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About book ”A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LANDS” Rune Øverby’s presentation of this very instructive report introduction and certain things from this 100 year.

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1 about book ”A WANDERER IN THE SPIRIT LANDS” Rune Øverby’s presentation of this very instructive report introduction and certain things from this 100 year old, from the other side - transferred book: Click/or enter for next image

2 Book here underline what for example Martinus (-photo down) in his book "The Road to Paradise" describe how some MAY be temporarily ‘thought locked’ in a kind of ‘mind- prison’ in the "transition" - that the animal ‘thought-climate’ may create, in what he calls 'the purgatory region' - where just those ‘coarce animal thought- climates’ have to be purified or passivated. Martinus – danish visionary 1890-1981

3 Content is transferred medially 117 years ago to a medium in London

4 What lies outside "the land of the living?" Franchezzo explores the path into - literally - the kingdom of the dead. Will we see again our dead relatives? Can we return? These are questions that we will get answers to in this book

5 "A classic true story about life after death, and about love that continue beyond the grave" Written received - the way I judge it - of very high quality, through the psychic medium A.Farnese i 1896

6 The book the true autobiography of Franchezzo, an Italian sociality man, who lay waste his life on "women, wine and songs." After an all too early death, he finds himself gradually wandering and "invisible living" thru his spiritual "copy-body" in a state he can not understand -as he live and perceive,but not able to contact "the living". Here alone and “at first without hope," except that he can still receive messages that his young woman sends him through her prayers and throughs – but at first – thru medial people on earth.

7 Moved by her enduring affection, he goes out to redeem others from this imprisonment, by trying to help those “lost souls” - a voluntary mission that leads him into the lowest hell levels / planes of the astral realms. Throughout his journey, unfolds by a remarkable courage - on his migrations to the various levels in the spirit world, upbacked and supported by the large brotherhood of light, working there to remedy those "trapped in their own, self- made thought prisons."

8 Esoteric students have long considered "Wanderer.." as one of the clearest and most precise descriptions of the spiritual realms, and the life that awaits us on the other side. But remark: it is most in the lower levels - he is guided on and described in this book.

9 His sudden death and transition Found himself – at first in a period of total darkness which CAN HAPPEN, for "those who think it will all be black“. Because in this first stage, one IS/experience the inner conceptions about death. He did not understand that he WAS dead, as he had just fallen asleep. "Was I in prison? No! A prison has walls, and this place had none. "had I had become insane? dilerium or what? I could feel myself, my body. It was the same. But not entirely the same! It had been a change, but I could not say in what way; I felt just as I was shriveled and been deformed. When I felt on my face, I thought it was broader and more wide as if it was completely distorted.

10 “came never anyone here? was I completely alone? And her, my bright angel, oh, where was she? Before I fell asleep, she had been with me. But where was she now? Something seemed to take on my neck, and I cried - I cried wildly her name: "You must come,- at once!" "Again I called wild on her, and for the first time had my voice sound, its echo came back in this terrible darkness. …But; "It shone a light in the darkness. In the beginning it was so weak that I could barely make it out. It came from far, far away – as anything that looked to be a small star that grew and grew as it came closer and closer, until it finally stood for me like a big ball of light, yet had the shape of a powerful star. And in this light-star I saw my beloved.

11 ” And in this starI saw my beloved. "I tried to go over to her, but I could not. One way or another – an invisible force held me back and around her showed up as a ring, which I could not get past. "In my great confusion and suffering, I sank down and I shouted at her that she must not leave me. "Then she seemed to lose consciousness. Her head sank to her chest, and I saw her soar away from me as carried on strong arms.

12 later… "I approached her, and I saw that she was crying quietly as she let flowers down on a low mound. Her voice murmured softly: "Oh, my beloved, my beloved, will you never return to me? Can you really be dead? "She knelt, and I came pretty close to her, but could not touch her, and then I knelt beside her and I saw over on a low oblong, digged up mound. "A fear came over me. Now, I knew that I was dead, and that the mound was my own grave......

