239 6.605 5,9% Apparent domestic consumption (a+b+c) 33.530 30.928 - 7,8% Export/turnover (% b/a) 34,5% 35,8% 3,8% Employees - 0,6% Companies 77.471 75.299 - 2,8% 2nd italian manufacturing sector for number of companies.75,000 entrepreneurs 3rd sector for positive contribution to the balance of trade. The positive balance is about 7 billion € Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo Source: Centro Studi Cosmit/FederlegnoArredo

8 Key Sectors Furniture and wooden Products for construction: the two key sectors of the LegnoArredo system. The furniture sector employs the 50% of the employees of the system LegnoArredo The wood products industry for the construction sector employs about the 25% of the workforce system LegnoArredo Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo Source: Centro Studi Cosmit/FederlegnoArredo

9 Furniture: numbers 2007 2008 Var. % 08/07 Turnover in manufacturing (a) 23.693 22.668 - 4,3% exports (b) 12.054 11.896 - 1,3% Imports (c) 2.735 2.740 0,2% balance (b-c) 9.319 9.156 - 1,7% Apparent domestic consumption (a+b+c) 14.374 13.512 - 6,0% Export/turnover (% b/a) 50,9% 52,5% 3,2% Employees - 0,5% Companies 34.429 33.584 - 2,6% Macro Furniture Sector: it includes all types of furniture (any material) for domestic and collective use, lighting fittings and an aggregate of various furnishing complements. 12 billion of exports, more than 50% of the total turnover 231,000 people to produce furniture and lamps made in Italy Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo Source: Centro Studi Cosmit/FederlegnoArredo

10 Wood: numbers Macro Wood Industry: it includes the first working phases, all the productions connected to construction and interior finishing (doors, windows, parquet, etc.), all materials (plywood, panels, etc.), all the semi-finished products and components for the furniture industry. 1 cubic meter of wood used by the construction industry avoids the emission of 2 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere The 85% of the wood waste is recovered. Waste wood is a renewable energy source and low cost 2007 2008 Var % 08/07 Turnover in manufacturing (a) 16.076 14.865 - 7,5% exports (b) 1.660 1.542 - 7,1% Imports (c) 4.740 4.093 - 13,6% balance (b-c) 17,2% Apparent domestic consumption (a+b+c) 19.156 17.416 - 9,1% Export/turnover (% b/a) 10,3% 10,4% 0,5% Employees - 0,7% Companies 43.042 41.751 - 3,0% Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo Source: Centro Studi Cosmit/FederlegnoArredo

11 Industry trends and the effects of the crisis
Source: Centro Studi Cosmit/FederlegnoArredo Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo In 2008, export LegnoArredo system : -2% of decrease . Contraction of 5.6% of total turnover. Decrease of 10% of exports in the fourth quarter of 2008. The EU markets are the first with a decline of 15%.

12 The depth of the crisis in the first quarter of 2009
Source: Centro Studi Cosmit/FederlegnoArredo Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo In January the exports of furniture to countries outside the European Union have collapsed: -40%. In Q contraction: -16% of the production of furniture. Contraction: -26% of production in the wood industry.

13 2008: crisis in all sectors of the Furniture
The most declined marked is the “upholstered ” (imbottiti) compartment: %. The lighting industry: indicators still positive %. Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo

14 The upholstered and chair sectors
Setback particularly accentuated for the upholstered and the furniture sectors. The upholstered sector lose approximately 900 million turnover compared to 2002 Chairs sector lose over 220 million turnover compared to 2002 Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo

15 The lighting and kitchen sectors
Still expanding the exports for kitchen and lighting secotrs. Lighting sector has exported 30% more than in 2003. Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo The kitchen sector has exported 60% more than in 2003.

16 Sales on the domestic market in general decline
Sales of Italian domestic market decreased in by 7% compared to 2002. Imports from abroad increased by 102 % compared to 2002 Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo

17 Some infos about the foreign markets
Brighter foreign markets for the LegnoArredo system The destination that grows is the Qatar: + 128% Second place for the United Arab Emirates: + 38% Larger foreign markets for the Furniture Industry macro The largest purchaser of furniture Made in Italy: France with 1.7 billion € The first destination outside the EU: Russia with 1.1 billion € Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo

18 The wood industry 2008: larger foreign markets for the Wood Industry
12% of Italian wood has been sold in Germany In 2008 exports to Russia of “made in Italy” wood products have grown Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo

19 Main countries for the Italian LegnoArredo imports
The Italy imported Wood and furniture for about 6.8 billion €. The two main suppliers of Italy are Austria for sawn timber, 555 million €, and China for furniture, 393 million €. Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo

20 Italian LegnoArredo system. Global shares
The shares of Italy in a given geographical area are calculated as a ratio between the value of imports from Italy and the total value of imports purchased from the area. Italy holds about 10% of the world furniture market. Italian share rises to 25% in the high-value furniture, in which Italy is the world leader Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo

21 Furniture: China and Germany main competitor
China is the first player with a market share of 25% of the world market for furniture Italy and Germany follow each with a share of about 10% Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo

22 Global market shares for kitchens and Upholstered
The italian shares in a particular type of product are calculated as the percentage ratio between the value of imports of that type of italian product and the total value of imports of the same type purchased globally. Italian kitchens have exceeded the 18% of the world market of kitchens The Upholstered provided by Italy fell below the 15% of the world market Quote: Rosario Messina Presidente FederlegnoArredo

23 A focus on “Brianza”

24 A focus on “Brianza” This territory can be divided into three parts:
Comasca (Cantù, Arosio, Cabiate, Inverigo e Mariano Comense), Brianza ex Milanese of the furniture industry (Lissone, centro significativo per produzione e arredamento; Barlassina, Bovisio-Masciago, Brioso, Cesano Maderno, Desio, Giussano, Lentate sul Seveso, Limbiate, Macherio, Meda, Seregno, Seveso, Verano Brianza) Brianza of the side-sectors: textile and furnishing (Costa Masnaga e meccanica-plastica (Osnago).

