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Guess the film according to the role’s clothes and the cues.

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2 Guess the film according to the role’s clothes and the cues

3 This is a story about a green monster and his friends. Shrek

4 ? It’s a love story happening on a great ship between Jack and Rose. Titanic

5 ? The film is adapted (改编) from a famous game about a girl’s adventure in a tomb (古墓). Tomb Raider

6 The film is about a young wizard (巫师) who wears a pair of round glasses. Harry Potter

7 The film concerns about hackers and the actor is Keanu Reeves. (基奴. 李维斯) Matrix ?

8 Different kinds of movie Drama 戏剧 Comedy 喜剧 Romance 爱情片 Horror 恐怖片 Sci-Fic 科幻片 Musical 音乐片 Documentary 记录片 Action 动作片 Adventure 冒险 Animation 动画片 Fantasy 奇幻片 Crime 犯罪片 War 战争片 Family 家庭片 Western 西部片 Thriller 惊悚片

9 Match the movie with the kind it belongs to Sci-Fic Animation Comedy Romance Action Musical Phantom of the opera Star Wars Shrek Fun with Dick& Jane Titanic Tomb Raider

10 Make an introduction of your favorite action movie star

11 What has impressed( 使 … 有 印象) you most in the film? Mission Impossible hurl 猛投 …through aquarium 水族箱 explode 爆炸

12 Do you think all the most dangerous parts in this movie clip were performed by the big names themselves? What method can they adopt to replace the big names finish stunts?

13 Can you describe the two scenes ? Twister (龙卷风) Hurricane 飓风 run from 逃跑 sweep 横扫 vehicle 卡车 jump out speed through 穿越 Helen Hunt, the actress of “Twister”

14 In filming the second scene, the famous actress Helen insisted on doing her own stunts,but the filmmaker didn’t agree. What may the filmmaker say? (injuries,fall on,call in,make…believe)

15 Can you find out any similarities (相 同处) and differences in the 3 films? The stunts in which film impressed you most?

16 Do you think the computer can replace people to finish all the stunts?

17 Homework 1.Preview the new words and phrases of the text. 2. Finish Ex A3 A4 on page 99

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