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LIST® Linear Sensing of Temperature

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1 LIST® Linear Sensing of Temperature
LISTEC® GmbH LIST® Linear Sensing of Temperature LISTEC und LIST sind eingetragene Warenzeichen Ein Unternehmen der Securitas Gruppe Schweiz 1

2 LISTEC® GmbH Design and Principles LIST System
Karlheinz Tank Mai 2014 2

3 Basic LIST system SEC 20, CBO and LISTcontroller

4 LISTcontroller 19“ 1U rack Non-volatile Timer LISTcontroller Housing
Power supply 24 V DC Displays LEDs, LCD Processors 3 Memory for lists Non-volatile Timer RTC (Goldcap) Interfaces 4 (2x RS232, RS485, LAN) Cable lengths 3.200 m (+ max. 300 m connection line) Sensors 320 Groups 254 Group relays 256 Redundance / Loop Yes 4

5 Cable design SEC 20 Cable jacket Aluminum shield Filler material
Sensor Flexible flat cable Strain relief 5

6 SEC 20 SEC 20 4 wires min. 0,5 meter -40 °C to 85 °C
Cable design 4 wires Sensor spacing min. 0,5 meter Standard spacing 2, 4, 5, 8 and 10 m Measuring range -40 °C to 85 °C Sensor cable weight 0,45 kg/m Connection At the beginning of each single sensor cable , a connection box shal be provided, in which the connectioncable connects the Listcontroller to the sensorcable via CCM connection module. Connection boxes CBO 20 6

7 Imprint – Address – Sensor number
Address (fixed) Logical sensor number (Programmable) 7

8 SEC 20 - Imprints 3-digit Sensor imprint Cable number
yyy = Batch number Imprint 1: Imprint 2: Imprint 1 Imprint 2 180 ° 8

9 Measuring cycle Measurement Read Temperatures Test Evaluation Alarm?
Protocol output Set alarm relay 9

10 Addressing / Data reception SEC 20
Digital addressing Analog data 10

11 Addressing - Advantages
Branchable Bidirectional No termination necessary Free numbering System with different sensor distances possible 11

12 Test - Plausibility Validity of temperatures Temperature jumps 12

13 Alarm evaluation: Maximum temperature alarm
LISTcontroller (FprEN 54-22:2012: Response class A1N and A2N) Message Standard value Scope Pre- signal Warning max. 90% of maximum - threshold value Device Alarm Firealarm! 55°C Group LISTcontroller (FprEN 54-22:2012: Response class BN) Message Standard value Scope Pre- signal Warning max. 90% of maximum - threshold value Device Alarm Firealarm! 70°C Group 13

14 Alarm evaluation: Reference profile Reference value adjustment / sensor for ambient temperatures with normal temperature development. Temperature (°C) Measuring Cycle Current temperature Reference temperature 14

15 Alarm evaluation: Differential temperature alarm Quick rise of environmental temperature leads to differential temperature alarm. - Reference Temp. - Current Temp. Pre-signal HEATING Alarm  FIRE! - DT 15

16 Alarm evaluation: Differential temperature alarm
LISTcontroller (FprEN 54-22:2012: Responseclass A1N, A2N and BN) Message Standard value GScope Pre signal T-increase 50% of Difference temperature threshold Device Alarm Fire alarm 2,5 K Group 16

17 Maximum Differential temperatures
Help for the adjustment of the Difference temperature thresholds One table per section/group Maximum 8 entries per table With a simultaneous increase of several differential temperatures in a section, only the highest value is recorded One Table per section (group), helps for the manual, later adjustment of the diff value, if there are false alarms 17

18 Alarm evaluation response times (FprEN54-22) (LISTcontroller)
Heat- response- class Application- temperature Static Response- TF6S TF6 TF6F Typical Maximum Minimum Response time Lower value Upper °C s R O O M M O N I T O R I N G A1N1 25 50 54 65 400 30 210 20 130 A2N1 70 120 600 60 300 40 180 OB J E C T M O N I T O R I N G BN2 69 85 18

19 Frost-alarm evaluation
LISTcontroller Information Standardvalue Scope Pre-signal Frost warning 5°C above Frostalarmthreshold Device Alarm Frost alarm -40.0°C (no evaluation) Group System does not work below -40°C 19

20 Connection boxes for SEC 20
Size: mm x 164 mm Protection class: IP66 Material: fibre-glass reinforced polyester Accessories: Closing caps, fittings, installation instructions CBO 20/0 connection of 2 detectio cables, 20/1 = connection of 2 detectio cables + CC connection CBO 3 = 2 Connectionmodules for 4 SEC 20 + cc connection CBO 20/0 CBO 20/1 CBO 20/3 20

21 Sensor cable fixings Polyamid cable clip CLIC TOP 17
MDP 20 (CLIC TOP 17 with plastic plug and A4 screw) 21

22 Sensor cable fixings MDJ
Stainless steel installation clip (Wst , metal sheet thickness 1,5 mm) MDJ 40 Clip with stainless steel anchor, -nut and -cable-tie MDJ 22

23 Signalisation: Collective relays
Alarmtype LISTcontroller Firealarm Presignal Frostalarm Fault 23

24 Signalisation: Group relays
Alarmtype LISTcontroller Firealarm Presignal Frostalarm Fault 24

25 Signalisation: Relays
Relay outputs are codable via bridges / resistors as: Normally open contact (NO) Normally closed contact (NC) For closed current supervision 25

26 Signalisation: Interfaces
LISTcontroller RS232 RS485 LAN (Ethernet) USB 1 USB for firmware update SEC Controller, downloading maintenance files from controller 1 Only for FAT formated storage devices. 26

27 Signalisation: Protocols
LISTcontroller Modbus TCP Modbus (Seriell)1 1 IEC LIST2 3964R IEC are special protocols 1RS232 2LISTgraph II Visualisation, Master / Slave communication 27

28 Signalisation: Modbus
LISTcontroller (TCP / RS232) Number of parallel requests 4 / 1 SENSOR Sensor number range1 Temperature / Sensor Status / Sensor: Fire-, Presignal, Fault, Switch-off Group Range of groupnumbers Temperature mean value / Group Status / Group: Fire-, Pre-signal, Fault Switch-off/Switch-on/ Group 1 Sensor nummer = freely selectable number 1Distributed over several devices 28

29 Signalisation: Modbus
LISTcontroller (TCP / RS232) Device Number of devices 247 / 1 Fault status / Device Collective-Alarm / -Fault Reset Sound off RDT: Status Revision switch-on-/off Time Synchronisation 29

30 Thank you for your Attention!

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