25 A focus on “Brianza” The beginning of the story of Brianza is around 1750 : the many farmers who worked the land in Brianza decided to adapt to new requirements and needs, they professionally reconvert . Soon the productive specialization within the shops prevails; shops became school Labs. New figures come to life: connoisseurs, collectors, sellers of raw materials, the carpenters, woodcarvers, Turners, polishers, lacquers, decorators, upholsterers, constructors and everything that we can identify around the furniture area. In Cantù, in the first half of 1800, the furniture production becomes artistic production and in 1882 an art school for the décor is created. From 1840 to born large industrial companies and between 1867 and 1967 the production comes to its climax, with Cantu and Lissone centers of the Brianza style.

26 A focus on “Brianza” The craftship context is typical a large company fragmented and divided into many small family-run shops that are distinguished by an high quality production , although every shop is almost totally controlled by the bigger selling companies known outside the district. The emancipation of the family shops promotes the growth of productiveness and inventive capacities, as well their union has to be seen in the logic of a scale economy aimed to the increase of the productive capacity. After the second world war starts the collaboration with the major protagonists of the contemporary architecture and design. In this period there is also the phenomenon of the immigration in Brianza, from all the regions of Italy. The 21st century is characterized by close collaboration among craftsmen, architects and designers: the production is seen as a daughter of functionality, comfort, but also of beauty and harmony. The most famous names of international design, as Philippe Starck, had success thanks to their projects put into the production of the Italian companies. This kind of cases are very numerous in Italy, especially in Brianza. In the furnishing sector there are large districts in Veneto, Marche and Apulia, whose companies in recent years have made their time working with the best designers. To characterize Veneto are, however, different kinds of strategies that can often ensure higher sales volumes that point to other factors such as product and price ranges.

27 A focus on Brianza Brianza in the first 3 months of 2011 exports in furniture products more than 220 million €, the 11.4% of the total national export, with +6.5% over the same quarter of the previous year. And if we consider all the wood- furniture district of Brianza extended to Como, the export of the first months of 2011 is of 340 million €, almost a fifth of the total of the italian export. The furniture designed and manufactured between Milan and the Brianza "travel" mainly to Europe (68.2%), followed by Asia (18.2%) and America (9.4%). The furniture companies between Milan, Monza and Brianza and Como are about 4 thousand, 15% of the total italian furniture companies. The design companies in this area are more than 2,200 (about 15% of the italian design companies).

28 Brianza and furniture– the evolution for Studiolabo
70-80’s : the big Brianza companies(B&B, Radaelli, Poliform, Moroso…). 80-90’s: the big gruops of companies(Gufram, Cappelletti, Poltrona Frau, Cassina …),in some cases the loss of the brand identity. 90 – 2000’s:the big signatures and the so-called “Archi-star” (Orchiola, Palomba,Starck, Lissoni …) which work for many companies, npot just for one. Nowadays: the designer and artist are closer. Design as art unique pieces no longer in the series. Galleries of modernism, reflected in the Milan’s fuorisalone where the artististic performance is central

29 SALONE DEL MOBILE 2012 Prof. Alessandro Sinatra a.a. 2011/2012
Dr. Stefano Croci a.a. 2011/2012

30 SALONE DEL MOBILE 2012 Salone del Mobile is the global main event in the home-furnishings sector. It Started in by the intuition of a small group of furniture entrepreneurs and the Federlegno- Arredo association, to promote the export of the italian furniture and soon became the most awaited international event for the world of Interior Design. Appropriate marketing tool for a very pulverized sector (over 13 thousand companies with people; a national distribution system built on 20,000 outlets) that would not have other ways to express its overall potential. In 1965 for the first time the furnishing industry leaders are grouped in an exhibition space divided in different commercial areas.

31 SALONE DEL MOBILE 2012 Information and numbers
Location: Fiera Milano, Rho Time: from a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd is open to everyone. Totale espositori: designers from the SaloneSatellite Products: bedrooms, beds, cabinets, dining rooms, tunnels and stays, entry furniture, furniture for children and teens, furniture, tables and chairs, rattan furniture, wicker and rattan garden furniture, upholstered furniture. Complementary items, household items, decorative items, textiles. Net exhibition area : M2 The 2011 edition has seen the presence of 282,483 visitors including 177,964 foreigners from 154 countries in addition to the 32,870 public Sunday visitors and 5,967 operators of communication.

