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ILabPOS Point of Sale & Stock Management Software.

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1 iLabPOS Point of Sale & Stock Management Software

2 Why POS Software? Detect missing stock Flexible Pricing Maintain Stock Control & Precision Multiple Tools in a Single Package Centralised Pricing Profit Reports on the fly Track Promotions

3 iLabPOS - iLabMalta Ltd. Easy to use Shop Proven Used by over 30 shops in Malta Affordable & Robust Maintain full control over Sales & Stock On the market for the last 5 years


5 Features… Article Management Supplier Management Cash Sale and Invoicing Client Database Credit & Debit Control Credit Notes Stock Movement Overview with full Traceability Delivery Notes and Stock on Consignment

6 …more features Network support with multiple sales departments; sharing inventory, suppliers, clients, etc… Barcode Reader and Barcode Printing Specialised Touch Screen Bar & Restaurant Module (New) Data Exports to Excel, CSV, TXT Files


8 In Use by Clothes Shops Stationeries Bridal & Souvenirs Beauty Products IT Shops Textiles White Goods Hair Salon Products Bars Importers / Suppliers Garden Centers Detergent Shops Decorations Grocers Lighting Outdoor

9 QuikTour - Article Management Unlimited Items (Articles) Up to 5 prices per item (Cash Price, Wholesale price, Discount Price, etc…), with variable VAT Rates in case of changes. Stock Categorisation Separate stock by supplier or by category. Barcode support with barcode readers and barcode printing.

10 Adding a new Article

11 QuikTour - Cash Sale Fast and easy to use Intellisense Client Selection (Software guesses while you type) Intellisense Item selection with Barcode Support Multiple Prices Discounts by Percentage / Amount Prints on A4 / A5 / 70mm / 80mm Receipt Printers Receipt is considered as a fiscal document in terms of value added tax.

12 Quick Cash Sale (1)

13 Quick Cash Sale (2)

14 Quick Cash Sale (3)

15 Receipt

16 Credit Control Full Featured Client Credit Control System Payments on account, or invoices settled in full Statements and Credit Reports Credit Limits

17 Credit Control – Balance History

18 Stock Control Numerous features which assist you in keeping precise stock records Various Stock Reports saving you time and money Delivery Notes and Stock on Consignment for Wholesalers Stock Movements History with full Traceability

19 Stock Control

20 Cost of Stock Report

21 Delivery Note

22 Numerous Reports

23 …and too many more features Call or email us for a Demo Email: Mobile: 9921 4500

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