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Location of Trzebinia: The Town and Commune of Trzebinia is situated in the western part of Małopolskie Voivodeship (region), on the border of two agglomerations:

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2 Location of Trzebinia: The Town and Commune of Trzebinia is situated in the western part of Małopolskie Voivodeship (region), on the border of two agglomerations: Katowice and Cracow, in the Chrzanów district.

3 The Trzebinia commune covers the area of 105.28 square kilometres. Geographically, the area of the town and commune is a highland which altitude ranges between 270 m to 470 m meters above sea level.

4 Trzebinia is located near A4 highway, 35 km from Katowice, 40 km from Kraków, 35 km from the International Airport in Balice. Good transportation is offered by a developed system of roads and good train connections, which make the town an important transportation junction.

5 The commune is composed of the town of Trzebinia and the following 10 settlements (sołectwo): Bol ę cin, Czy ż ówka, Dulowa, Karniowice, Lgota, Młoszowa, My ś lachowice, Piła Ko ś cielecka, Płoki and Psary. Its population counts of about 34.1 thousand, of whom almost 60% live in the town

6 Some history The beginnings of Trzebinia and its neighbouring villages date back to the Middle Ages. The turn of the 13-th and 14-th century is the time of the origins of calmine mining traditions on territories currently belonging to the commune of Trzebinia. On the 6 September 1817, due to the Decision of the Senate of the Free Town of Cracow, Trzebinia received municipal rights. At the turn of the 19th and 20th century industry developed here; coal was mined at a great scale and many industrial factories were opened, among others zinc and glass works. After the II World War Trzebinia changed its administrative structures twice. As a result of the last administrative reform it returned to its traditional connections with Cracow and became part of Małopolska voivodeship.

7 Natural environment The flora of Trzebinia is in 43% constituted by forest habitats. There are various types of forests and many interesting - protected species. According to estimations there are about 20 different species of orchidaceous only.

8 There are also fauna species, just to mention: partridge, pheasant deer, roe, fallow deer, wild boar, fox, hare, raccoon dogs but also black grouse, crane and others. The woods near Trzebinia are inhabited by a number of species of the woodpecker: great spotted, black, green woodpeckers and lesser woodpecker. It is also possible to encounter vipers and grass snakes.

9 Dulowska Woods Located within the borders of Jurassic Landscape Parks belongs to those places, which due to their exceptional natural, recreational and tourist features are particularly worth recommending. On its territory there is a didactic path 5,5 km long enabling learning about rich flora and fauna of the area. The symbol of these woods are beavers.

10 Sharp Mountain /Ostra Góra/ A 7,5 hectare natural environment reservation of Carpathian beech wood, located between My ś lachowice and Psary. Most trees are 150-200 years old. There are about 15 flora species under protection. Whilte Pit /Bialny Dół/ Is a hill located between My ś lachowice and Psary in the area of the Jurassic Landscape Park. It is built of limestone and dolomites overgrown by colourful rock sward and xerothermic thicket. This is where you can see the rare sengreen, smooth carline and single hairy gentians.

11 Dead rock of Karniowice A special rock well known to geologist. This rock, a fresh-water limestone was discovered in 1870 by a Cracow botanist, Marian Raciborski. It is a massive, porous epitaxy structure on which rich petrified flora, fossil blue-green algae, algae and snails can be found. Ravines of Karniowice A picturesque forest area with a system of numerous, quite deep and steep ravines whose total surface is about 56 ha. Triassic rock in Bol ę cin A monument of still nature. It is a dolomite in the area of the Jurassic Landscape Parks. The rock attracts numerous researches representing various fields of natural sciences.

12 Meeting with monuments There are many monuments worth seeing, located on the territory of the commune of Trzebinia, among them are: The Zieleniewski Manor House Palace and Park Complex in Młoszowa Sanctuaries: in Płoki and Trzebinia

13 The history of the Manor at Trzebinia dates back to the 13 th century. The present name of the building derives from the Zieleniewski family - the last owners of both the Manor and the coal mine in Trzebinia. In 1991 the Manor was taken over by a new owner - the Trzebinia Community. The reconstruction works were completed in 1996. The Culture Institution, established in the rebuilt Manor, has been conducting a lively activity by organising numerous concerts, recitals of top artists, exhibitions, arts workshops or meetings with interesting people. Zieleniewski Manor in Trzebinia This energetic Institution has become one of the most prominent culture centres both in Trzebinia and the adjacent districts. The Zieleniewski Manor with the surrounding park are one of the most beautiful and interesting monuments of the Chrzanów Land.

14 The Culture Institution at the Zieleniewski Manor offers hotel services. In the stylish cellars of the Manor you find a restaurant and a cafe’ which are favourite places for meetings of entrepreneurs and businessmen.

15 Młoszowa – the Palace and Park Complex Młoszowa is one of the most interesting sites in Trzebinia which can be proud of two unique masterpieces: the beautiful, vast park covering the area of 17 hectares with old, venerable trees the palace complex, built in the neo-gothic style, composed of the palace and an adjoining chapel. In 1998 Palace and Park complex in Młoszowa became the property of the Academy of Economics in Katowice.

16 Cultural life in the town : The important events – present in the artistic calendar of Trzebinia are: Days of Trzebinia (the largest event organised since 1995) with outdoor opera and operetta spectacles in the Palace and Park Complex in Młoszowa Exhibitions of professional and non-profesional artists, poetic evenings, ethnographic workshops, plastic arts competitions, Friday artistic event cycle /September until June in Zieleniewskis Manor/ International chess tournaments

17 Sport and recreation In Trzebinia you can spend free time in many interesting and active ways. For those who love active recreation there are walking paths, cycling routes and didactic paths.

18 Active leisure Balaton Water reservoir in the very center of the town, formed in a currently closed quarry. The water surface of 1-st class cleaness covers about 3 ha, the average depth of the reservoir is 9,5m. In the summer season there is a municipal bathing beach.

19 Chechło artificial lake Located on the edge of the Dulowska Woods, the largest water reservoir in Trzbinia with surface of 54ha. This is an excellent place to rest, both for the town inhabitants and for visitors. Holiday resorts and recreation and water sports centre are located here, offering a full catering and accommodation services as well as a water sports equipment rental house.

20 Kozi Bród (Goat’s ford) Is the longest river in Trzebinia. Its sources are in the forest of My ś lachowice – in a canyon. The river has a retention reservoir - Osowiec for the Siersza power plant. There’s also located a very good recreation centre. Worth knowing: In Karniowice you can see the first modern burial knoll, now under construction. It is 16 m high with a diameter of 26 m.

21 Other possibilities of active leisure: Horse riding (in Bol ę cin – Stadnina Koni Szar ż a) Participation in sports events:

22 Trzebinia has its own Internet service at The service offers information about the commune, current activities of the municipality as well as links to other pages of institutions and companies operating on territory of Trzebinia. You are cordially invited to visit Trzebinia.

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