This year more than 300,000 visitors are waited. The design week will be again the most important event economically in Milan, with 194 million euros of tourism turnover, generated in particular by the 60% of visitors that come from abroad – and at least other 150 million € spent in the Milan territory from the 3000 exhibitors of the fair Then is remarkable the touristic results of the event, as estimated by the International Studies Office of the Camera di Commercio di Monza e Brianza: if we consider accommodations, catering, shopping and transport, the design week will bring in Milan even more revenue than the ones produced last year (189 million €), with a 3% increase due to the continuous multiplication of "collateral"events

33 SALONE DEL MOBILE Collateral events
EuroCucina – 19th edition International fair of kitchen furniture Products: plastic laminate kitchens, wooden kitchens, kitchens in metal, lacquered kitchens, kitchens in masonry, laundry, kitchen furnishings. Associations and industry bodies. FTK – Technology for the Kitchen – 5th edition EuroCucina collateral event Products: built-in appliances for kitchen and furniture hoods Between the new entries we find Liebherr e Irinox. Still confirmed Best, BSH, Candy Hoover Group, Electrolux, Elica, Faber, Falmec, Franke, Indesit Company, Miele, Nardi, Smeg e Whirlpool. Salone Satellite – 15th edition Dedicated to the under 35 designers Designers expected: Almost 750 designers including the students of the 17 international school of design + ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale) SaloneSatellite has been the first event to give space to young designers suddenly becoming the meeting plasce for entrepreneurs and talent scout and the most important designers and architects. Open everyday from a.m. to p.m. Salone Internazionale del Bagno – 4th edition Products: Furniture and accessories for bathrooms, shower cubicles and saunas, sanitary ware, radiators, coverings, bathroom faucets or kitchen, and bath tubs and whirlpool.

34 SALONE DEL MOBILE Eventi culturali
Design Dance Teatro dell’Arte, Triennale di Milano Viale Alemagna 6, Milano  Show time: april a 8.30 p.m. april 21st and 22nd 4.00 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. Librocielo Biblioteca Pinacoteca Accademia Ambrosiana (entrance from Piazza San Sepolcro, Milano) Show time: april 17th from 8.30 p.m. to p.m. , april from 7.45 p.m. to p.m. RI.U.SO, Casa e Città per disegnare un futuro possibile April 2th and 21st Fiera Milano, Rho Centro Congressi Stella Polare, Auditorium MonteNapoleone Design Experience by Citroën. AUTO-MOBILI april Via MonteNapoleone Mani Grandi, Senza Fine. april Piccolo Teatro Studio Expo Via Rivoli 6 Barrique. La terza vita del legno april Fiera Milano, Rho - Pad a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

35 SALONE DEL MOBILE Useful informations
To reach “Fiera di Rho” from the center of Milan you need to take the metro “linea 1” (the red one) and get to “Rho-Fiera”. Ticket price: the cost for a single entrance at the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2012” is 23 euro, while students pay 18 euros.

36 FUORISALONE 2012 Prof. Alessandro Sinatra a.a. 2011/2012
Dr. Stefano Croci a.a. 2011/2012

37 FUORISALONE and StudioLabo
Begun more than 20 years ago as a spontaneous event, and this is its strength. The main reason why it begun it’s because Italian entrepreneurs who have showroom in Milan-Brera area –didn’t want to play the logic of the fair (repeatable format, the most interesting spaces vs the less expensive ones) Parallel event to the “Salone del Mobile” with a stronger social and entertainment value. Ideated to introduce the products previews of the furniture companies using their showrooms or using unconventional "different spaces" (lofts, galleries, industrial spaces …) Studio Labo : 12 years working at “Fuorisalone” From a problem of the industry: many companies are not structured to face the change of communication (eg. from newspaper to the web) Many different website ( ...) Rental spaces (the best areas are the Central because they’re the most visited) Consultants for communication, both for the furniture companies and the different ones (eg. Vodafone, Hyundai ... but also a lot of companies that belong to the fashion industry). Being in Brera and Tortona, where the affluence is very high is crucial for companies that are both inside and outside the sector. Collaboration with students of the “university – Politecnico di Milano” who during the fuorisalone make photographs that are immediately published. Fuorisalone live and historical memory.

38 FUORISALONE 2012 It stands for all the satellite events that dot the milanese design week: concerts, dj sets, party appetizers, exhibitions and events hosted by the most famous design showroom (concentrated in  via Durini e the near area as Artemide, Cappellini, Flos, B&BItalia, Molteni&C, Poltrona Frau) and the indipendent spaces of the young designers that are settled in the city The Milan FuoriSalone will be the centre, once again, of many events during the week of the Salone del Mobile. This is not a "fair within the fair", but a spontaneous event where companies decide freely to create an event in a location in the city.

39 FUORISALONE 2012 Zona Tortona is localized from Porta Genova to the whole nearby area that has been transformed from the ex-industrial zone to a space of creativity, fashion, design, art. This is the most loved fuorisalone zone by the young audience and foreigners that pours into the streets until late night. Ventura Lambrate is an area that in the last years has been very successful, near to Città Studi. The events organized in the area of Porta Romana see the presence of young designers and students of the most important design institutes, while the “Quartiere Isola” has a green and an alternative soul The owners of some location of Fuorisalone ask, for one week only, the value of the hiring of a full year: an open space on the ground floor of 150 square meters in zona Tortona, for example, costs € for seven days, € for one.


41 BRERA DESIGN DISTRICT The Brera district is an historical district of Milan which for centuries provided a crucial contribution to the cultural life of the city. Brera is a very rich place in charm and culture, a world that always has anticipated the trends where art, fashion and design mix together. A place that is diverse, welcoming, warm, creative artistically, where culture mixes to shopping and fun.  Brera Design District aims to communicate Brera as a point of reference for the milanese design, with the highest concentration of showrooms, galleries, location, spaces dedicated to contemporary design and in terms of art and culture.  Brera Design District is a territorial marketing operation through a dedicated communication system to the promotion of the italian excellences and, with active strengths on the territory, it has the main goal to enrich the cultural offer and the appeal of the district to combine tradition and innovation that is typical of the italian design. Through the interpretation of design and creativity, Brera Design districts is a map of the excellences of the furniture industry and it helps to relate them to an integrated system of communication on different devices.

