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TAYSEER Al Jowdah HR Consultancy JLT © Al Jowdah HR Consultancy JLT. All rights reserved.

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1 TAYSEER Al Jowdah HR Consultancy JLT © Al Jowdah HR Consultancy JLT. All rights reserved.

2 WHAT IS TAYSEER?  Tayseer is an all-in-one, independent HR Administration software developed & distributed by Al Jowdah HR Consultancy JLT  Tayseer turns your HR Administration into an automated, efficient, effective, fast and error-free process while providing in-depth insights about your workforce and HR  Tayseer is Arabic and means “To ease” – a meaning deeply incorporated within Tayseer

3 WHO IS TAYSEER FOR?  Tayseer is designed to be a perfect match for start-ups, for small & medium sized enterprises, and for branches of foreign & local companies with an employee count of 1 to 200  Tayseer is designed to be used by all companies, regardless of industry or sector  Tayseer has been developed under the guidance of HR professionals in the UAE and for the UAE, ensuring legal compliance and relevancy for local SMEs

4 WHAT ARE UAE-BASED SMEs LOOKING FOR?  1 – SMEs aim to save cost and conserve resources.  2 – SMEs aim to grow in sustainable ways.  3 – SMEs aim to increase efficiency and effectivity.

5 HOW DOES TAYSEER GATHER TO THE NEEDS OF UAE-BASED SMEs?  1 – Saving cost through being more affordable than hiring dedicated administration personnel. Being accessible & online-based, there is no need for investment into software, hardware or training.  2 – Enabling growth through sophisticated architecture and infrastructure supporting companies from foundation onwards. Providing clients with a meaningful partnership with Al Jowdah, a professional HR Consultancy offering a multitude of complementary HR Services.  3 – Increasing efficiency & effectivity through automated and standardized administration processes, thus saving time & cost.

6 FUNCTIONS – EMPLOYEE INFORMATION SHEETS  Automated employee sheets with fill-ins, calculations and drop-downs  Automated updates of all functions and files through one uniform sheet  Printable in A4 format for hard filing  Covering UAE relevant functions, such as visa, sponsor, UID & EmiratesID  Information sheets exportable as.PDF and Excel files for further modification

7 FUNCTIONS - REPORTS  Automated & updated reports covering salaries, master information, leave overviews and contact information, creatable with a few mouse clicks  Create your own reports as per your specifications within seconds  Reports exportable as.PDF and Excel files for further modification

8 FUNCTIONS - CALENDAR  Automated & updated reminders about crucial events such as probations, expiries, social events and work related events  Choose which reminders to display with a few mouse clicks  Be informed at all times about past, present and further events

9 FUNCTIONS – DOCUMENT STORAGE  Fully comprehensive online storage for employee files  See with a single glance whether all important documents have been uploaded for each employee  Upload and download crucial documents anywhere and anytime, regardless whether you are in the office or not

10 FUNCTION - STATISTICS  Analyze & understand crucial features of your HR operations and workforce within seconds  Access relevant, automatically updated statistics granting you insights which will be indispensable for future development  Statistics exportable as.PDF and Excel files for further modification

11 FUNCTIONS – AUTOMATED CORRESPONDENCE  Use a wide array of pre-written templates to create important everyday correspondence such as salary certificates, NOCs, employment confirmations and much more  Simply select the template and employee, and download the finished letter within seconds  Add more templates by contacting your relationship manager any time  Correspondence exportable as Word document for further modification

12 SUBSCRIPTION MODEL  Tayseer can be used through an attractive, fair and transparent subscription model  You will only pay one fixed price for an one year license which lets you add up to 100 employees, there are no no hidden costs and no extra charges  Renewing your license for each subsequent year will save you even more

13 HOW MUCH IS SUBSCRIBING TO TAYSEER?  Subscribing to Tayseer for the initial 1 st year is AED 4999,- only  Subscribing to Tayseer for each subsequent year is AED 1999,- only  Tayseer’s annual charge is fixed & transparent, thus rendering prices fair and relevant for companies of all sizes – please contact us incase you have more than 100 employees  There are no extra costs and no hidden charges  You will stay in full control over your investment at all times

14 ADVANTAGES  Being developed for the UAE and for SMEs translates into relevancy to our market like no other HRIS  Being developed by a HR Consultancy translates into combining HR knowledge with software proficiency – you benefit from a product & company linking the best of two worlds  Being web-based translates into no cost for hardware, software or on-site personnel and no maintenance or hosting fees – access from anywhere at any time  Featuring an easy-to-use & intuitive design, no training or coaching required  Tayseer grows with you – for smaller companies, Tayseer replaces, for larger companies, Tayseer complements a HR Administrator  Ongoing support and development through our local support team

15 CONTACT US  Interested in learning more ? Would you like to work with a free trial- account ? Shall we pass by your office or setup an online presentation for demonstrating Tayseer? Just be in touch with us:  Tel: 00971 – 4 360 7374  eMail:   Address:Al Jowdah HR Consultancy JLT Fortune Executive Tower, 21-06 Cluster T, Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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