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Facilities Management Department

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1 Facilities Management Department
Proposal of Change ETHRAA Group Dubai September 2009

2 Disclaimer Disclaimer
This presentation document contains information which is proprietary to the ETHRAA Group®, and is (and is intended to remain) confidential, being provided for the exclusive use of the intended addressee and may be legally privileged.  If you have reason to believe  you are not the intended addressee(s); disclosing, copying, disseminating or otherwise taking any action in connection with this document or the information in; it is prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have reason to believe you have accessed this document in error, please notify the ETHRAA Group®, comply with the foregoing warning and delete this document from your system. This document shall not constitute binding legal obligation with the company..

3 ETHRAAA Group The successful delivery of any project depends on reliable business partners. Ethraa solutions are structured to realize its vision of being a global leader in high quality development. Our tailored management solutions cover. Management consultancy Real Estate Energy Free Zone & Economic Cities Infrastructure National Strategic Projects ethraa strategy is to establish long-term business partnership with governments, financial institutes and selected private investors.

4 Contents FM Story Case Realization Change Plan Proposal

5 Project Team Adil M Abdalla
25 years of diverse assignments and contributions, which pot many professional disciplines to create a solid base for analysis, decision making, assessment and delivery. Assemble and lead teams for adequate processing and synergy to secure efficiency and Clients’ satisfaction. Arti Venkat BA LLB, MBA Associate Corporate Management K V Jagannath MCA Associate Information Technology Jayashree V BA Administration Associate Quality Management In Dubai; Contributed to Heritage Mgmt at DM, TECOM initiatives & projects, and DIFC development. In Malaysia, developing South Johor and CBD of Penang. Strong Advocate for measurable Quality, Knowledge implementations and CSR obligations. Mai Saloom BA Administration Administration Executive Associate Consultant; Ethraa, Istesharah, UWI, GLG Director & Board Member Medini-Malaysia, Director Technical Group-UWI, Director Projects & Assets Mgmt-DIFC Sayed H Zaidi BA Commerce, CFA, FPM Associate HR Development BA Arch. (MPhil/PhD Liverpool) ICOMOS, ULI, PMI, ACCE, APMG, PRINCE2, 6σ, MBIFM, IFMA TBN (Project Manager) The Project Manager

6 Consultancy Management Development Management Facilities Management
Real Estate Value Chain Consultancy Management Project Management Development Management Facilities Management Asset Management ATM Initial Finance Shareholding Biz Appraisal Investment Consortium Stakeholding Marketing Sales Agreements Commitments Construction Contracts Tangibility Utility & Facility Obligations End-users Conceptuality Compliance Convenience Delivery Reliability Asset Development ATD Marketing Sales MKS Compliances KYC Initiation INI

7 Real Estate Cycle Revenues Landlord Premises Leasing
EXECUTION Contracts Regulator Handover Design Package Construction Package OPERATIONS CR Mgt FM Packages Renovation Facilities Management Service Project Management Service

8 Analysis & Benchmarking International Knowledge
Principles of FM 2000 Competencies Focus on Commercial Developments that require new standards of service to meet International Codes Method Flexible Operations allow effective PAX and timely CAX, built by 6σ models and developed by CRM Analysis & Benchmarking Establish service models that satisfy the changed culture and business demands International Knowledge Emphasis on scientific approaches, in parallel to best practices modeling (IFM) Integrated Facilities Management 21st Century Immature Market Mature Market Time Operating Margin +15% +/- 0% Single Service Providers I-FM Companies Increase of Service Portfolio Europe $ 22 Billions by 2011 GCC $ 900 Billions by 2030

9 FM Evolution 2000 2010< 1990 <1980 Development Manager Developer
Facility Manager Project Manager Construction Team Lease Operations Tenancy Operations Tenant/Client Development Manager <1980 1990 2000 2010<

10 ? Rethinking FM 2007 Global Worming Sustainability Wellbeing
Viability of Maintenance Sustainability Global Resources Shortage Environmental Concerns Global Worming Green Initiatives Technology Incubation Cost Reduction New Business Modeling Increased Public Awareness Wellbeing Demand of Quality Service ?

