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802.11a Wireless LAN Outdoor AP/Extender WAP-7500 Icon5Icon4Icon3Icon1.

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1 802.11a Wireless LAN Outdoor AP/Extender WAP-7500 Icon5Icon4Icon3Icon1

2 2 / 25  Product Position  Quick Product Review  Product Overview  Product Features  Applications  Web UI  Comparison – Internal  Comparison – External  Appendix Presentation Outline

3 3 / 25 Product Position  PLANET Outdoor Wireless LAN Product Classification WAP-6000 WAP-6100 WAP-6200 WAP-7000 MAP-3020 WAP-8000 WNAP-7200 (1T1R/ 150Mbps) a/n a/b/g a b/g b/g/n WAP-7500 WNAP-6300 (1T1R/ 150Mbps) WNAP-7300 (2T2R/ 300Mbps)

4 4 / 25 Quick Product Review – 5GHz Outdoor AP WAP-7000WAP-7500WNAP-7200WNAP-7300 Frequency 5GHz 5GHZ Standard a a/n MIMO System 1T1R 2T2R Max. Data Rate 54Mbps 150Mbps300Mbps Built-in Antenna -23dBi18dBi16dBi Detachable Antenna N-Type -RP-SMA x 2 Max. TX Power 18dbm24dbm23dbm24dbm PoE Passive802.3afPassive Media Access Technology CSMA/CA TDMA CSMA/CA LAN 1 x RJ-45 2 x RJ-45 Wireless Mode AP WDS AP Client Bridge (8) Relay AP Client AP+WDS Bridge (4) WISP AP Client AP+WDS Bridge (4) WISP

5 5 / 25 Product Overview  Housing Design IP-67 level enclosure & Level 17 Beaufort Scale Vent design to exclude moisture Reserved N-Type Connector Built-in 5GHz 23dBi panel antenna  HPBW(Horizontal): 10 degree  HPBW(Vertical): 10 degree Vent COM/Reset (RS-232) Port PoE+Data Port N-Type Connector Panel Antenna

6 6 / 25 Product Overview  Grounding & Connection 802.3af PoE PoE Injector Grounding wire

7 7 / 25 Product Overview  Connect Up - waterproof RJ-45 STEP 1: open the black cover in advance by using a coin or a slotted screwdriver and then screw in the body of the gland and tighten. STEP 2:Slide the sealing nut to the RJ-45 cable from its middle breach and then insert the sealing into the cable. STEP 3:Insert the RJ-45 connector and make sure that the locking tab snaps home. STEP 4: Screw the sealing on the gland and tighten

8 8 / 25 Product Overview  Buzzer Definition RSSI >-65: The performance can reach at least 10Mbps RSSI <-70: Poor signal strength RSSIBeep Frequency > /sec -50 ~ -6050/sec -60 ~ -705/sec -70 ~ -802/sec -80 ~ -901/sec < -90No beep sound Remark When the antenna alignment tool starts, the WAP-7500 will issue beep sound to indicate current RSSI.

9 9 / 25 Product Overview  RS-232 PIN Definition Pin AssignmentNameDescription P1TXD0UART0, debugging mode P2DSR0UART0, debugging mode P3RXD0UART0, debugging mode P4TXD1UART1, debugging mode P5RXD1UART1, debugging mode P6DTR0UART0, debugging mode P7Hard ResetHard reset the unit P8GNDGrounding

10 10 / 25  Wireless bridge Max connection distance up to 6Mbps data rate in the clear Line of Sight Product Features TDMA PtP of the range 40Km Average throughput: 20Mbps

11 11 / 25  Multiple-Operating Mode Base Station (AP) CPE Client Bridge – PTP Bridge – PTMP (Up to 8) Relay (dual-radio work simultaneously)  TDMA Technology for Long Distance Application  Dual-Radio can operates on bridge and relay modes concurrently  Link Aggregation for throughput enhancement  Super Mode: Fast Frames, Bursting Compression  802.3af Power over Ethernet design (802.3af PD)  Buzzer design for Signal Indication  Wide range of temperature tolerance (-30~70 degree C) for low or high temperature environment Product Features

12 12 / 25 Product Features  RF interface IEEE a standards compliant High output power up to 250mW with multiple adjustable transmit power control (100%,50%,25%) Data rate up to 54Mbps with a mode Super Mode to enhance 20%~25% throughput Dual-Radio: Built-in 23dBi Patch Antenna and N-Type connector

13 13 / 25 Product Features  Wireless Operation Mode Base Staion (AP), Client, Bridge PTP, Bridge PTMP, Relay WDS up to 8 remote APs Dual-Radio, Dual-Mode SSID Broadcast & Hide Wireless Security 64/128/152-bit WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2-PSK Radio Bandwidth Control (5/10/20/40MHz) TDM Coordination: Traffic Management Link Aggregation: Throughput Enhancement e WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) : Wireless QoS

14 14 / 25 Product Features  Others Link Test – Self Wireless Connection test GPS Coordinate Setting TDM Coordination: Traffic Management Distance in Meters: Auto ACK-Time adjustment Management: Remote RADIUS Server authentication. Web-based Management (Secure SSL) Command Line Interface (SSH or RS-232(9600)) SNMPv2 Windows-based Utility (Management Tool) Firmware Upgrade Web, Management Tool

15 15 / 25 Applications – Range Extension  Typical Application – Bridge & Relay

16 16 / 25 Applications – AP & CPE Client  AP & CPE Client Application WAP-7500 Switch

17 17 / 25 Applications - Relay  Relay Application (Dual-Radio concurrently) WAP-7500 External High Gain Antenna

18 18 / 25 Applications – WDS PTP  WDS Bridge – Point to Point Application Switch WAP-7500

19 19 / 25 Applications – WDS PTMP  WDS Bridge – Point to Multiple Point Application WAP-7500

20 20 / 25 Web UI - Login Default IP: Username: admin Password: password SSL Web Login: https:// /

21 21 / 25 Web UI - Wireless Dual-RF Multiple Modes: Dual-Mode concurrently with RF1 & RF2 Super Mode: Enhance throughput

22 22 / 25 Web UI – Wireless  Antenna Alignment Tool Available in Peer-to-Peer (CSMA) and Peer-to-Peer (TDMA) mode. When the tool starts, the buzzer’s beep sound will indicate current RSSI. Easily align the local antenna to reach maximum signal strength.

