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Visit the College Website –

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1 Visit the College Website –

2 Click ‘Apply’ in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Online Applications’ to apply now

3 Please read through the information carefully before clicking ‘Apply Now’

4 Again, please read through the information carefully before proceeding, you can create a new application by selecting ‘Course Directory’ or return to one you have started already by selecting ‘click here’ as shown above.

5 After selecting ‘Course Directory’, you are faced with several different course options. It is important to have done your research so you know what each option means.

6 All A Level Courses are listed alphabetically, you can apply for up to SIX courses (which will then be whittled down at interview) and your choices will appear in the ‘Selection Summary’ on then right hand side. If you wish to study BTECs and A Levels, select you’re A Level choices first, then click ‘Course Directory’ to go back to the main menu to select your BTEC course/s.

7 Select the BTEC option you wish to study

8 Then continue to select your course/s. You have the opportunity to remove any of the choices in your selection summary. When you are happy with your choices, you can click ‘Checkout’ to continue

9 After making your course selections. We will need your full details. Please be sure to provide a valid home address, email address and password so we can get in contact with you if we need to before clicking ‘Proceed’

10 Now is the time to double-check your ‘Selection Summary’. If you need to change your courses at a later date, you have the opportunity to do so at your College interview.

11 We require just a few more details from you as highlighted above, these include: Gender, Religion, Ethnicity, any Learning Difficulties or Disabilities, emergency contact details and your previous school (meaning your current Secondary School) before you go to the Next Stage.

12 You need to include all of your Target/Predicted GCSE grades. Select your qualifications from the drop down menu before inputting your grade and clicking ‘Add’

13 Your qualifications will start to appear in a list, you can add as many qualifications as you are taking before clicking ‘Next Stage’. Please remember that the College will receive your School Report at interview.

14 You now have the opportunity to input your future career aspirations and your Personal Statement. Your Personal Statement should be no more than 2000 characters – about a page of A4.

15 This is the final step before you submit your application, please check through all details carefully before proceeding. You can edit any details by clicking the menu options at the top.

16 Your application is complete! This is your confirmation after submission. You will also receive email confirmation within 24 hours.

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