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1 OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES - A Mauritian Perspective
Tertiary Education Commission, Mauritius Sushita Gokool-Ramdoo, D. Ed 4/11/2017

2 Education for Sustainable Development
compliant- National Qualifications Framework Level Primary/Secondary Education TVET/Workplace/ Professional Education Tertiary Education Non-Formal/Informal Education/RPL& APL 10 Professional Doctorate/ PhD 9 Masters PG Cert/Dip 8 B. A Honors 7 B.A General 6 Diploma 5 Certificate 4 HSC/A Level/IBAC/French BAC CERTIFICATE 4 3 SC/GCE ‘O’ Level CERTIFICATE 3 2 CERTIFICATE 2 1 Primary school level CERTIFICATE 1 Lifelong/Lifewide Learning Continuing education Literacies: 1.Climate Literacy 2.Environmental Literacy 3. Health Literacy…

3 Education priorities in Mauritius informed by:
UN DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (1948) UN AGENDA 21 (1992) 36.3. Education, including formal education, public awareness and training should be recognized as a process by which human beings and societies can reach their fullest potential. Our educational system promotes the sustainable development of skills, knowledge and values through lifelong learning to ensure the holistic development of the citizen. Article 26- Education: Everyone has the right to education…directed to the full development of the human personality MAURICE ILE DURABLE: SUSTAINABLE MAURITIUS

4 Current OER Activities
International Initiatives- VUSSC & TESSA UNIVERSITY OF MAURITIUS- VCILT MAURITIUS INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION Capacity building following VUSSC Bootcamp; skilling faculty members in use of Moodle, Wiki Educator; Encouraging development and uploading of educational content for free access, use and re-use: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Science (Medicine)… Continuous awareness through annual OER week SANKORE Project: (i)Interactive books and learning materials uploaded online on the MIE portal and made available to primary school teachers. (ii) Teachers …trained to integrate these electronic instructional materials in their regular teaching- with growing amount of positive feedback on the use of this type of OER. 2. Involvement in UKOU TESSA

5 Reasons for interest in OERs
Regional, National, and Institutional vision for OER Fostering a culture of sharing in line with Education for Sustainable Development principles OERs as an important instrument to realize the vision of the seamlessly integrated NQF Formal education including teacher education Non-formal education- especially community based and competency based programs Informal education- farmers, women, girls, traders, cooperative societies, health workers 4/11/2017

6 Mechanisms to integrate OERs
Development Frameworks Nodal coordination agency: Tertiary Education Commission Distance Education Policy: Focus on pedagogy more than technology ICT policy Credit Accumulation and Transfer System

7 Distance Education Policy for Mauritius- launching in June 2013
P4 ICT integration  P4 Arrangements will be made to promote the integration of ICTs in the delivery of distance education. P4.1 The TEC will develop linkages with relevant institutions to enable optimal integration of ICT in Distance Education. P4.2 The TEC will develop and host an Open Educational Resource Platform to provide a space for the sharing of distance education resources, instructional materials as well as best practices for all providers, researchers, practitioners and students in distance education. The TEC will facilitate such development at institutional levels. P.4.3 Provision of distance education through a range of media including print, technologies with limited interaction, …

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