11 Deliverables Requirements
Corporate Structure Business Opportunities Corporate Framework Professionals & Resources Collaboration Mechanism Charter Of Company Standards Governance Deliverables Requirements

12 Vision Leadership Focus Passion
Corporate Sustainability Initiative Vision The Board Governance Leadership Management Quality Focus CRM Policies KPI System Passion HCR Policies System Biz Development KM Policies Culture

13 Vision, Positioning & Branding
Conclusions Vision, Positioning & Branding Corporate & Business Sustainability Team Development Procurement Strategies

14 Contents FM Story Case Realization Change Plan Proposal

15 WASL Asset Management Group Dubai Real Estate Corporation DREC
Project Management Property Management Hospitality Management Investment Facilities Management Dubai Real Estate Corporation DREC Department of Real Estate Dubai Development Board

16 The Vision Operating Structure Realization-1 Public Interests Assets
Development Assets Management Contributor Public Welfare Operating Structure Typical Vertical Departmental Conventional KPIs System Outsourced Contracts In-House Management Note-1: Scrutiny to align Corporate perspective to concurrent business challenges Note-2: Outsourcing Initiative is appreciated strategy for economic development

17 Rethinking Recruitment Professional Training
Realization-2 Quality Management Rethinking Quality Quality Manual Assessment Governance Service Excellence CSR Policy Rethinking Recruitment Emiratization Focus Professional Training Professionalism Note-1: Insert quality in all activities as backbone of Worldly Facilities Management Note-2: Redefining Capacities, Roles and Responsibilities of Ops and FM Managers

18 Form of Contract Operations Realization-3 Commercial Based
Conventional Risk Transfer Scope Definition Deliverables Based Operations In-House involvement Field Supervisors Ops Managers FM Managers Note-1: Restructure of Procurement based on Value Engineering & Cost Effectiveness Note-2: Evolution of operations supported by change planning and alignment

19 1 2 3 4 5 Operation Zones 1200 Villas 250 Bldg 22000 Units
GFA 30mln ft2

20 Rethinking Vision & Mission
Challenges Rethinking Vision & Mission CRM Models Customer Care or Relations CSR Policies Corporate Social Responsibility KM Implementations Strategy, Risk & Knowledge Management Operations Structure and Deliverables

21 Contents FM Story Case Realization Change Plan Proposal

22 Customer Expectations Business Opportunities
Creating a Brand FM Portfolio Strategic Vision Customer Needs Business Targets Customer Expectations Business Constraints Market Trends Industry Standards Business Opportunities De-Facto Experience Launch Growth Positioning

23 Communicated Corporate Vision
Road Mapping Success Planning Reporting Controlling Positive Reporting Complacency Incompetency Bureaucracy Ineffectiveness Negative Sustainable Success Role & Structure of Middle Management Communicated Corporate Vision Corporate Life Span

24 Defining Roles & Responsibilities
Biz Development HR Mgmt Finance Mgmt Admin Mgmt Corporate Mgmt Quality Mgmt Management Client Mgmt Operations Mgmt Actions Inventory Operations Facilities Mgmt

25 Strategy & Biz Development Knowledge & Quality Mgmt
Rethinking Corporate Corporate Mgmt Operations Management Operations Mgmt Consultancy Mgmt Development Mgmt Technical Audit Integration Mgmt Marketing & Sales Finance Mgmt Corporate Relations Strategy & Biz Development Project Mgmt Facilities Mgmt Procurement Mgmt Outsourcing Mgmt Administration Client Relations Governance & CSR Knowledge & Quality Mgmt

26 Strategy & Biz Development
Example: Organizational Structure The Management Legal Counselor Auditor The Board Quality Strategy & Biz Development Actions Corporate Operations Process Mapping QA/QC Document Control Quality Audit Call Center Planning Deliverables Technical Audit Meeting Instructions CAX 911 Reporting PAX Biz Intelligence Client Relations Risk Mgmt Knowledge Mgmt

27 Merit of Engagement The Value Risk Responses Negative Opportunities
Operations Management Negative Opportunities Qualitative Quantitative Tolerance Rates Scope Implications Cost/Schedule Quality Expectations Info Flow Skepticism Reporting System The Value