23 23 / 25 Web UI – Wireless RF-1 Connected remote-1 at Channel 149 RF-2 Connected remote-2 at Channel 165

24 24 / 25 Web UI - Wireless WDS PTMP: Up to 8 endpoints WAP-7500

25 25 / 25 Web UI – Management Wireless Access Control SNMP Management Manager Tool Convenient way for users to handle APs.

26 26 / 25 Comparison - Internal Model Features PLANET/WAP-7500PLANET/WNAP-7300PLANET/WNAP-7200PLANET/WAP-7000 Flash/RAM16MB/32MB8MB/32MB2MB/32MB8MB/8MB Ethernet Port 1*10/100Mbps (LAN) 1*COM/Reset 2*10/100Mbps(LAN1, LAN2)1*10/100Mbps Interface802.11a802.11a/n a Frequency Band5GHz Wireless Antenna Built-in 23dBi panel N-Type Connector x 1 Built-in 16dBi dual-pol External: RP-SMA Connector x 2 *Antenna switchable by Web UI Built-in 18dBi patch antenna N-Type Connector Operating Temp. -30~70°C-20~70°C0~55°C-20~70°C Wireless Speed54Mbps300Mbps150Mbps 54Mbps 108Mbps in turbo mode Output Power24dBm(250mW)26dBm(400mW)25dBm(300mW)18dBm(100mW) Encryption 64/128/152-bit WEP, WPA1/2, WPA-PSK1/2 64/128/152-bit WEP, WPA1/2, WPA-PSK1/2, 802.1X 64/128-bit WEP, WPA1/2, WPA-PSK1/2, 802.1X 64/128/152-bit WEP WMMYes No Operating ModeAP, Client, WDS, Relay AP, Client, WDS, AP+WDS, WISP AP, Client, WDS, AP+WDS, Repeater, WISP AP, WDS SNMPYes No

27 27 / 25 Comparison - External Model Features PLANET/ WAP-7500Tranzeo/ TR-5plus-24 Skypilot/ Skyconnector Interface 1*10/100Mbps (LAN) 1*COM/Reset 2*10/100Mbps1*10/100Mbps Wireless Interface802.11a Frequency Band FCC : 5.725~5.850 GHz CE : 5.470~5.600 GHz 5.660~5.725 GHz 5.170~5.875 GHz GHz GHz GHz GHz Dual RadioYesNo Wireless Antenna Built-in: 23dBi N-Type Connector x 1 24dBi16.5dBi Output Power24dBm(FCC)23dBm26dBm PoE802.3afPassive Temperature -30~70°C-65~60°C-40~55°C Distance40Km / 100

28 28 / 25  Related Products CB-STP-25 (25M STP Cat5 Cable)  Accessories ANT-FP18A ANT-OM10A ANT-SE17A Appendix 5GHz Antenna

29 29 / 25 Model Feature ANT-FP18AANT-SE17AANT-OM10A Antenna Type Uni-directional, Flat panel Uni-directional, SectorOmni-directional Gain (dBi) Beamwidth degree Horz Vert.10 6 ConnectorN-Type Mounting Type Pole or Wall Mount Pole or Wall Mount Pole or Wall Mount Accessories Antennas  5GHz Antenna:

30 Features PoE Switches Model Item SGSW P4 FGSW- 2620VMP4 GSD-802PSFGSD-1022P POE-1200P2 POE-2400P4 Product TypeLayer 2 Managed PoE SwitchPoE Injector Hub Fast Ethernet ports-24-8 Gigabit Ethernet ports 24 (w / 4SFP)2 Combo (TP/SFP)8 (w / 2SFP) 2 Combo (TP/SFP) - Number of PoE Injection PoE Budget380W 110W180W180W / 380W  Related PoE Product – 13”/19” Rack-Mountable

31 Features PoE Switches Model Item ISW-1022MPTISW-504PSISW-504PTIVC-2004PT Product TypeL2 ManagedL2 Lite ManagedUnmanaged Fast Ethernet ports4444 Gigabit Ethernet ports 2 TP/SFP (Combo)--- Number of PoE Injection 8444 PoE Budget130W60W Operating Temp.-40~75 ℃ -10~60 ℃ -40~75 ℃  Related PoE Product – Industrial Grade / DIN-Rail

32 32 / 25 Appendix  Target Market Telecom to Business Telecom to Residential Building to Building Public Area Access Hotel/Resort/Campus Small Wireless ISP  Benefit Flexible in installation Easily extend wireless range Saving wiring cost Wireless Mobility  Target Customer Who buy the products WAP-6000 WAP-6100 WAP-6200 WAP-7000 WAP-8000 WNAP-7200 WNAP-6300 WNAP-7300 MAP-2000/3000 Series Who ever ask about Outdoor Access Point High Power Long Distance

33 33 / 25

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