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Unit 2: Business Organisations

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1 Unit 2: Business Organisations
Functional Areas

2 Functional Areas P4: Describe functional areas in contrasting organisations. This means organisations in different sectors Private sector Public Sector NGO Pick organisations you’ve already researched!

3 Private sector Sole Trader Partnerships
LTD companies (Private Limited Company_ PLC (Public Limited Company)

4 Public Sector What are Public Sector Organisations?
owned and controlled by the government (or local government). to provide public services, often free at the point of delivery. Schools, Police, Hospitals, Street cleaning etc

5 NGO Non Government Organisation Charities Oxfam, Barnardo’s, UNICEF
Act as a bridge between private and public sector.

6 Functional Areas: Private sector
Production Research and development Distribution/logistics IT HR Sales/retail Marketing/Advertising Customer service Management .com/mscareers/opportunities/ head_office_roles How do functional areas relate to each other?

7 Functional Areas: Public Sector
These are typical but not exclusive Customer Service Marketing Policy/ Research Administration Management

8 Functional areas: NGO Fundraising/Giving Sales Policy/ Research
Marketing/Advertising HR IT Distribution/Logistics Trustees work_with_us/jobs/jobs_areas. htm How do functional areas relate to each other?

9 P4 and P5 In pairs prepare a short presentation to give to the rest of the class. Describe the functional areas in your chosen business and explain how they link together. You need to identify all the major functional areas. You can use the work you did for Unit 1 P2to helpyou here.

10 P4 and P5 In your group, identify how the functional areas relate to each other to support the business objectives. Identify how the functional areas work together to contribute to achieving the objectives. (Use research from p2 here too)

11 P4 and P5 On your own, describe the functional areas in a contrasting business organisation of your choice. For example if you had looked at a PLC choose a hospital, or a Union from the public sector.

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