In Via Solferino, the heart of the Brera Design District, is organized the exhibition "Live at bridges: the houses inhabited by Gio Ponti. Experiments of domestic life and architectures for living and working ", dedicated both to experiments of domestic life and the work of Gio Ponti, while the backyard is transformed into an oasis of relaxation, a lounge equipped with bike racks, books, fountains, free wifi and refreshments all day.  Brera is very well known as an artistic quarter. This year it presents the Brera Design Night, “La notte bianca” of the design showroom with events and live shows on the streets. Mark on the night of Friday, April 20!

43 BRERA villaggio del design
Brera Outdoor Village: in the heart of Brera Design District, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, transformed the piazza Palazzo Cusani, in a sort of an open-air design village.  In the former Church of San Carpoforo, Roberto Semprini exposes the fruit of the Union between art and industry. Seeing to the tailoring quality as an answer to the crisis: Arts & Crafts.

44 BRERA Main sponsor Fuorisalone Design Party by Hyundai is the most exclusive event of the design week, planned for Friday 20th to the “Officine del Volo”, via Mecenate 76  Hyundai Creative Lab is a creative workshop, aimed at the community of Italian and european designers and creative architects to promote the culture of the project with a focus on automotive topics and sustainable mobility.  Vodafone: download the app “Brera Design District Realtà Aumentata” available for iOs and Android, and explore the world of the Fuorisalone. The app will guide you through the streets of Brera and will allow you to discover the most original creations of the showrooms of Calligaris, Roda, Hyundai, Lake, Lomo, Boffi, Magis, Moroso, Sicis and Peka

45 BRERA Main sponsor VALCUCINE DEMODE: with a view on sharing and mutual enrichment, both inside and outside the showroom during the days of Fuorisalone (from Tuesday 17th to Sunday 22nd), Valcucine, in addition to the exhibition of novelties, give some space to the craftship realities, very close to concepts of corporate social responsibility and to theories of degrowth.  On some mechanical-operational islands, IrideFixed, Caira Design Patagonia Milano and will replace, recycle, reuse and restore your products, showing the manual aspect that is not always evaluated correctly.  Taking inspiration from the most experimental architecture, Caira Design will deconstruct and wil re- combine vintage handbags from your old pants (don't forget to wear a tie if you want your shoulder!) MEDIA PARTNERS ARCHITONIC LIVING NETWORK ABITARE AT CASA BRAVACASA CASAMICA CASE DA ABITARE PARTNERS PLUST ALULIFE BARTENDERS DAVIDE GROPPI GMAPS D-CHARGE MODEM DESIGN MOOD OFFICINE KREATIVE ORDINE ARCHIETTI DI MILANO CON IL PATROCINIO DEL COMUNE DI MILANO

46 BRERA Special Events Valcucine - Abbiamo un sogno: un mondo senza rifiuti (corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 99) De Mura - Ascolta il Design (c/o Spazio Bossi - Clerici via dei Bossi, 3) Bertazzoni: to cook beautifully (c/o Spazio Bossi via Solferino, 7) Peka - Flexible Living (c/o Galleria Isarte - A corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 2) Cover Magazine - Forza Tappeti: The Rug Revolution (/o Galleria Noseda via San Simpliciano, 2) Segno Italiano - I ramaioli tridentini (c/o Solferino 9 - primo piano via Solferino, 9) Segno Italiano - La ceramica atestina (c/o Galleria DadaEast via Varese, 12) Segno Italiano - La Tigullina di Colombo Sanguineti (c/o Atelier du projet via San Carpoforo, 3) Florim - Impress (via Fatebenefratelli, 9) LagoStudio - LagoStore Turati - Opening! (via Filippo Turati, 3) LagoStudio - Appartamento Lago (via Brera, 30 - II piano) Agape - New Agape 12 concept store (via Statuto, 12) Calligaris - Presentazione novità 2012 (via Tivoli angolo Foro Buonaparte,24) Magis - Showroom Magis (corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 77) Spazio RT - Tabarellis: esplorazioni tra antico, moderno e contemporaneo (via Fatebenefratelli, 34) Studio Henzel - Tappeticontemporanei presenta Studio Henzel (via San Carpoforo, 1) Weiss - Weiss.cucinebianchi: RE-USE (via Arrigo Boito, 8)

