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P2Rx and Measurement Chris Wiley Pollution Prevention Resource Center

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1 P2Rx and Measurement Chris Wiley Pollution Prevention Resource Center

2 What We’ll Talk About Today Current P2 Measurement Systems Region 10 Aggregation Tool - a closer look What a National System Could Look Like Discuss What Role P2Rx Want to Have?

3 Measurement Systems Desktop Tracking – NEWMOA – EPA Region 8 Program-Wide Tracking – WA Department of Ecology Web-Based Regional Aggregation – PPRC

4 Desktop Tracking NEWMOA Region 8 Self-Programmed Each person enters data from their workstation

5 Web-Based Regional Aggregation Roll Up Totals from Tracking Systems Reports Results for Region Applies Calculators and Assumptions for Highlights Page figures Reports Results for each program entering data – Can be a used as Tracking System

6 Region 10 Aggregation Tool Tell the P2 Story in the Northwest Region Quantify Environmental/Economic Impact Express in “Real-World” Terms

7 How Do We Collect Data? PPRC Collects Readily Available – Awards/Recognition Programs – P2 Planning Requirements – Case Studies Distributed Data Input – Regional, State and Local Programs Track Results and “Roll-Up” Totals

8 Data Input Screen Shots Data Input Pages






14 Reports Aggregated Reports for the Region – Agency Managers – Legislators – Business Leaders Reports for Each Program (Inputting Data) Project/Initiative/Activity Specific


16 Assumptions/Estimations See Handout (back) Estimated Dollar Values Applied to Raw Data

17 Conclusion Tell the P2 Story – Environmental and Economic Impact – Approaches/Activities that Work – Business Case for Change Influence Funding Decisions Determine Activity Effectiveness – when we can draw conclusions

18 What Could a National System Look Like? State and locals use desktop tracking systems – They choose – NEWMOA, Region 8, Develop Own Regional P2Rx Centers act as repository of desktop “totals” and aggregate for region NPPR writes annual results/outcomes report based on regional aggregated information

19 A Vision of How a National Results System Might Work Desktop Tracking Systems example: NEWMOA P2 & Compliance Measurement ( example: EPA Region 8 (more information: Linda Walters, 303-312-6385) Regional Data Aggregation example: Region 10 P2 Results Measurement Tool ( example: Region 7 P2 Results Measurement Tool Demonstration Site ( National P2 Results Report example: NPPR Report, “An Ounce of Pollution Prevention is Worth Over 167 Billion Pounds of Cure: A Decade of Pollution Prevention Results 1990-2000”


21 Discussion What role does P2Rx want to play? Do we want to fund activities with current sources of grant funds? Should we make a public statement about our position? What federal, regional or local issues have you identified with undertaking measurement activities?

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