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Welcome to our English Room

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1 Welcome to our English Room
協 恩 中 學 附 屬 小 學 Welcome to our English Room

2 The history Reading to learn Phonics Classes English Room Lunch hour "Have a Go" activities Pilot English English Chiefs classes (PEC)

3 The history English Room of the
early immersion try to create an authentic English speaking environment inside our school a friendly, warm and non-threatening environment

4 To promote English Room "reading to learn"
order books from overseas different varieties of books including fiction and non-fiction build their reading habit Reading is enjoyable. Reading is fun.

5 Books are divided into different levels

6 To promote "reading to learn" English Room

7 Lunch hour English Room activities
use English to communicate; more exposure to English play English games, board games… sing songs watch movies, cartoons… shared reading

8 borrowing books English Room playing English games singing songs playing board games

9 Storytelling Corner

10 Computer Corner

11 Training of the English Room English Chiefs
use English to give instructions English broadcasts involve in English assemblies English Room librarians leadership (an elite course)

12 Training of the English Chiefs

13 Pilot English English Room classes (PEC)
20 students per class (For less able learners from P4 to P6) special seating arrangement good facilities e.g.a visualizer, computers, a projector, DVD, VCD, VHS, a cassette… a ‘Word Bank’


15 Phonics Classes English Room "Have a Go" spelling strategy
P1 & P2 Phonics classes “Have a Go” spelling strategy for P1 to P6 students

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