28 Example: Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
Call Centre IDLE ! No Complaints; Scope is fully delivered Quality Centre CAX Regular Service are Comprehensive Proactive Actions Audit No Comments, Actions are fully done Measurable Company Level Client Level

29 FM System Procedures Call Centre SLA Regular Inspections Preventive
Actions Baselines (Quality Manual) Specifications Deliverables Measures Approval Close-out SLA Records & Planning Certify Conformity Operations Management Complaints Notes Corrective Call Centre

30 FM Quality Manual Quality Manual (FM Baselines) Procurement Planning
Specifications Deliverables Measures Method Statement Procurement Planning & Management Strategy KPIs, Efficiency & Technical Audit The Brand Obligations Management & Supervision Feasibility Corporate Performance

31 Example: Client Involvement
Delegate Service Provider Landlord The Client Call Center Operations Satisfaction KPI CAX Quality Manual Planning Quality Centre

32 Managing a Project PM Framework Planning Control The Client
Execution The Client Verification Planning Financial Offer Cost Management Executer Close out Contract Scope Payment Terms of References Specifications Work or Effort Acceptance Time Quality

33 Contract Management Form of Agreement Definitions Body of Agreement
Descriptions of Contract, and Contracted Parties Definitions Descriptions of Included Nouns, Processes, Actions and Deliverables Body of Agreement Standard Legal Clauses as per Law Referral Schedules Detailed Descriptions of Scope, Deliverables, Timeline, Staff, Terms of Payment, and Exclusions

34 Facilities Management Professional (FMP)
Close-out Planning Legal Frame Execution/Control The Facilities Manager Work or Effort Requirements Pay Acceptance Scope/TOR Terms of Payment Proposal $$$ The Client Service Provider Verification Baselines Take over Award Close out Conditions Of Contract Product Identification Chain of Acceptance Lessons Learned

35 Example: Field Structure
Account Senior Mgr Call Center Mgr Client Relations Mgr Reception Receptionist Mgr Soft Service Mgr Engineering Technician Housekeeping Supervisor Engineering Operatives Housekeeping Sr. Technician Engineering Technician Spot Check Supervisor BMS Technician Engineering Operatives Spot Check Technician Landscape Supervisor Car Parking Sr. Technician BMS Mgr Security Ops Operative Car Parking Technician BMS Supervisor Security Ops Mgr HSSE Guards Security Ops Admin Mgr Fit-out

36 Example: Document Control
Template Parties Reference Quality Code Planning Performance Progress Request Instruction Report Acceptance Change Information Actions Irregular Weekly Monthly Purpose Subject Form Sender Receiver Followers Tracking No Date Summary Consignee

37 Call Center SMS E-Mail Telephone Account Managers Automated
Actions Tracking (Two Ways) Telephone Receive; Explain Process (One Way + 911) Formal Communications Account Managers One-To-One

38 Provide ID to Complaint
System Architecture 1 2 Instruct Action to Take The Server Confirm Action is Taken Provide ID to Complaint Client Complaint Report Action Taken To Server From Server From Team Leader To Supervisor From Supervisor 7 3 6 4 5

39 Example: Quality Codes
The Corporate Mgmt 01 Quality 02 Board 011 The Operations CRM 03 Soft 05 Eng 06 SM 07 Ancillary 09 Actions 04 CC 022 Clients 031 SLA 033 034 CEO 012 Legal 013 BDV 014 M&S 035 Ops 015 HR 016 Fin 017 RCD 023 QAQC 024 EOP 061 RCP 051 Plan 041 IOP 081 PLT 062 HSK 052 SPN 082 BMS 063 LDS 054 PAX 042 SDN 083 CAX 043 FTW 084 Proc 018 CPK 091 EVT 092 PTY 093 COM 094 Premises 032 Instruct 045 Report 046 Meeting 047 T-Audit 048 911 044 Audit 025 Close 049 QM 021 HSE PC 071 STY 072 HLT 073 SEC 074 ICT 064 A&V 065 FDC 053 ECO 075 IMT 085 BZS 095 THM 055

40 Operations Efficiency
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) System Quality Controls Time to Take the Action 1 KPI of Account Efficiency 7 2 Call Center 3 4 Team 5 Supervisor 6 Client Satisfaction Planning & Budgeting Operations Efficiency Procurement Planning HR Appraisals

