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Build an App Margaret Jordan.

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1 Build an App Margaret Jordan

2 For every application, For every generation,
We do not want to keep reinventing the wheel People have been verified in earlier applications as living at certain places at specific times and often to have children in our lineage. If we reference them, we will make it easier for the verifying genealogists since they know the information has been proven.

3 Taking an ancestor at random,
e-Membership 4/11/2017 Taking an ancestor at random, We can see 8 lineages that have been proven, connecting to Simon Antisdel, of VT Because the DAR has transcribed them and made them available online, we can quickly determine if our prospective member shares any part of the proven lineages. Clicking on the “D” icon, we can see the Descendants' list for DAR member , whoever that is. Two of the lineages, on the 3rd and 4th lines, show an “Add Vol” number, indicating they are Supplementals. Margaret Jordan

4 Here we see the verified lineage
This information is in the DAR databases. We do not need to prove it again; in fact, the verifying genealogist will not look at any proof you supply unless you are proving a new fact or are proving that a vital date or place is different from what is recorded. So we click on the link above to build a starter application, which will copy all the information for your prospective member. Not only does this save work, but it increases accuracy.


6 We can shift the lineage up or down if the prospective member is in a different generation.
Note the red X to the right of each generation. Clicking on it will erase information of that generation, which is helpful for nieces and cousins. Not visible here, but the lineage references on p3 of the application also shift and display the appropriate source. On p4, the ancestor service information is also entered as it is in the DAR databases.

7 After shifting one generation down,
it could be used by a daughter of a verified member

8 Shifting back up to the original position and omitting Gen 1 & 2,
it could be used by a first cousin of a verified member

9 New names can be entered in the new generations, but do not forget to include the appropriate documentation and their references on p3.

10 The file consists of 6 pages:
A new application has been generated a pdf file that can be saved with the Adobe Reader, available from The file consists of 6 pages: one page showing the current required fees one page of instructions a 4 page long form application, revised version of October 2012 or later

11 There was a Problem when we selected this lineage!!
Did anyone notice? Let’s go back to the Patriot information

12 Current Standards require a service source!! Volunteer Genealogists
see Volunteer Genealogists Update ‐ December 2011 Application and Supplementals New Applications need documentation of the Residence of patriot New applications need documentation of the source of service if it is not included on the Ancestor Database

13 There are still reasons to purchase record copies
It is not necessary to have eMembership privileges to check the DAR Members’ site for updates but this is a perfect segue to the online GEP (Genealogy Education Program) now offered by NSDAR to assist members, especially those involved in the application process, to become aware of current standards and verifying process. By the way, to keep everyone from worrying about the service source in the example used, if they were to purchase the record copy of DAR #818210, they would discover a service source in NARA M-881 Roll 894. There are still reasons to purchase record copies

14 Points to Remember Since Build an App is so convenient, it is easy to forget other requirements
There is no limit as to the number of generations or applications referenced. If another application has more appropriate generational information, then use it! It is important to copy everything exactly as it is in the transcribed lineages unless you are proving a different name, date or place. The reference is entered on p3, using the same format as from Build-An-App On p4, there is information on the patriot’s spouse(s) and children. The data must be consistent with that on the lineage page, unless you have new information with documentation. Patriot’s children are optional except for the child in the lineage. Watch for internal consistency. Whatever is on p4 must be identical with that on p2. Detailed instructions are available on screens throughout the process.

15 Presentations by Margaret Jordan
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