47 BRERA Showrooms A.G. Spalding & Bros Store via Solferino, 2 angolo via Pontaccio Agape 12 via Statuto, 12 Alulife via Amerigo Vespucci, 1/3 Amoeba di Joanna Lyle Design via Marsala, 11 Antonio Lupi Showroom Milano via di porta tenaglia, 6 Appartamento Lago via Brera, 30 - II piano Basement 1 via Palermo, 1 Boffi Solferino via Solferino, 11 Brix_Superfici via Brera, 4 Calligaris Flag Ship Store via Tivoli angolo Foro Buonaparte,24 Cape Best corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 44 Cottoveneto via Fiori Chiari, 16 Dedar via Fiori Chiari, 18 Enzo Mantovani corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 34 Florim Flagship Store via Fatebenefratelli, 9 Galleria Michela Cattai via Fiori Chiari, 7 Giuliano Nobili Interiors via Fiori Chiari, 26 HenryTimi foro Buonaparte, 52 I segni del tempo via Marco Formentini, 4/6 Italhome Le Sedie largo Claudio Treves, 2 Kristina Ti via Solferino, 18 La Tenda via Solferino ang via Ancona LagoStore Turati via Filippo Turati, 3 Laminam via Mercato, 3 Loft Milano via Marco Formentini, 14 ang. via Fiori Chiari Magis corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 77 MarinaC via della Moscova, 6/8 Molteni&C Dada via Solferino angolo via Pontaccio Moroso via Pontaccio, 8/10 Newform Showroom via Fiori Oscuri, 3 Nike Stadium foro Buonaparte, 50 Opera Prima via Alessandro Volta, 21 Ordine Architetti P.P.C. Provincia Di Milano via Solferino, 19 Preis via Solferino angolo via Palermo RBfineart foro Buonaparte, 46 Refin Studio foro Buonaparte, 68 Robertaebasta - Fiori Chiari via Fiori Chiari, 3 Robertaebasta - Solferino via Solferino, fronte civico 3 Sicis via Fatebenefratelli, 8 Society via Palermo, 1 SoFar / SoNear via Solferino, 24 Solferino 24/A via Solferino, 24/A Spazio 900 Modernariato&Design Corso Garibaldi, 42 Spazio RT via Fatebenefratelli, 34 Sumampa via Ciovassino, 5 Tappeti Contemporanei via San Carpoforo, 1 Teatro Olimpia foro Buonaparte, 74 TOI - Theater of Imagination by Leo Burnett foro Buonaparte, 22 Urushj corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 65 Valcucine Milano Brera corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 99 Wall&Decò via Pontaccio, 19 Weiss.cucinebianchi via Arrigo Boito, 8 Mantenuto i link ai siti web

48 HERMES The first complete home collection was presented in April 2011: This year Hermès is back to Salone del Mobile with a double event. On the one hand, in via san Carpoforo, in the heart of Brera, the maison will present an installation of Shigeru Ban built using a new modular system Module H. For the duration of the Exhibition, the public can admire an entire cubic room entirely dressed with this cubic modular system. Then, in via Pisoni, in the fashion quadrilateral, in the “Maison Hermès” new showroom will be presented the new collection of textile wallpapers and furnishings which show the timeless elegance of Hermès. Module "H” Via San Carpoforo, 9 Hermès Maison Via Pisoni, 2 Mantenuto i link ai siti web

49 BRERA ZONE Metropolitana: M1 Cairoli - M2 Lanza, Moscova M3 Montenapoleone Tram: 4, 3, 7, 12, 14 Autobus: 61

50 PORTA ROMANA DESIGN Porta Romana Design 2012 is sponsoring a territorial marketing that has as main objective the enhancement of Porta Romana zone.  Developing a communications system suitable to bring out the best and active strengths on the territory, the main purpose is to enrich the cultural offer and the appeal of the district, able to combine tradition and the last frontiers of design, to increase the number of visitors and active users.  Among the local partners we can find the European Institute of Design, that is open to host meetings and exhibitions, and the Terme Milano Spa, which will be home to events sponsored by companies, including the RedBull Splash Party

51 PORTA ROMANA DESIGN the exhibitors
AB PUNK POSITIVO Photographia viale Lazio, 1 CHANGE UP! con CAPORASO DESIGN Change up Piazza San Nazaro CLICK’N’PAINT Spazio s-witch mode via Carlo Botta, 5 DESIGNING PUBLIC SPACES Cascina Cuccagna FIX YOUR BIKE Tagmi viale Monte Nero, 26 GOODESIGN Cascina Cuccagna Leggerezza robustissima ONFUTON via Crema, LET’ CO – How collaboration changes our business CFMT Via Decembrio 28 LIBERO TUTTIPigr via Clusone, 6 NATURE PER NASON JOB viale Monte Nero, 56 ORANGE PEEL 3.1 A15 via Anfossi, 15 Share the Positive Energy Renault Twizy corso Lodi, 1 The Colors Of The Outdoor Terme di Milano Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, 2 The Weather Studio Zeta via Friuli, 26 UPPERCASE Mama Design Lab via Fratelli Campi, 2 PAPER EXPO Paper & People,via Friuli, 32 in Cascina Cuccagna , via Cuccagna 2: ARAGO DESIGN , ARSALITARTES,BEST UP CANTIERE 11,CASAFACILE ,CNA PRATO E AREZZO,DUBBINI&STUDIO , ECOFFICE ,FEB31 FISKARS,HOLLO,IMPOSSIBLE LIVING,ISKRA SGUERA,Kenwood,KUBEDESIGN,LOCCIONI,M ANDALAKI,MARCO STEFANELLI,MATERIAVERA,METROQUADRO SOSTENIBILE,NATURA E DESIGN,NAUTINOX,NEXTMATERIALS,NORMA LEARCHITETTURA,OLTREMATERIA, ONFUTON TOTEM,OPEREAPERTE,PEPE HEYKOOP,PEUGEOT,PLINIO IL GIOVANE,RIVAVIVA,SAS ITALIA Aldo Larcher Srl, SYSTEMA BAMBOO,TOTAL PACKAGING,UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI FERRARA,VINACCIA

52 PORTA ROMANA DESIGN Events on ven 20th
Uppercase party (dalle 20:00) c/o Mama Design Lab via Fratelli Campi, 2: Performance Live GRANDE SHOW SENZA BALLETTO Elita Festival (dalle 19:30 alle 24:00) c/o Teatro Parenti via Pier Lombardo, 14: CONNAN MOCKASIN live; VONDELPARK live; CITIZENS! Live; REALITY SHARING (panel) The Colors Of The Outdoor (dalle 19:00 alle 23:00) c/o Terme di Milano Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, 2: Sfilata di Tiziano Picogna a seguire party Dj set

