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Fleet Challenge Christian Roth Fleet Challenge Chairman.

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1 Fleet Challenge Christian Roth Fleet Challenge Chairman

2 Contents What is Fleet Challenge What are we doing What has been achieved Why we have changed performance measures What are TOC’s doing

3 Fleet Challenge NTF requested the Fleet Engineering Community to improve PPM by 1 additional point during CP4 by reducing fleet delays NFRIP split into two components for delivery; – ReFocus (tactical improvements) and – Fleet Challenge (strategic improvements) Fleet Challenge membership consists of senior engineering managers from: – TOCs – OEMs – RoSCos – DfT Programme of work was jointly agreed

4 Progress to date with Fleet Challenge WorkstreamOutcome Depot enhancementSurvey of depots contributed to Depot RUS Performance Fund submissions Portfolio of differentiated TOC fleet schemes for investment. Circa £15m schemes authorised to date Further £15m planned for funding Livetrain to complex and risky as national programme Managing delays from technical incidents Survey contributing to Joint Ops/Fleet workstream under development RefocusDeveloping content of good practice guide (20pp) via voluntary workshops

5 Review point Fleet Challenge target re-assessed as 0.5ppm based on value for money Review identified Fleet Reliability has improved continually. – law of diminishing returns is making incremental improvement harder. – However delay minutes have increased

6 New Fleet Performance Measures Move from Unit Miles per Technical Casualty Measure Unit Miles per Technical Incident (MTIN) and Delay per Technical Incident (DPI) from April 2011 – Better correlation with PPM – Larger data set from 5 mins to 3 mins – Moving towards a right time railway – Possible to build a JPIP target from MTIN and DPI targets


8 Current MTIN & DPI MAA performance P7 2011/2012 National average fleet reliability is 9259 Unit Miles per technical TRUST incident (MTIN)

9 Way forward - TOC actions Individual Fleet schemes planned to improve DPI and MTIN (circa £24m investment in the approved and in the authorisation process) New collaborative effort on minimising delays from technical incidents based on good practice – Operation Blitz - SWT – Interactive Virtual Train – FGW, EMT – Web based decision support tool in control (Southern) – Development of good practice in minimising delays from technical incidents – ReFocus – Benchmarking RCM systems

10 Summary Fleet Reliability has improved circa 55% since 2004/5 Fleet Challenge current programme of work is estimated to deliver an additional 0.5ppm Little focus on minimising delay from technical incidents Going forward this must be equally important

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