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Claire Mills 2005 - 20061 SI103 Understanding Invasion Games.

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1 Claire Mills 2005 - 20061 SI103 Understanding Invasion Games

2 Claire Mills 2005 - 20062 Objectives Learning Outcomes To introduce you to the Module Team To introduce you to the Module Guide For you to understand the Module outline the assessments

3 Claire Mills 2005 - 20063 Learning Outcomes 1. Categorise different types of games; 2. Understand the principles of play which underpin the sporting activities in the module; 3. Understand how tactics can be applied to different sports and in different sporting contexts.

4 Claire Mills 2005 - 20064 Module Team Module Tutor - Claire Mills Room: SC117 Tel: 01452 876628 Email: Basketball- Claire Mills, Cath Hollingsworth and Matt Christensen Football- Brendon Bratcher and Russell Milton Hockey- Pip Laugharne and Rachel Porter

5 Claire Mills 2005 - 20065 Module Guide What’s a module guide and how can it help you? The module guide contents:- Indicative resources Lecture schedule Weekly tasks Assessments

6 Claire Mills 2005 - 20066 Module Criteria Kit policy Attendance policy Groupings for activities Venues National Curriculum

7 Claire Mills 2005 - 20067 Lecture Delivery Week 1 is a lead lecture (administration/organisation) The module comprises of 2 different activities All students will study Basketball and be given a choice between football and hockey. Students will then be split into groups based upon their option Weeks 2–6 Basketball or Football Weeks 7–8/10–12 Hockey or Basketball All notes (where appropriate) to be placed on internet Some sessions will involve theoretical sessions, so be prepared

8 Claire Mills 2005 - 20068 What's Expected Individual study Pre lecture and directed reading Questions during and at end of lectures Independent study tasks (which will contribute towards your assessment) Group Work Group Poster Presentations (which will contribute towards your assessment) Lecture contributions Practicals / Reading / Questions / Research

9 Claire Mills 2005 - 20069 Assessment 1 Presentation – 1000 words 1000 word Group Poster Presentation - 50% Requirements for the assessment:- Identify ONE principle of play from: support, possession, pressure, penetration or space and discuss how, through appropriate progressions and developments, this principle could be introduced and developed in a teaching context that would constitute one hour. Submission week 8 – Semester 2

10 Claire Mills 2005 - 200610 Assessment 1 Presentation - Layout Intro: purpose of set pieces, set pieces selected with rationale, aims of each set piece, attacking or defensive? 2.0: skills(application of techniques) and techniques (physical actions) – similarities/differences, knowledge and understanding of activity/skills/rules needed – similarities/differences 3.0: attacking/defending principles – which used/how used/if used/how applied - similarities/differences between the two 4.0: evaluation – reflection on +/- levels of success/failure/remedial action for each

11 Claire Mills 2005 - 200611 Assessment 1 Presentation - Special instructions Your poster must be presented on 2 sides of A4 paper using University PowerPoint poster template Font no smaller than 10 point A list of references must be presented on a separate sheet, firmly attached The module number, student names and title of the presentation should be on the front Posters not conforming to the size and font guidelines will be penalised, the final mark will be reduced by 25 marks

12 Claire Mills 2005 - 200612 Assessment 2 Portfolio – 2000 words 2000 word Portfolio - 50% Requirements for the assessment:- Using your experiences throughout the module and relevant literature, explain and illustrate how the principles of play of pressure, support, possession, penetration and space are implemented in similar AND different ways in hockey or football (depending on which activity studied in module) AND basketball. Your portfolio should focus on the effects of the rules/laws of each game and when a team is in attack and defence. Submission week 13 – Semester 2

13 Claire Mills 2005 - 200613 Assessment 2 Portfolio - Layout Intro: discuss and illustrate the principles of play (pressure / support / possession / penetration and space) are implemented; effects of the rules; laws of each game and when team is in attack and defence Week by week sections: weeks 2-12 inclusive Conclusion: recap of your work Reference List: comprehensive list of literature used throughout the portfolio

14 Claire Mills 2005 - 200614 Assessment 2 Portfolio - Special instructions The portfolio must be word processed with 1.5 line spacing, 12 point font and page N O s at the bottom Write in the 3 rd person and past tense Use Harvard style of referencing List of references (not bibliography) Failure to conform to any of the above will result in a reduction of 25 marks for this assessment point All weekly tasks (weeks 2-12 inclusive) MUST be handed in to create your portfolio. From your weekly task, a task(s) will be selected at random and marked; this will form your assessment mark for this assessment point.

15 Claire Mills 2005 - 200615 Any questions?

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