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OBAN Public document OBAN Open Broadband Access Networks IST 6FP Contract No 001889 Deliverable D2 Project Presentation.

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1 OBAN Public document OBAN Open Broadband Access Networks IST 6FP Contract No 001889 Deliverable D2 Project Presentation

2 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation2 OBAN in brief Duration: 3 years 2004/1 – 2006/12 Budget/EC cont: 11/5 M€ 14 partners coordinated by Telenor 4 telecom operators (Telenor, Telefonica, Swisscom, France Telecom) 6 industrial partners (Lucent(NL), Birdstep(N), ObexCode(N), Motorola(I), EuroConcepts(I), Lucent(UK) 3 univercities/institutes Sintef(N), Techn. Univ. Berlin(D), ISMB(I) 1 national telecom regulator NPT(N)

3 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation3 Project administration  IST Programme organisation  OBAN Project Officer  Over-all project policies  Resource commitments  Technical and administrative decisions with external impacts  Resource utilisation  Techn & admin decisions with WP impact  Technical decisions within the activities WP1WP2WP3WP4WP5WP6 EC PAS GA A1.1..A2.1..A3.1..A4.1..A5.1..A6.1.. PM WP0 TMC

4 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation4 Workpackages and their interrelations WP2 OAN Architecture WP1 Scenario & requirements WP4 Network Coverage WP3 Prototyping & integration WP5 Society aspects WP6 Dissemination of results WP0 Project Management To all WPs

5 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation5 Main objective To explore how a high performance broadband mobile network based upon inexpensive wireless LAN technology and unused capacity in the fixed access networks can be established By-passing user

6 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation6 Rational behind Most users will in few years have broadband access over the fixed network The capacity of these access line is poorly exploited Wireless LAN technology is getting popular as the dominant home networking technology. Wireless LANs have large capacity and are often poorly exploited OBAN intends to investigate how the public can obtain access to these resources and what kind of services can be provided over this network.

7 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation7 Rational behind (cont’d) Coverage per base station in mobile networks: GSM (14 kb/s) - 50 km 2 (r < 4 km) UMTS1 (384 kb/s) - 3 km 2 (r < 1 km) UMTS2 (2 Mb/s) - 1 km 2 (r < 600 m) 4G (< 20 Mb/s) - 0,03 km 2 (r < 100 m) GSM UMTS 14G No of base stations >100 000 (Norway) 2 The high number of base stations in broadband mobile networks requires a new broadband infrastructure to feed all base stations. The required invest- ments will therefore be extremely high. The OBAN project introduces an alternative way to achieve the same, but at much lower cost.

8 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation8 Areas of foci to reach the main objective Security: because we are opening up today’s privately disposed access lines and wireless LANs for public use Mobility: because we need to know what degree of mobility can be provided in areas of randomly located WLAN access points connected over the fixed networks access lines QoS: because we want to know how to provide QoS to users in a heterogeneous network composed by technologies with limited QoS abilities

9 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation9 Areas of foci to reach the main objective 3G/B3Gto explore and evaluate how the OBAN concept can be integrated with the 3G/B3G visions. Coverage: to estimate potential coverage and capacity of an OBAN network. Smart antennas are investigated in order to improve network performance Commercial: to investigate how the OBAN concept may be utilised commercially and how legal and regulatory issues may affect deployment in large scale

10 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation10 Areas of foci to reach the main objective The RGis the key component in the system and need extensive investigation through implementation to verify the concept

11 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation11..the wireless RG....a key component in the concept Broadband access line (xDSL) wRG Open Access capacity Guest GSM, UMTS, …. Local traffic (inhouse and external)

12 27. June, 2004D2 Project Presentation12 Contact information Coordinator:Telenor R&D Snarøyveien 30, N-1331 Fornebu, Norway +47 6789 0000 Project manager: Einar Edvardsen +47 915 29029 einar-paul.edvardsen@

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