41 Example: Quality Measures
-5 % -1 % -3 % Schedule Control Budget Control Performance Control Failure to Satisfy The Client Failure to Meet Baseline Failure to Meet Milestones Technical Control Safety Control Failure to meet Quality Manual Failure to meet the Code Failure to Satisfy Peers The Facilities Manager 15,000 Events In 24 Months The Facilities Contractor 200,000 Events 3.10 3.90 4.85 10,080 2,160 45 14 3 0.63 Total Daily Defects Applications ISO Sigma Level Defects Per Million Actions 2 308,537 3 66,807 4 6,210, 5 233 6 3.4

42 Training Programs Tier 1 Team/Beginners Customized 10 Hours Tier 2
FM & FMP-wishful Customized 15 Hours Tier 3 FMP Certification Compulsory 35 Hours Tier 4 FM and FMP Customized 15 Hours Tier 5 Senior Managers Customized 10 Hours

43 Best Practices & Governance
Focal Areas Best Practices & Governance Quality Management Knowledge Management Risk Management Change Management

44 Contents FM Story Case Realization Change Plan Proposal

45 Organization Structure
Project Scope of Work Organization Structure Study of Alignment, Improvements, Upgrading, Development and Enhancement Roadmap for Business Consolidations, Sustainability, Development and Leadership Operations Management Quality Management Human Resources Information Management Procurement Management

46 Towards Industry Leadership
Project Targets Organization Structure Towards Industry Leadership Operations Management Professional Facilities Managers Quality Management KPIs for Customer Choice Human Resources Emiratization, CSR & Training Information Management Automated Platform Procurement Management Deliverables Based Model

47 Project Time Line Human Resources Procurement Management
Quality Management Organizational Structure Information Management M2 M4 M6 M8 Sign Off Contract Corporate Analysis Process Mapping Automated Info Sys Change Planning Integration Planning FM Procure. Policy Training Programs Quality Policies Cop Quality Manual Ops Quality Manual CRM Manual HR Manual Training Programs Close out Report

48 Project Communications
Management Project Director Advisors Project Coordinator Project Manager Associates Contractors Project Administrator Departments Weekly Progress Report Minutes of Workshop Monthly Inventory Project Files Bi-Monthly Progress Meeting Minutes of Meetings Presentation To Management Deliverable Report

49 WASL FM Authorized Project Coordinator
Form of Deliverables WASL FM Authorized Project Coordinator A4 size in 5 Copies APP Written Report Print out A4 size in 5 Copies APP Presentation Print out A4 size in 5 Copies APP Workshop Print out A4 size in 5 Copies APP Training Program

50 Project Deliverables M2 M4 M6 M8 Sign Off Contract Close out Report
Project‘s Workshops & Analysis Status Report Process Mapping Automated Info Sys Project‘s Workshops & Analysis CRM Manual Change Plan Project‘s Workshops & Analysis Integration Plan Project‘s Workshops & Analysis FM Procure. Policy FM Quality Manual Strategy Support Cop Quality Manual Ops Quality Manual Procurement Support Quality Policies Branding Support HR Manual Training Programs Close out Report

51 Commercial Proposal M2 M4 M6 M8 Total AED 840,000 60,000 60,000 60,000
Monthly AED 60,000 Monthly AED 60,000 Monthly AED 60,000 Monthly AED 60,000 Monthly AED 60,000 Monthly AED 60,000 Monthly AED 60,000 Monthly AED 60,000 AED 90,000 AED 90,000 AED 90,000 AED 90,000 Total AED 840,000 Delivery of Training Programs (Approximately AED 5000 per participant) Development of Automated Information System (Varies as per Final Architecture) Branding (Varies as per Branding and PR Scope)

52 Appoint a Project Coordinator
WASL Obligations Appoint a Project Coordinator 3x Junior Staff for Incubation Allow Access to Needful Information Provide a Working Station

53 Acceptance of Proposal 5 wd
Next Steps Acceptance of Proposal (Intention of Engagement) 5 wd Alignment with Corporation (Producing Final Proposal) 10 wd Sign off Service Agreement 5 wd Delivery of Service 120 wd Close out 15 wd


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