53 PORTA ROMANA DESIGN Giovani designer e progetti per l’outdoor
Localized in many streets in the Porta Romana zone are organized some events that give some space to young designers and to the outdoor ideas.  Terme di Milano hosts the exhibition ' The Colors of Outdoor ' in collaboration with the Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano, while in the Cascina Cuccagna country frame (in via Cuccagna 4) will be hosted the Public Design Festival, an exhibition of projects by the IED students to furnish the outdoor gardens.  Between the events of the presentation of new products we find Arper that in Via Pantano, will present the new collection of Saya chairs designed by Lievore Altherr Molina

54 PORTA ROMANA ZONE Metropolitana : Piazza Medaglie D'Oro MM3 Porta Romana / Lodi / Crocetta Tram : Piazza Medaglie D'Oro(9, 29/30); Viale Monte Nero (9, 29/30, 16);Via Bergamo (9, 29/30, 16); Piazza 5 Giornate (9, 29/30, 23, 12, 27);Via Comelico (16, 92);Corso XXII Marzo (12, 27); Viale Umbria (90, 91, 92)

55 TORTONA DESIGN WEEK It is the golden triangle formed by Via Tortona via Savona, Via Sthendal. The one from which the fuori salone originated and which presents an endless series of exhibitions in the most unthinkable location. Compared to Brera, which represents the historicity, is the youngest and experimental area The nonprofit Tortona Area Lab was formed in 2010 with the aim of enhancing the potential of the area between via Savona, via Tortona and via Stendhal, giving support to activities related to culture and creativity and creating a listening channel to service the territory, able to pick up and amplify the need of a lively district that is changing very fast. The Association has designed, promoted and managed the first communication draft of the Tortona Design Week.

56 TORTONA DESIGN WEEK The parallel event iSaloni has taken since 2011 a journey of total renewal characterized by the direct involvement of all major entrepreneurial reality operating stably in the zone. Tortona Design Week is an event which aims to support companies and designers who choose to expose in large industrial areas with a communications system designed to give a coordinated image to the event, promoting it on international media, providing useful tools to visitors for an optimal enjoyment and for an overview of the area and its contents. Within the last two decades the milan’s quadrilateral has experienced the transition from a dramatic deindustrialization (with the closure of large industrial plants, crisis of the small artisan workshops and laboratories and the consequent deterioration of the social life of the area) to a "Renaissance" began in early 2000, triggered by the arrival in the area of many big investors related to fashion, art and the creative industry. In particular, with the fuori salone, Tortona has painted itself as an high quality professional reality, a real alternative offered to companies and designers who seek freedom and do not want to bring their own communication to the classic exhibition format.

57 ZONA TORTONA The spaces
Alatha Via Savona 37 Anfiteatro Arte Via Savona 26 Area 56 Via Savona 56 Aria Savona Via Savona 43 Autorimessa - Carrozzeria - Tortona Via Tortona 20 Beside - Tortona Locations Bridge Shop - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 12 Capannone - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 31 Carrozzeria - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 32 Chiostro Via Savona 16 Close - Tortona Locations Colordesigners Alzaia Naviglio Grande 4 Design Library Via Savona 11 Diesel Via Stendhal 36 Discovering/Basement Via Tortona 27 Drogheria - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 19 Emporio - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 31 Ex-Ansaldo Via Tortona 54 Via Bergognone 34 Fiorditortona -Tortona Locations Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro Via Solari 35 Forcella 11 Via Forcella 11 Galvanotecnica Bugatti Via Gaspare Bugatti 7 Garage Via Savona 55/A Gommista - Tortona Locations Lab D Via Tortona 30 Libreria 121+ Via Savona 17/5 Light -Tortona Locations Via Tortona 20 Little - Tortona Locations Magna Pars Via Tortona 15 MC Magma Studio Via Tortona 4 Middle - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 12 Model - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 28 Modelleria - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 18 Morgan Motor Via Stendhal 59 Nhow Hotel Milano Via Tortona 35 Officina - Via Tortona 31 Officina Savona 1 - Via Savona 35 Officina Savona 2 - Via Savona 33 Officine della Torneria - Via Novi 5 Officine Savona - Officine Stendhal Via Stendhal 35 One - Tortona Locaions Via Novi 1 Opificio 31 - Tortona Locations Padiglione Visconti Via Tortona 58 Plastic - Tortona Locations Via Forcella 8 angolo Via Bugatti Ponti - Tortona Locations Production - Tortona Locations Via Savona 53 Zegna Teatro Via Savona 56 Zona Tartina Via Voghera 4 QuattrocentoMq - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 31 Savona 10 Via Savona 10 Shop Via Savona 55 Showroom 31 - Tortona Locations Showroom 37 - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 37 Spazio B - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 35 Spazio Blu - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 2 Spazio Del Cima Via Tortona 14 Spazio FMG per l'Architettura Via Bergognone 27 Spazio Gancia - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 21 Spazio I - Tortona Locations Spazio Iroko Via Voghera 11 Spazio K1 - Tortona Locations Via Cerano 2 Spazio M1/M2 Sumisura - Via Tortona 20 Spazio Otto di Paola Navone- Spazio P - Tortona Locations Twice - Tortona Locations Via Savona 45 Vetraio - Tortona Locations Viaforcella13 - Tortona Locations Via Forcella 13 Vibram Spazio Rojo Via Tortona 17 Spazio Setmani Via Forcella 5 Spazioriginale Via Savona 55/A Stendhal 36 Via Stendhal 36 Studio - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 28 Studio Digital Via Tortona 35 Studio Fino-Rossi Via Forcella 9a Studio Light Studio Otto Via Tortona 31 Superstudio 13 Temporary Museum for New Design Via Gaspare Bugatti 9 Superstudio Più Temporary Museum For New Design Via Tortona 27 T-Shop - Tortona Locations Via Savona 20 Textile - Tortona Locations The B.Box Via Savona 25 Thermore Skywalk Torneria - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 32 Tortona Gallery - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 20 Tortona37 Via Tortona 37 Tortonafour - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 4 TortonaSquare - Tortona Locations Via Tortona 36 Mantenuti i link

