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Lab5: Microsoft word Page Formatting.

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1 Lab5: Microsoft word Page Formatting

2 Page Layout Tab: You can directly change Margins, Orientation and paper size from page setup Group at page layout tab or You can use page setup dialog box Go to Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher

3 This will display Page Setup Dialog Box
1.Margins To setup the margins of the page before printing 2.Orientation a) Portrait: Taller than its wide b)Landscape: Wider than its tall 3

4 To change the paper size to A4

5 Print Preview To see how the document will look when printed
Office Button

6 You can preview the Document
page by page by choosing One page from the zoom group 2 pages at the same time by selecting Two Pages

7 Printing Options Office Button


9 Printer Name:

10 Page Range: All will print all pages within this Document.
Current Page it will print the page where the insertion point is in. Selection will print the selected text Pages will print specific pages EX: Print pages from 1 to 5 ( 1 – 5 ) Print the pages 1 and 5 ( 1 , 5 )

11 Number of copies: You can print multiple copies

12 View Tab: Document Views Group
When choosing print layout, the document will be displayed as it will be printed.

13 Zoom Group We can maximize or minimize the document size only on screen by changing the zoom percent.

14 Create New Blank Document
Office Button


16 To open an existing document
Office Button

17 Location Select file

18 To close the opened document without closing the application( Microsoft Word)
Office Button

19 Save and save as At the first time, Save = save as is going to ask you for the name and the location you want to save the file in After the first time, Save: is going to save the changes to the same file (original file ) Save as : is going to leave the original copy and same the change to another copy and is going to ask you for the file name and location

20 Save As

21 Location File Name

22 End Of Lab 5

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