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Leadership Development Lee Rutledge, Ph.D. Senior Coordinator for PD

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1 Leadership Development Lee Rutledge, Ph.D. Senior Coordinator for PD

2 Topics Personality/Leadership styles Distributed /Shared Leadership Critical Success Factors The Leadership Challenge: 5 Practices Generational Leadership Dealing with Resistance Needs of Followers

3 NORMS Participate fully Quiet signal Problem solve Limit side conversations Silence cell phones






9 My Profile

10 Asks Why? Mediators, Caretakers Optimistic, Passionate Peacemakers True Romantics Cause Oriented Need to Feel “Special” Always Has a Kind Word Enjoys Symbols of Romance Strong Sense of Spirituality Sensitive to Needs of Others Peace, Harmony, Relationships Motivate and Encourage Others Cooperative Rather Than Competitive

11 Asks What? Be Prepared, Love to Plan Detail and Service Oriented Values Tradition Helpful, Trustworthy, Stable “Should” and “Should Not” Rarely Breaks the Speed Limit Strives for a Sense of Security Punctual, Predictable, Precise Value Order and the Status Quo Duty, Loyalty, Responsibility There is a Right Way to Do Everything Tends to be Left-Brained and Analytical Strong belief in Policies, Procedures, Rules Most Comfortable with a Formal Environment

12 Asks How? Should be able to… Intellectual, Theoretical Philosophical, Idea People Very Complex Visionaries, Futurists Can never know enough Cool, Calm and Collected Work is Play - Play is work Complex, Abstract, Conceptual, Global Thinkers Need for Independence and Private time, Perfectionists, Explores all facets before making decisions Knows how to spell and pronounce “big” words

13 Asks What if? “Just Do It” Playful, Energetic, Charming Visual, Kinesthetic, Mobile Thrives on competition Pushes the boundaries Likes tangible rewards Quick Witted, Test Limits Creative, Inventive, Master Negotiator “Let’s make a deal” A natural Entertainer and Non-Conformist External locus of control, Stimulates the economy Impulsive, Spontaneous, Risk-taker Appreciates immediate feedback Tends to be left/right brain integrated Most productive in informal environments

14 Cycle of Learning EXPLAIN to the Buffalo Let the Bear EXPLORE ENGAGE the Deer Allow the Eagle to EXPAND 4. What if? 1. Why? 2. What? 3. How?

15 Styles

16 Personality Styles in Teaching School Personnel Pupils & General Population Difference Buffalo56%38%+18% Deer36%12%+24% Bear6%12%-6% Eagle2%38%-36%

17 Personality Styles in Teaching School Personnel Pupils & General Population Difference Buffalo56%38%+18% Deer36%12%+24% Bear6%12%-6% Eagle2%38%-36%

18 Personality Styles in Teaching School Personnel Pupils & General Population Difference Buffalo56%38%+18% Deer36%12%+24% Bear6%12%-6% Eagle2%38%-36%

19 Personality Styles in Teaching School Personnel Pupils & General Population Difference Buffalo56%38%+18% Deer36%12%+24% Bear6%12%-6% Eagle2%38%-36%

20 Team Profile LeeBuffaloDeerBearEagle

21 TABLE TALK – 3 minutes Over-represented? Under-represented? What’s a team to do?

22 Note-taking Guide 5 Animal Style Practices of Leadership Sister Mary Clarence Buffalo Deer Bear Eagle Model the Way Inspire a Shared Vision Challenge the Process Enable Others to Act Encourage the Heart

23 VIDEO Sister Act No link available.

24 Say Something Protocol Read silently: (a reading selection) Once each partner has reached the chosen stopping point, both partners exchange comments or “say something.” Note: The nature of the “Say Something” may include a question, a brief summary, key point, or an interesting idea or new connection. Data Driven Dialogue p111

25 Distributed Leadership Article





30 VIDEO Mighty Ducks No link available.


32 TABLE TALK – 4 minutes Review the 12 major reasons for resistance. Identify issues on your campus.

33 GI Generation 1900-1924 Mature/Silents 1925-1945 Baby Boomers 1946-1964 Generation X 1965-1979 Generation Y 1980-2000 Generation Z After 2001



36 Without credibility, you can’t lead. Brian Carroll, Challenge Bank, Australia You can’t follow someone who isn’t credible, who doesn’t truly believe in what they’re doing—and how they’re doing it. Gayle Hamilton, Pacific Gas and Electric

37 Credibility is the foundation of leadership

38 NEXT STEPS … 1. Know your faculty. 2. Know your students. 3. Capitalize on the strengths of both groups to achieve your goals.

39 Dates to Remember … Teambuilding in the Fall Again in January! Include Celebrations!



42 TTIPS and Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Leticia Govea, SES Coordinator

43 43 Mark Alvarado Education Specialist 512-919-5173 Leticia Govea Coordinator 512-919-5169 Janette Johnson Program Assistant 512-919-5491 Brandon Spenrath Education Specialist 512-919-5145 Meet your SIRC – SES Team

44 What is SES? Under No Child Left Behind: An arrangement for the provision of supplemental educational services for students of low- income families attending schools that are in need of improvement Stages 2 or above. Tutoring and other supplemental academic enrichment services that are in addition to instruction provided during the school day.

45 What is SES? Under No Child Left Behind: High quality, research-based, and specifically designed services geared towards increasing the academic achievement of eligible children on the state assessment. Assistance in helping eligible children in attaining proficiency in meeting the academic achievement standards

46 SES is… Free tutoring services for eligible students Parents select the SES provider of their choice Parents select subjects and modality for services Districts are responsible for paying for the services Providers go through an application process, are approved by the state and listed on the ESC 13 SES website

47 TTIPS / SES Applicants may also receive priority points for implementing or expanding Supplemental Educational Services (SES), as defined by federal rule and state guidance, to its grant program Offered as an option through TTIPS grant application Unless otherwise requested, operate as regular SES


49 TTIPS / SES Schedule #4B Instructions, page 23; Application, page 30; Part 3: Intervention Model A campus that is not currently required to implement SES under Title I would be required to add SES services to their grant program. A campus that is currently implementing SES under Title I would be required to expand SES services by expending additional funds, either through serving additional students or providing additional tutoring to existing students beyond the student’s Per-Pupil Amount under Title I. Grant funds should be budgeted for SES services in this application if the SES option is selected. If the priority points for SES are requested, the grantee is required to implement SES under the federal regulations and state guidance, with the exception of the amount required for services. Rather than the 20% set- aside, the grantee must budget for SES from grant funds.

50 Requirements Overview 1.Must disseminate two PNL packets per year to parents.PNL packets 2.Must set aside 20% of the Title I Part A district allocation for SES, school choice transportation, and 1% parent outreach.district allocation 3.LEAs must notify TEA of decision to reallocate unused 20% 4.Schedule two enrollment periods of at least 60 days each or open enrollment and accept the state enrollment form.state enrollment form 5.Must contract with providers state approved to serve your district and selected by the parent/guardian.contract 6.Must serve 90% of all students requesting services within 30 days.

51 Requirements Overview 7.Must use the EZSES Data Management System.the EZSES Data Management System 8.Responsible for the creation of the Student Learning Plans in collaboration with SES provider and parent. 9.Ensure disabled and LEP students receive appropriate services 10.Must provide active students the opportunity to complete their PPA or Actual Cost of Services whichever is less as long as they are enrolled on the campus.Actual Cost of Services 11.Must pay all invoices in a timely manner. 12.Must make a good faith effort to provide services to students in compliance with all regulations, guidance, expectations.

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