58 TORTONA - EVENTS April 20th events A designer A day
Location: Autorimessa - Carrozzeria - Tortona Locations Espositore: A designer A day Carrera - Jump Into the Sun Location: Superstudio Più Temporary Museum For New Design Espositore: Carrera DE PONTE STUDIO |DPSA+D Location: Superstudio Più Temporary Museum For New Design Espositore: De Ponte Studio | DPSA+D DEA + FuoriTrentino Location: Autorimessa - Carrozzeria - Tortona Locations Espositore: DEA+FuoriTrentino Experience the Infinity by ASUS Location: QuattrocentoMq - Tortona Locations Espositore: ASUS Fiume del Paradiso Location: Superstudio Più Temporary Museum For New Design Espositore: COTTO Whirpool Location: Showroom 31 - Tortona Locations Espositore: Whirpool Heineken Open Design Exploration Location: Plastic - Tortona Locations Espositore: Heineken Open Design Exploration I Love My Wellness Location: Textile - Tortona Locations Espositore: I Love My Wellness Leucos Location: Superstudio 13 Temporary Museum for New Design Espositore: Leucos Seguso - Murano inspiration Location: Officine Savona - Tortona Locations Espositore: Seguso - Sand and Fire_Sabbia e Fuoco Slide Location: Ex-Ansaldo Espositore: Slide SOdA - Aperitivi Interattivi Location: Zona Tartina Espositore: SOdA_Pforzheim University The Taste of IST Location: Light -Tortona Locations Espositore: The Taste of IST

59 TORTONA GREEN ISLAND Green Island, active since 2002, presents for this new edition of Fuori Salone 2012 an absolute novelty, at least for Italy. A large floral carpet with the colours of spring and images from gardens, will be laid in the main lobby of the Garibaldi Station, point of transition for thousands of workers daily. The work comes from the creativity of a group of designers and green activists, gathered under the title King.RURBAN. This year, Green Island will involve the network of shops, workshops and artistic studies of architecture and design that are settled in the Quartiere Isola where there will be many installations and projects.

60 TORTONA ‘Merci Parigi’ & ‘Production’
There’s also to mention the project of Paola Navone that for the first time hosts in its new study the famous Parisian concept store “Merci” and a preview of the icon objects that have marked the history of this space, become a Parisian cult. (Studio Paola Navone – Via Tortona, 31) Don't miss the unusual proposals by Barbara Abaterusso: Interior design architect, graduated at the “Accademia di Belle Arti”, became soon a real point of reference for art and architecture. She will present its creations, aesthetically unusual within the “Production” show ù (Tortona Locations – Via Savona 53)

61 TORTONA ZONE Metropolitana : Linea 2, fermate: Porta Genova, Sant’Agostino Tram : Linea 14, fermate: Solari-Coni Zugna, Solari-Montevideo, Rosario, Solari-Stendhal, Napoli ; Linea 9, fermate: Porta Genova, Gorizia-Colombo ; Linea 2, fermate: Porta Genova, Valenza-Staz. Genova, Valenza-Alzaia Nav. Grande, Ripa Ticinese-Lombardini, Ripa Ticinese d’Adda, Ripa Ticinese-Cassala ; Linea 19, fermate: Coni Zugna-Solari, Coni Zugna- Colombo, Porta Genova

62 Tom Dixon’s MOST at the “Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia”
This year the Fuori Salone has several new features and, among these, the MOST event is shaping up as one of the best. The MOST project is led by the star designer Tom Dixon, who moves from his headquarters of Tortona to the National Museum of science and technology (via S.Vittore) MOST is not only design but also cinema and architecture. An event driven by a sense of curiosity and desire to ' do ', stimulating to imagination. There will also be a variety of things from experience: get the ice cream by yourself or to line the seats. There will be designers from around the world: Belgium (Quinze & Milan, Kommunikation), United States (David Weeks Studio, Areaware), Portugal, New Zealand (Resident), Canada (Molo), Denmark (Flux), and more.

PORTAVENEZIA IN DESIGN- is a fuori salone circuit that combines the contemporary design with architectural heritage and the Liberty style decoration that is particularly used in this part of the city. A double circuit: showrooms, shops and companies that expose the novelty of design and art. And, for 2012, a cultural focus centered on the Liberty language. The idea. The design is seen as a link between the different realities of Porta Venezia. Design seen as creativity applied to all sectors. The collaboration between many different realities (commercial and cultural) that are located in the area has been the key of the success of the project. Milan is a hidden beauty. Sometimes concealed, as the Albergo Venezia which hides an incredibly charming Art Nouveau heritag; there’s also the case of “Cortili Aperti” which opens every year in the springtime with corners, patios, gardens and parks inside the private buildings.