13 had been a typical materialist.... -had been in opposition to the Church and priests "did not believe in anything"…had said;”... From the dead returned no-one, who could tell they lived on or about what awaits behind death and grave. -"And now I stood by the grave, my own, and I heard my beloved say that I was dead, and I saw her laying flowers on my grave. "....As I looked at the mound - my grave - it became transparent to my eyes. I saw the coffin where my name and the date of my death was written, and through the coffin lid, I saw the white figure, namely my own body, and I saw with horror how it had begun to decay and was horrible to watch... "

14 "... Again and again I spoke to her as loud as I could, but she did not hear me. She was deaf to my voice, and with her hand on forehead and as in a dream - she walked slowly away. "....I tried to follow her, but it was in vain; I could only move a few meters from the place. And now I saw why I could not: a line that resembled black thread - it did not seem to be thicker than cobweb - kept me stuck to my body. With none of my powers I could break this thread. It was elastic, so I could move to a certain extent, but always it drew me back again.... "

15 "I did not call her more because I knew that the dead call in vain, and that the living can not hear them. And I was dead to the world. And anyway, I was living alone with my dreadful fate. "... Now I knew that death is not an endless sleep and a quiet oblivion. “It had been far better, but in my despair I prayed that this total oblivion had to be my lot, but while I prayed I knew, that it could not be so, for man is an immortal soul, and whether good or evil, it lives on forever. "... Every day - and I felt that it went days... –I woke more and more, and I saw my life events pass in a long procession. In the beginning they were hazy, but gradually became sharper and clearer.

16 Eventually he is led by his spiritual guide to "a school" where he gets teaching and help to evaluate his passed life but the surroundings are very dark

17 Soon he is allowed to visit his loved one “on earth” where he stays often But she was only partially aware of his presence and her two "dead" brothers were always in her presence as guards

18 Had more and more contact with his dear through the “night consciousness” /sleep and later medially

19 Eventually he is reunited with his good father who stayed on a higher plane and it was most by the father and his mentors who encouraged him to join an “expedition” to the lowest purgatory / hell- levels- as to help many trapped there

20 The journey is guided through many levels down to the lowest where many are stuck in "the past" Very instructive examples on how arrogance and hatred binds people to the coarse level until "they regret" and asks for Forgiveness and "understands". …in various astral "mirror worlds "that reflects several of Earth's time-eras found there "These flames and smoke arising from the spiritual emanations from those unhappy beings, residing behind this wall of fire. Although they look material out of your eyes, which has been opened for spiritual things, they would however be invisible to mortal eyes..... " described "caves" where heroin addicts "sleeps" until they can be awakened

21 Others wrote about the book: "If you believe in spiritual reality, this is the best book ever written on the subjectthat I have ever read... far better than Emanuel Swedenborg's works. “If you do not believe in the continuing spiritual world, it is a fantastic interesting story. An amazing look at life in the spiritual world after our physical death, and the way love works, even on the most stuck people. The things we focus on in this life continues...

22 more have written about the book: Or the man, whose family was killed by Portuguese governor in Brazil in 1500 and about his revenge, and his ultimate forgiveness. And finally the woman, who loved Franchezzo without regard to his mistakes, which was his real salvation and his "true Messiah," -this is a wonderful testimony to the ultimate power that love has over negative feelings; especially anger, bitterness and hatred. If you want to read something about the spiritual world, this book! "... I will never forget the history, book tells; on topics including the English adulterer who murdered her man, so they could be together, but he was caught, hanged and then spent all his time in the spirit world in battles (with the later dying husband…)

23 ”Beautiful tale of live that reaches beyond the grave and one man's ascent from the oppression of hell and into the light of eternity. The message of love, sorrow, batrayeal, forgiveness and redemption is timelss.. ”When it comes to true love stories of life and adventures after death this channeled narration has no contender, or let us say: it takes the cake

24 Summary: In 1896 A. Farnese was given a glimpse into the after life when a socalled spirit contacted him and told him to write down this story: ”I do not claim to be the author of this book, since I have only acted the part of an amanuensis and endeavored to write down as truthfully and as carefully as I could, the words given to me by the Spirit Author himself, who is one of several spirits who have desired me to write down for them their experiences in the spirit world. I have had to write the words as fast as my pen could travel over the paper, and many of the experiences described and opinions advanced are quite contrary to what I myself believed to be in accordance with the conditions of life in the world of spirits. The Spirit Author Franchezzo I have frequently seen materialized, and he has been recognized on these occasions by friends who knew him in earth life. Having given the narrative to the public as I received it from the Spirit Author, I must leave with him all responsibility for the opinions expressed and the scenes described. -A. Farnese

25 the book is online: More on the book : English on also as audio book and on norwegian and other languages also as audio book and on norwegian and other languages Ein Wanderer im Lande der Geister.pdf ; on Ein Wanderer im Lande der Geister.pdf ; link for printing on A4 norwegian translaltion: dansk similar material on

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