64 PORTA VENEZIA IN DESIGN Week end events
22 aprile 2012 Via Melzo 7 PRESS POINT | Porta Venezia in Design cocktail, h. 18/20 con Camparisoda | JANNELLI&VOLPI - WallpapeRevolution, art direction Matteo Ragni h (solo su prenotazione: IL DESIGN E’ PER TUTTI I BAMBINI - creatività e solidarietà. Laboratorio ludico-didattico dedicato ai bambini tra 5 e 10 anni Progetto di Claudio Larcher di Modoloco Design e Coloresperanza 20 aprile 2012 Via Melzo 7 PRESS POINT | Porta Venezia in Design cocktail, h. 18/20 con Camparisoda | JANNELLI&VOLPI - WallpapeRevolution, art direction Matteo Ragni Viale Piave 42, presso Sheraton Diana Majestic opening su invito, h.19 | BAXTER Via G. B. Morgagni 20 cocktail, 20 aprile, h. 18 | CENTRO DELLA REPUBBLICA CECA - Jiří Pelcl: Mobili e oggetti Via F. Casati 12 open day cocktail, h /22.30 | MINT MARKET - Mostra THREE SOULS con ANNA TORFS, MATTHEW BROUSSARD e CARPE DIEM 21 aprile 2012 h (solo su prenotazione: IL DESIGN E’ PER TUTTI I BAMBINI - creatività e solidarietà | Laboratorio ludico-didattico dedicato ai bambini tra 5 e 10 anni. Progetto di Claudio Larcher di Modoloco Design e Coloresperanza Viale Piave 27 brunch, h /15 | SPOTTI E MARSOTTO EDIZIONI| SOFT MARBLE, l’insostenibile leggerezza del marmo. Installazione a cura di Studiopepe

65 PORTA VENEZIA ZONE Metropolitana : Linea 1, fermata: Porta Venezia
Tram : 5 , 33 , 23 autobus 92

66 VENTURA - LAMBRATE Last area of design (in terms of time) created in Milan and animated by an international vocation: its location hosts the exhibitions of the most important European design schools with a particular view also to Japan, Canada and Australia. The events in this area have specific characteristics or quality, creativity, and experimentation. An event that has not to be missed, is Making Together: an interactive exhibition that will take place in the “Spazio Logotel” , where a sequence of work in progress will engage the viewer in the experience of design.

67 VENTURA - LAMBRATE Mainly the artists/designers are not italian – for example this year there’s the attendance of the prestigious Royal School of Arts, and the Design School of Eindhoven. The design researches are often of young designers that have a strength and an impact capacity higher than we could expect, because they consider not just the mere appearance of objects but their role in the aesthetic, in the production process, and, eventually, into society. Bags that become shoes, shoes that become furniture, newspapers that become wood, bottles shaped into jewelry. As in the Florie Salnot’s project called Plastic Gold. Materials which are not easy to dispose of. The main purpose is to give new uses, creating low-cost items to reduce pollution. They can even create from a radio from the waste...

68 VENTURA – LAMBRATE Kiki van Eijk
Don't miss the new collection called “Textile sketch” drawned by Kiki van Eijk and presented in the Galleria Plus design, Via Ventura .6. The beloved Eindhoven designer, in addition, will be celebrated in 5 stunning showcases created for Hermès. The theme is about time and how much it could be precious … The most beautiful jewel in our possession. The showcases are a story on many different aspects of time.

Metropolitana : Linea 2, fermata: Lambrate FS Tram : 23

70 Triennale (Cadorna) Design as a graphic sign at the Triennale Design Museum (viale Alemagna 6). With the “TDM5: grafica italiana” we take a further step in the discovery of the visual culture. There’s also a tribute to architecture studio De Pas, D'Urbino and Lomazzi to whom we owe the famous armchair called Joe, shaped as a baseball glove, historical piece from 1970. Lorenzo Damiani is the protagonist of the third and final outfitting a sort of his signature of the House. Its objects are scattered in the spaces of the Triennale, with the desire to unleash the thrill of a treasure hunting. Among the dozens of the productions guests we can admire the armchairs “Iperbolica”, eleven pieces full of colors and very cozy, designed by Alessandro Ciffo, made of silicone and filled with polyurethanic foam. The Lunar environment created by Lasvit which proposes a Crystal area signed by designer Ross Lovegrove, while we can find (in black and white portraits on large format) the bricks that make up the “Future Roots” exhibition wanted by Hogan. Between the photographs-signed by Ornella Sancassani-we find the so called archi-star Zaha Hadid and Gae Aulenti, Santiago Calatrava, Tadao Ando and the current culture Councillor Stefano Boeri. We can also find the creative solutions presented by designers coming from Belgium, from the couch “Mutation” that seems a bunch of grapes (the artist/designer is Maarteen de Ceulaer); the big couch in textile patchwork style called Lichtbed created by Chevalier-Masson; the carpet cherry-colored called Looping well-suited both for exterior and Interior spaces.

71 MECENATE AREA DESIGN The MAD project has the purpose to promote and bring out the Mecenate Area through a careful communication plan created “ad hoc”, and an accurate selection of designers and companies, in order to make the area a synonym of quality and professionalism. This can be obtained by a guaranteed visibility on devices dedicated to individual events (website, map paper, etc.), a presence on the website for 12 months and a communication support to all initiatives organized. LOCATIONS: OFFICINE DEL VOLO - via mecenate, 76/5 STUDIO 90 - MilanoVia Mecenate 90 SPAZIO ANTOLOGICO - Via Mecenate, 84/10  

72 MECENATE ZONE Da P.zza Duomo - Linea 27 - Fermata Mecenate 77 Da Linate - Linea 73 - Fermata Mecenate 77 USCITE TANGENZIALE EST - Forlanini - C.A.M.M. - Mecenate


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